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  1. Region: US/EST Atmosphere: Adult/relaxed Casual/Hardcore: Casual, I have kids, I like the big meta idea of games like crowfall Size: 10-50 Playstyle: I like everything but mostly prefer either group pvp or helping to support the war engine Commitment: EST 8-11 or so most weeknights, additional time on weekends Experience level: I made MMO's for 20 years I know Thomas Blair and Gordon from my tenure at SOE I have played everything MMO related and used to run end game raiding guild in WoW Communications: You name it I have used it but discord is super handy now compared to having to run TS or Mumble etc Goal: A welcoming guild that can help me understand what crowfall has to offer. I initially bought a fort package way back in 2015 and the game is just now getting to where I feel its really possible to play it Dislikes: Guilds that are too focused on demanding people do x y z or always have to be on coms when playing (you have to manage your wife aggro) Crowfall: I like tanks and support type roles. I like healing hybrids with ranged damage (smiting centaur in shadowbane)
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