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  1. I think we should limit the amount of members you can have in all guilds as well as how many alliances you can make. This would force us to use our skills and not rely on numbers to dominate the field. This would also allow smaller guilds to build up and have a chance at dominating the field, using their skills. Whoever wins will win because they used their skills well, not because they had the biggest army. This would help a lot in-game imo. No "Uncle Bob"s on the field.
  2. "IMPORTANT: there will be some limited tiers available for our "core following", i.e. the people who spend the most time on (and have been the most vocal on) our forums. We know you guys will be the first to see the campaign -- as an FYI, backing early could pay off! " I don't know if I like that. I mean, I do read the posts, I don't talk much because I prefer not to, but does not mean I'm not interested? It should be fair for everyone. Not everyone is very vocal. There are silent "wait and see" types like me who doesn't like to jump to conclusions lol. Now because I wanted to wait and see first means I'm gonna miss out on this? And if I don't want to miss out on this, I gotta pay? Also if those who fund the Kickstarter will be put ahead of the Beta Sign Up members? This confuses me a lot. I mean, I was excited to get in the first group, so now I'm like wait, was that all for nothing? HALP!
  3. Ooh worlds/shards? Interesting! The F.A.Q. should include the gender locking info. Maybe you guys should add that?
  4. I personally thought that it looked amazing. I don't get why this is a big deal. I mean, it doesn't look like other games which is a good thing, right? Great job, designers!
  5. I know there's already a Shadowbane section under the Off Topic section, but can you please add a Wizard101/Pirate101 one too to be fair? Thanks!
  6. Simply check the email you have received from Crowfall or Play2Crush, it should tell you what Beta Group you are in.
  7. I do think F2P is cool for the first few areas so we can get an taste of what it's all about.
  8. I'm in Beta Group 1. Can't wait to see you Beta'ers in game!
  9. If you want to be friends on the community forums, simply post here and we'll add you. Also of course add me back! Have a wonderful week!
  10. Hello, knights! We have build a guild even before this site was even out. Yes we are that determined! We want to build an amazing guild, so we can be a team and succeed TOGETHER in this game. Please feel welcome to join us! BOOYA! Visit us at: http://www.dragonroseknights.com/
  11. Not long ago, the mighty Knight and Mage battled the great dragon of the sky and the earth. They battled with every single ounce of strength in their bodies. In a swift and powerful breath, the dragon blew searing fire at both the Knight and Mage. The Mage knew that they couldn't last much longer and so with his last ounce of strength, he cast a great but deadly spell that engulfed them all – ending their lives in the most heroic way possible. The Knight and Mage bravely sacrificed themselves to save the people of the land from the greatest foe that had ever walked the earth. To this day, that land remains barren, scorched by the dragon's fire and the final stand from mage. All was gone except for a single dragon rose – one that reminds us that even from death, hope still grows. Our guild has been created by the players who have experienced casting spells in Wizard101 alongside battling great foes in Pirate101. We are determined to build a great supporting base for us all to succeed in Crowfall. In addition to this, we also have a site for our guild which can be found at http://www.dragonroseknights.com. Come join us and together we will be as valiant and brave as the knight and the mage.
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