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  1. You guys did amazing slightly outnumbered but you had some dedicated healers. Can't wait for the next campaign
  2. I watched this whole thing on twitch, from Orders view point. This stream has made me even more super hyped for Crowfall The only thing I have seen to remind me of even a little bit of Shadowbane....
  3. No that was not me.... I don't even remember that on any server I played on. I mostly get confused with Xanthar the dev guy.
  4. Played on Death server with to be honest a few guilds but got swallowed up in the server zergs. on Vindication I was in CoVe, MM, and ZK (thats right you probably hated me) and on saedron I rolled with It Burns When I PVP character names were Xan and Xombie. Have had Cf since kickstarter but just now decided to actually dl and play
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