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  1. This is for the Ultima Online Fans (how many times does that name get used?). Been looking at it everyday for the past two months, I'm a diehard UO fan and been burned to many times with games claiming to be like Ultima Online. Anyone got a say on this game? I don't think ill make it to the end of the month without breaking down and buying it. Iv been on the IRC and what comes up a lot is.... anyone who's played Ultima Online like it but its at a very early stage right now for people who havent played Ultima Online to buy in, that ends up with Low POP.
  2. they just put up a test spot for pvp inside town . Nice to see that pvp might be part of the game. I was starting to get turned off then they pull me right back in,
  3. Kind of fun... the puzzles make you feel like you had to go to high school to complete, so i can see it weeding out the 12year olds and below (some). Quests don't have a BIG arrow or little dots lighting a path showing you how to find it (hard mode). All in All.. i feel its a big boy/ big girl MMO (whatever that means) only been playing a week Lots of Lore/Reading
  4. DirtNasty


    Following the death of his wife in 1991, the difficulty of raising their two children on his own, and his increasing disenchantment with Hollywood, Moranis retired from acting in 1997. He had intended the retirement to be a sabbatical of a couple of years, but later realized that he did not miss the pressure. He still does occasional voice work, e.g. Brother Bear (2003). I think his kidz might be old enough so pop's can go back to being a movie star... I cant find the Reddit page but they saying this is his 1st breakout movie role to come back from retirement..
  5. DirtNasty


    Mel Brooks confirms development on Spaceballs sequel, hopefully with the original cast http://www.blastr.com/2015-2-6/mel-brooks-confirms-development-spaceballs-sequel-hopefully-original-cast
  6. Agree on the No excitment. Im sure AO is more for big group fighting (X vs X) but if you want to SOLO PvP forget about it. I feel a lot of time is wasted making groups to farm/pvp with. For a person who recently had a kid and has one on the way, my time is very valuable when it comes to gaming.
  7. Yeah, I bought the bronze backer and had a hell of a time trying to find the patcher. Asked help and they did an amazing job trying to answer my questions. When help/support assumed I bought Gold+ BUNDLE, we spent about 30min back and forth with emails with the problem "2 Factor Authentication Failed - Please verify your authenticator code". they sent me links to patchers and they removed the 2FA from your account so you can download. When they found out I only had the BACKER BUNDLE... they insinuated that might be the solution.
  8. I want Crowfall to give me.... -when killing somone, your rewarded with open/full loot or fame/trophy (Before Trammel) -population/openworld (i dont want to see 10 different worlds/servers) (something like shadowbane without the different worlds) -something for single players to do if they cant find a guild/clan so they dont fall behind. -pixel crack -its own Voice Communicator program. -If i bring friends to the game do i get compensated??
  9. I dont do hard drugs but god damn CROWCAINE sounds like one helluva (spelling?) drug. Im sure its posted somewhere but when do bronze backers get to play?
  10. Ok so Albion didnt work out... Hopefully I can jump in with you guyz in Crowfall almost 15+ years in Mmo's: Ultima Online (Great Lakes) UOHybrid/UOForever/UOANCORP Shadowbane (NAU) FOR ALBA! WOW (1st 3months) (never went back.) LOL 2011 (I have the Silver Kayle Skin, the Human Ryze Skin, and 2 PAX skins) Albion Online Other games: H1Z1 Duelyst (friend working on game) Hearthstone Counter-Strike Diablo 3 Darkest Dungeon If I could application... I'm sure I already filled one out but just in case.
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