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  1. Can't believe this thread is still going lol.
  2. What!? Squishy lives?! One word: Door knob
  3. I laughed at this for a good 5 min lol. Seriously though, no consoles. I say this sitting here with a PS4 controller in my hand playing a game. If they do consoles I pull my funding, its that simple.
  4. My main concern right now is that Killer Mermaid on Netflix does not have enough boobs to be considered a horror film...
  5. riphotsuma

    Because I Can...

    Wow, you flip phone old people need to get on that snapchat.
  6. riphotsuma

    Because I Can...

    I'd probably say all three.... I am going to tell him!
  7. riphotsuma

    Because I Can...

    I wonder what Hili would say.... *sigh*
  8. Well, I think the problem here is everyone has a different idea on what strategies and tactics as a whole we are talking about. Seems some people are coming from one angle while some are thinking of something very different. Kind of a broad spectrum of assumptions based on stuff we don't really know as of yet. I wouldn't be totally against something like a waypoints like DF had, or some other form of signaling by certain spells. But I am alligning myself on kind of what Kaiser was saying though. Information denial is key, dressing people in a certain way (assuming that its possible in this game) is also key, friendly fire, ect. Having a siege that lasts for days as opposed to a few hours is freaking fun. Artificial tools demean all of that. For example, I'm against things like from PS2. Instant respawn points, maps that straight up tell you where your forces are in real time, and GUIs that show you green and red dots running around. It has its place in a game like PS2, but I don't see how it lends itself to a game that is not set in a sci-fi world, that as far as I can tell, is not CF. The most I would say that it needed to go was how summoning was done in SB, or runes in DF. Hell, anything that deviates heavily beyond SB's style (minus and bug issues) has no place in a game like CF in my opinion.
  9. In my mind, having a UI and tools beyond your basic strategical planning (like real war table discussions) is nothing more than a handicap that aids itself to those unskilled in the ability to communicate in war and the zergs. War is supposed to be chaos, not the ease of being handed to you on a platter. At least in this game the more sandbox features might actually add to the strategical development that the typical MMO cookie cutter is not bound to. I guess the best example I can think of off the top of my head is in Kingdom of Heaven when Legolas has his guys setting stones at certain distances and painting them white.
  10. You are welcome to play other games if it displeases you.
  11. For real. I need to know how to make a wool shirt by killing bears!
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