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  1. I have seven accounts... I can only actively control one at a time. (yes, I can multi-box at leveling but I challenge you to time and rate solo work vs cooperative work in the crafting environment) While I will have the capacity (eventually) to do a lot with this including an early but self sufficient prospect of vending a few good products, most of my time will be playing the game as an active combatant. The economy will be much better than your experiences to date given the developer goals. A true player driven economy is self adjusting, barring some major flaw, of which we are all goo
  2. Sloths Hippos, and Rhinos disagree... and white guys.
  3. The limit is that the game isn't quite done yet and every big patch is one step back on optimization. And I can say it in Welsh just for clarity's sake Y terfyn yw nad yw'r gêm wedi'i gwneud eto ac mae pob llain fawr un cam yn ôl ar optimeiddio.
  4. There will be EK pvp arena type things that players and guilds can run themselves for the few days we may have some characters in-between campaigns. I have enough accounts and backer rewards to build both an EK market and an EK arena for practice and competitive fun... some events we did in EKs in previous tests included all rangers with simple bows and arrows in a free for all... there were like 20 players and it was a blast... In SB there were player run tournaments with guild and crafter sponsored prizes, etc. This is a "player run" style game, we provide the content and ACE supplies
  5. Yea... that has been around forever. Split a different stack higher in the inventory box and cancel gets you out of it.
  6. Except for a couple things like AA or SS Bows. poisons, and quivers, the first time gated items. The blue item drops and or all drops need to have far less durability than a crafted version... that would at least change the crafting economy meta some. If the decent green and blue gear lasted 1/4 or even 1/10 as long... like a few days of heavy fighting so it was easy come-go but a crafted item, even white would have a place at the table when people get over grinding for or buying more useable stuff. All it would take is to turn the knob on the durability difficulty in experimentation an
  7. Two things that the passive tree are missing that we had before in previous patches were early nodes only needing 3 pips to advance giving more strategic complexity to pathing through the tree and better use of ALL and various percentages to move on... This is dials way up at 95% instead of previous 50% or 75% gates that we had tested but with 3X. This is the first run of an actually dumbed down passive tree set. We've always had the same splits just depicted laterally instead of radially. Previous versions were better imho mostly the 3 pips to advance. There used to be the strategy inv
  8. BS... this idea that crafters don't PvP is garbage. Since most of our players do both and harvest it is some kind of limiting to put players in that box. It's a PvP game... everyone PvPs or they leave.
  9. PvP like everybody else... this idea that there are players who don't roam or participate in the action is silly.
  10. I've thought for awhile that we'd fight in dropped gear for a month... crafted blue for another month or three, purps in 4-5? Not going to happen past that considering Beta to soft launch shouldn't be more than 6 months.
  11. Sugoi...   Discord https://discord.gg/sBD2adR

    WE have a solid core of 25 players returning this patch, all officers have multiple accounts aand 4+ years experience with CF mechanics.   We are allied with KGV permanently and have many contacts in other guilds, solid diplomacy.  We are in general opposed to the ~W~HoA zerg and will be working with others to break them.


  12. The ski industry basically shut down for the next week and likely further/for the season in the US. I work at Stevens Pass in winter which is a Vail Resort, guess I am ready for 5.110. https://www.foxnews.com/us/vail-alterra-close-ski-resorts-coronavirus
  13. sounds like a bad spy plant attempt... get another account called MikeTheMole for that.
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