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  1. Let's hope this is a success like League!
  2. I have my CC info on, thinking whether to buy the $30. I mean, the game is still 2 years down the road... Is saving $20 worth it for 2 years remaining of something I may not play if it turns out bad?
  3. All I hope for is a trailer with some gameplay.
  4. I never trust MMOs untill I see and play the actual game. Only time will tell.
  5. Well, I've never played a MMO without any real set currency, but I'm sure resources will default to currency anyways.
  6. So it won't be gold? Will this be a barter only economy?
  7. I've been wondering why he brandishes his wand like that... maybe it's a branding iron? Does he stamp zombie's butts with his mark after he slays them? Very interesting way to leave your mark I guess!
  8. Now, they didn't lie about anything. The items that were game breaking were already there. (Regrade charms, BiS mounts, etc.) I caught these early on with that post, but people were too nullfied by the devs that as you see from the downvotes, there was no community response. It was only when people played and saw the massive advantage that people who paid got was when they called P2W. They didn't add anything into the cash shop that made it any more pay to win, only more RNG boxes that made people RQ.
  9. I remember a discussion I had in an Archeage subreddit saying the same thing. People always think that a given advantage using cash is not pay to win, but there are real whales out there that spend thousands of dollars. I can attest to it from multiple MMORPGs where I've seen people that have full time high paying jobs drop paycheck into paycheck and they have a massive advantage. I don't see how some people don't call that pay to win. http://www.reddit.com/r/archeage/comments/2erupn/if_apex_is_bought_with_real_money_and_sold_in/ck2c15b Now everyone says Archeage is P2W. How the tides have turned. But if they truly keep the cash shop cosmetic, it would be pretty hard to P2W unless you spend some major cash. But really, that's unavoidable as some whales get their way even if there is no real cash commodity.
  10. Come on Tully, is this really a question? It's a huge YES!
  11. My thoughts about this; I've been playing Archeage for 5 months now, since Alpha. (and continue to play it due to no other good MMOs out in the market at the moment) APEX was hugely overpriced and people were able to P2W and milk F2P players of their gold because the membership for that game was a necessity. Even if the price of APEX changed, people would still buy it. Think about it, if you needed water to live and the price was insanely high, you would still buy it. It was inelastic demand. If you wanted a good experience and keep the flow of money coming in, the only way was through membership. Look at labor generation, most of the gold in that game came in through labor. If you didn't have membership, you were pretty much screwed. Farms and property also required membership, which was a pretty important part of the game. Additionally, APEX was basically credits. You can buy cash shop items in Archeage with APEX credits. What made it worse was the items were not only cosmetic... some of the items were game changing. (Increasing chance of regrading items, BiS mounts, etc. you get the point) So APEX was basically a necessity for F2P. If Crowfall can make a system where it's not as much of a necessity but an extra thing that improves gameplay, it would actually work out. The cosmetic only cash shop is definitely the major point in what can fundamentally change this. What really kills is that Archeage is a great game, but most of the cash shop implementation was a huge disaster. Perhaps they should have made it buy to play similar to what Crowfall is doing. It's quite a good lesson to learn for future MMORPGs. ~ In other news, YES! Wizards. Looking forward to seeing the gameplay for confessors. Seems fun!
  12. Nice try Braum. Also a quote from Braum upon purchasing a shield: "A shield for my shield? I like it!"
  13. Well... why not everywhere I guess.
  14. I mean, if there was a race with multiple arms, I'd carry more than two shields of course...
  15. Don't knock it till you try it.
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