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  1. I'd really love to have the ability to use a modifier key+mouse button bind for game controls. Currently we can use modifier key+keyboard key for binds, but afaik (I can't) cannot use modifier key+mouse button (e.g. ctrl+left click, shift + right click etc...). Thoughts? Is this of interest to anyone else?
  2. I strongly disagree with these types of arguments. I don't want to play rock paper scissors. Hard counters are not fun in this type of game, e.g. say class X one shots class Y, it's boring for the guy playing class X and frustrating for the guy playing class Y. These issues still stand even in group combat and may make unit composition too important as compared to player combat skill.
  3. Her right-click ability, righteous stand+parry, stands out to me. It seems like a great ability that requires player skill to use effectively and one which will lead to a lot of mind games and counterplay. How does righteous stand function? Can you hold right click and it's active as long as you are holding the button down, or do you press it once and it activates for a short fixed duration, or something else?
  4. Surely you don't expect me to play a role I don't want to play for a year before I can play the role that I actually want to play?
  5. Whether the previous iteration of the combat system or the current, It seems that there is too much of an underestimation of the average gamer's mechanical and intellectual abilities. For example, the combo system or the fact that you don't need to aim the knight's block (knight's block is one of my pet peeves. How can you call this an "action game" when your block is 360 degrees?). And where are flinches? There seems to be very basic fundamental things to an action game that are missing.
  6. How important is the general combat tree anyway? It seems kinda redundant with the archetype specific trees. Why not just ax it and leave the crafting and exploration trees? I see a lot of people saying things along the lines of "1v1 doesn't matter at all because this is a team game" or "stat advantages don't matter because this is a team game". I strongly disagree with you because you're wrong. 1v1 situations happen, even if they are short in duration, and dying because the other guy had significantly better raw stats than you, or had a class that "hard counters" your class feels terriba
  7. Whoosh We need qwop movement controls for maximum engagement. I don't want all these bad players looking through their inventory while on a 30 minute run across the continent. They are dumbing down the game every time they do that. It's just unacceptable!
  8. Let's not forget that giving us an autorun hotkey dumbs down the game as a whole, pandering to the lowest common denominator. I like holding to run, actions should be deliberate and require active play, not click once and afk for a while. Reading this thread it seems like there are a lot of people that do not enjoy the "inconvenience" of it. Sign of the times.
  9. I think I read in another thread that it was still planned but it has not yet been implemented. Sometimes it seems like the design decisions are too concerned with the players' ability to do very basic mechanical tasks, e.g dropping your block to turn around and bring your block back up if someone tries to flank you (that's part of the fun!).
  10. Hello everyone, I was hoping one of you fine people with testing experience could give me details regarding how the knight's block (and presumably disciplines of other classes that can get block) work. The main questions I have concern the blocking mechanics: 1. Is the block aimed or 360 degrees? That is, if you hit a blocking knight in the back, does he still block the attack? 2. Can any of the knight's other abilities be animation canceled into block? 3. Does the block prevent all damage, a specific percentage, or does the damage mitigation work in some other way? 4. Is t
  11. After hearing the dev's response regarding front-loaded combo costs, I'm a bit disappointed. Watching the Crowfall development over the last year, I have become concerned over the extent that my own idea of 'what a skill-based action combat system is' overlaps with the developer's idea. Usually, I give the devs the benefit of the doubt, but I can't do that here. Front loading combos decreases the skill ceiling significantly, and the reason it's being done is because... they are worried players are too terrible to manage their own mana? What's next, when your hp gets too low you lose control of
  12. I disagree, and she isn't that muscular. A lot more realistic than this real photo http://trending.report/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/73.jpg
  13. Aguise

    Run Speed

    Run speed is tricky business, kiting is powerful and, in my opinion, it's not fun to play against if you can't counter because 'you picked the wrong class' (i.e. one that's too slow). Not saying I wouldn't like more mobility, just I don't think it's a decision to take lightly from a design perspective, probably.
  14. OP is confusing. Not everything listed is a skill or a skill set as I understand it, i.e. "skill" is "the ability to do something that comes from training, experience, or practice" (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/skill). Time played and game knowledge are not skills.
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