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  1. Teets Manasponge may be making a comeback in Crowfall.
  2. As in Ultima Online preferably without Trammel style. Full loot was the reason for risk and reward in that game. Even in Shadowbane, there is no real loss when dying in open PVP in shadowbane or any other game. I would like to see the return of true risk / reward in PVP with a full loot system.
  3. Is he using it to count his cash? He probably has more money than you do !
  4. That's the Bengay Patman and Viral are using...
  5. I am shocked Patman even remembers how to use a computer. Are you posting from your son's LeapFrog speak and spell?
  6. Ralcor and Patman are gay lovers now. I hope they have wizards so I can make KalVasFlam over here.
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