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  1. @PopeUrban yes the some lore pages conflict with each other. This happened when they split the class and races. There is also a discrepancy with the origin of D'Orion and Elkens in general. The https://crowfall.com/en/races/minotaur/ page seems to imply that the sky hunter was born to the gods as a babe/baby. I quote:
  2. Edit 1: Cybele is not exactly Gaea's daughter. Edit 2: Zalena is not Malekai's offspring , she is adopted. Edit 3: Hero is chronologically younger than all of the gods, so he should be one level below. Edit 4: Yaga - Gaea - Cybele seem to be the three states of life, so they might be of the same chronological age. Edit 5: Gaea is not Yaga's daughter.
  3. I too use linux most of the time, I think I will give WINE a try, and run crowfallclient.exe on it.
  4. Yes, as long as you can stealth, you are welcome. Visit our discord for further questions and to see if you like us.
  5. If roleplay is what you describe it is, I see a problem with roleplaying as a character in crowfall in a campaign. You control a crow, a soul, immortal. So you cannot create a persistent character. But it also provides new ways to role play. Playing as immortal souls with multiple personalities as they possess different bodies would be interesting. I would love to see hardcore RPers over coming this challenge and providing with interesting "shows".
  6. Let me have a crack at this word's meaning in the context of multiplayer games where players compete against each other (e.g. PvP MMOs). Let me put it in points to be more clear. 1. Objective: We play these games to win, every action we take usually must give us some advantage over our opponents or help our allies. 2. Point 1, follows that if you kill someone or betray or rob it is within reason. 3. Point 2 follows that if you do the above written things but it gives you no advantage (e.g. killing a broke/neutral player, who has nothing to give you). This can be included in griefing, as you did it cause you wanted to do it just to kill. 4. Point 3 follows the definition of a serial killer, who are real life greifers. So, what do you guys think? How correct/incorrect is my definition?
  7. Hello Sugoi! This guild has awesome PvPers. Oh I got this forum badge thingy so I could post. Anyway hope to see you soon in the game post launch. Regards, The Wisp PS: as you see my "signature" sucks, any ideas on how to make it better?
  8. Being squad leader is independent of that. If the other members of the squad vote for you, you will remain the squad leader until you have less than 5 squad members (including yourself). This is done so that the squads are not too volatile.
  9. Greetings Ascendance, I hope to steal some loot from your caravans. The Wisp
  10. Yes this is music to my ears. Resource denial is about camping enemy POIs and striking at an opportune moment. Interested?
  11. Yes these are the "official" , the double quotes make them even more official. hehehe.
  12. Hey! Marhaus, Its me, wisp, I made this account a year ago, so used my original name . Good to see you in a different place other than the discord. Hehe.
  13. Hello fellow players, I am on (un) official crowfall discord server. You might have seen me, maybe. Very happy to finally get into the "official" forums. Hope to make friends and rivals.
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