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  1. Hi All! I am a veteran (NA) MMO player having spent most of my MMO time in WoW, WAR and ESO. While no longer a hardcore gamer (because adulting), I generally spent 2 hours/night, 5 nights/week online. I consider myself to be firmly above-average in the PvP department. I've spent time in various guilds including Munshara, Grievance, and Dominant Dominion. I'm looking for a mature guild that likes to win and likes to have fun without having to bust out the epeen. I prefer to play with laid back folks who value organization, respect one another, and don't take themselves too seriously. Playstyle: I prefer small to mid size group PvP. Large groups can be fun when encountering other large groups, but zerging smaller groups doesn't really trip my trigger. Class preference: I generally prefer to play balanced classes that deal reasonable damage with above average survivability. Playtimies: 8-11pm, CST As an aside, I am in the process of starting a stream/channel with another veteran gamer and close friend: Just2Dads. If you're looking for a content creator we could be a package deal for your guild.
  2. Are casual gamers welcome? By casual, I mean a couple hours a night, 4-5 nights/week? I'm looking for a guild that is effective and efficient, but also focused on having a good time. I was a hardcore gamer but have fallen into adulthood with a career and a family, so do not have as much time as I'd like for gaming. I would consider myself a firmly above average gamer and have invested a great deal of time in many MMOs, having spent most of that time in WoW, WAR and ESO. Happy recruiting!
  3. One of the first combinations I intend to experiment with focuses more on AoE, which is probably counter-intuitive to the way we might generally look at the Assassin. Weapon Rune: Master of Daggers Major Rune: Poisoner Major Rune: Agent Provocateur Minor Rune: Spirit Whip By combining the Steal Soul, Spirit Whip and Poisoned Weapon passives, you should make the most of life stealing to improve staying power while loading out Poison and the combination of Spirit Whip and Poisoned Weapon will give you those nice little AoE bombs. Stealth up, throw out a stun or snare, dive in, do a burst of AoE damage and hop out to reset if your health starts dipping too far. Could be a fun little bomber playstyle with the right guild!
  4. In the article on the assassin powers and UI: https://www.crowfall.com/en/news/assassin-powers-ui/, we learned the assassin has the ability to passively apply one of three poisons at any given time (Nature, Disease, Poison). The article states, "The Assassin can only loadout one poison passive at any given time." I'm curious, though, if the assassin will still be able to apply different types of poisons from other sources in a manner that will interact with the Infect ability. For instance, could you loadout Nature poison as your passive, apply Disease through the Curse Weapon ability and subsequently trigger the effects of both through Infect? I suspect the answer is "no" given the article states the Infect ability "has a direct interaction with the current poison applied on the target (whichever poison the Assassin has equipped as their passive)." Although, if the functionality did exist, I could assassin's building towards applying all three types of poisons for a massive Infect activation!
  5. I'm gonna throw my lot in with the quiver idea for a few reasons. First, a quiver will last longer than a stack of arrows. You won't end up with 8 different stacks of the same type of arrow that can't be merged because one stay is different, improving inventory management. Most importantly to me, with a quiver the devs could make it so once the quiver exhausts it can still be used until you leave combat. That way you aren't stuck pulling your trousers back up in the middle of a fight. I would much rather cycle between 3-4 quivers as opposed to 12 different stacks of arrows.
  6. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one interested in this topic! Many of my fondest MMO memories came from the never-quite-polished Warhammer: Age of Reckoning. While formations were often pretty basic, they were a thing. I highly suspect this had a lot to do with collision detection, which I'm very grateful Crowfall includes. My guild would frequently form up along choke points with tanks up front, ranged dps behind them and healers in the mix (some of WAR's healers had to be up front). Tanks would guard one another ensuring the damage was spread out and disorganized enemies would get chewed apart as they clashed against our frontline (aka shield wall). Though it was years ago, I have sincere memories of many such battles where proper organization won the day. Getting players to play along is definitely a challenge. MMOs tend to lend themselves more to the oscillating glory hound/coward style where you get emboldened while you have the numbers, pressing in, and cowardly when you don't have the numbers, sitting back and hanging out around the edges. We'll see what the mix really ends up looking like in Crowfall, but I have hope that organized players can break this trend by developing effective formations that maximize group buffing, damage mitigation and positioning to allow for some really interesting and memorable battles. To this end, I would like to see more classes get access to group damage mitigation abilities outside just the Knight. I think most guilds would struggle convincing a significant portion of their players to run Knights just to support a shield wall. I do think we will see interesting stealth groups form up and I'm curious to see just how guilds will capitalize on those mechanics to create strike squads or skirmishing groups. Line shifting may also become a viable strategy where you essentially "offer up" a portion of your players at a time and periodically swap your front line with your back line to keep the damage spread out. I do hope organized fighting in Crowfall will amount to more than just a group leader calling out a target to focus down, but time will tell. I'm having a lot of fun so far and am hopeful for the future state of the game as well!
  7. It seems like formations in most MMOs usually boil down to "stack on leader." I think this really pushes the limits of feasibility given the immense amount of coordination it would require, but I would like to see more incentive for players to develop particular formations. I think there is potential with the Knight's shield ability as it could encourage particular formation-related strategies (a pair of ranged characters play wingman to the knight for added protection). I would just put it out there that there could be other ways to encourage this sort of activity given the game has collision and positioning detection. I don't know how much this idea is worth exploring, but now that positional attacks are a thing, there is potential to create vulnerabilities based on player position. For instance, if players take more damage from behind, this can encourage players to form up and protect one another more as opposed to just rushing into the opposing team's back line and hoping for the best. This also has some logic to it as an axe to an unprotected back is going to necessarily inflict more harm than an axe swing that has to go through a parry, shield or dodge attempt. This also builds tension when a team's flanks are being threatened or when another force appears on the horizon charging towards your backs. Team leaders will need to reform their groups and react to the positioning in battles as opposed to simply calling out the next target to focus down.
  8. A pistol Knight would be a "blast" (I'm sorry), and flavorful as hell. In concept, it would synergize really well with what that class has going on, too. All that crushing damage would be nice along with mitigating one of the potential pitfalls of the Knight - the lack of mobility. Now you could still do some damage even if there were a couple lengths between you and your target. I throw my vote in for opening up pistols to other classes
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