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  1. Crowfall is filled with memory leaks. HUD/UI isn't the problem. Restarting your client before a big fight is the best option and try to optimize as much as possible on your end.
  2. Please tell me how competetive it is to be twice the force and night capturing? NA trashed their campaign, went to EU and trashed it aswell. What's so "competetive" about it?
  3. I see the biggest problem is night capping. Because NA destroyed the fun in their campaign they went to EU and is now destroying it aswell with night capping. It doesn't matter how much "security measures" you try to make because night capping will smash those "security measures". With that said, i'm not against NA coming over for sieges or just overall PvP/ganking during EU's active hours, but night capping has to stop.
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