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  1. - Forum/Profile Name: Bevrwolf36 - Preferred "Crow" Name: Jason Varangar - Guild Affiliation: N/A - Campaigns?: Yes, though I'm not a big PVP guy. Running the infrastructure of war seems fun, though. - General Alignment: Balance
  2. I'm excited for this. It allows for me to play multiple "characters" or roles so if I have a change of heart, which I often do, it won't affect RP or my in game items.
  3. OOC: Hi all! I've always wanted to RP in a MMO but have never had any success. I'm hoping that if I join in here, I'll have more luck. IC: To the tune of rustling chainmail a younger man enters the scene. His patchy stubble and scroungy hair dont compliment his scrawny physique and plain face. On his back are the tools of his trade; a shield, sword, quiver, and a bow. "Name's Norman, Norman Varangar," he calls out to those interested while looking around with a steady yet nervous gaze. "Looks like we'll be seeing lots of each other in the future." OOC: I'm hoping to be a knight sentinel, who will probably have a main job as an armorer.
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