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  1. My suggestions as of November.

    There was a few weeks last spring/summer where the melee hit box was a pin point... you could miss 9 times out of 10 standing right next to someone... like hitting a harvest weak point while both you and the node are moving, that tight. If that is the supposed "complaining" you are talking about then you are wrong... it was a very short period and was changed in days. I have no worry that they will adjust these kinds of things to fit the active playerbase and not some whiners. Hit boxes need to be the same size as the body imo and the raycasting thing where you can hold LMB while moving and only be aimed within 5 m of the target for continued hits (target lock), even around LOS corners, needs to go.
  2. My suggestions as of November.

    The module rulesets for these two is basically the same. The big difference between is only in whether your whole guild is green or only the group members are green... When all but 4 other players on a large battlefield are red and you cannot just kill all reds but rather have to ID your target as friend or foe it is FFA... when you can sling poorly made socks about willy-nilly in a battle it is GvG and not FFA. I still hope we can get both. tl:dr FFA does NOT mean it is everyone for themselves like some FPS but more a targeting FF thing.
  3. Could we maybe never leave pre-alpha?

    yea, it really takes a lot to not at least get a freebie JG like which would keep you 1:1...
  4. why can I only withdraw now?

    So you were gaming in the 90s and early 2000s when we had real sandboxes because there has not been one in years... my generation who is now mid 30s to 50s right... You have $179 invested then... be patient, people will want that after we hit Beta. I don't know how you ran afoul of the excellent way Gordon has handled customer satisfaction, ACE is the best I have seen at communication from a Dev team ever... What I don't seem to see about you in particular is how you say you like sandbox yet have zero understanding of what that really means... which is simply an open world with no pre-generated content, a blank slate world where the players create the content by actively engaging each other instead of an AI... Did you play in HD? SP?, BW3-4-5, or check out 5.3 yet? It is really just about the PvP after all...
  5. why can I only withdraw now?

    You read it as hostility while I read it as a brush off for someone who wasn't really interested in a sandbox in the first place... It isn't about whether ACE or our active player base "Wants" you, it is more about how you are totally and entirely unsuited to the vision of the game, its play mechanics, and the plainly advertised mechanics of sandbox style. Maybe you never played a real sandbox game, there have been very few. Again no hostility, simply telling you either buck up and play or go away... it IS that simple. The Devs always say this is a niche game and not for everyone (particularly the weak of heart). We will have a robust and deep economy with all gear being crafted by players...
  6. The various departments in Artcraft have been and are continuing many lines of development towards the launch features concurrently, JTodd has said this... some departments get their stuff mostly done and are also working other pieces thus we sometimes get "big" dumps of new stuff with multiple pieces of the puzzle. The project is not linear A-B-C-D... Combat balancing is a beta function and thus will most likely be post soft launch. Entering alpha probably means we will have the remaining races and classes (coming soon features) and more fleshed out crafting in all areas beside blacksmithing (like they need more recipes, bah)... What I don't expect for soft launch (start of Beta) is: Gathering Herbalism Farming and Cooking Husbandry Mounts and Pets Factories and Workbenches Shadows and Dregs band rulesets What I do expect for Alpha is: Remaining races and classes Fleshed out Alchemy recipes (dependent on future herb gathering) Day night cycle/seasons/environmental effects Guild functions Personal storage chests (crafted) Advanced Vessel use 3 and 12 faction CWs Rewards (exports) for Victory conditions This would mean for Alpha we would have a playable Campaign loop but not feature complete...
  7. Could we maybe never leave pre-alpha?

    What always surprises me about Jamesgoblin is that while he does not post here in our forums he often does post and advocate for Crowfall on other mmo sites.
  8. why can I only withdraw now?

    Another soft gamer who has no idea what Crowfall has been about since the beginning says he is leaving a game in pre-alpha because he has no interest in actually learning what the unfinished game is actually about... this whole generation of weak minded gamers is sickening. It is like if they cannot have instant gratification, it is not for them. BYE!... you probably never would have been a solid player so don't let that door hit you on the way out. Yes! we will get the great game we are helping the team to build and the last thing we need are softies who want leveling by grinding a mindless AI and silly quests. The real fighters are already battling each other several nights a week.
  9. We'll be more interested in MLs when crafted vessels can be used, until then maybe a test, but it's mostly pointless to mine them for the resources alone as the tool wear and group needs make it less efficient. My big stack of minerals, vessels, philosopher stones and ambrosia still sits and rots on Live...
  10. use goldx3 or copperx3... check out this useful sheet too... it all works but you have to have the right metals or alloys... there are combos that make no stats, yes...\
  11. Craft better tools first... also the 5.3 update changed everything about harvesting/excavating. Of course it all depends on the rank of the node but I have had tools in the first week that destroy a R1 node in 6 swings on weak spots... skill training will give even better damage on weak spots. You will get into 5.3 within a couple weeks... hopefully it goes to the LIVE server in early December if not sooner. Still some bad bugs, we'll see how this weeks patch goes but I'll tell you it is a big improvement.
  12. Will ACE Consider Tighter Hit Boxes?

    It was not long ago that I played a Legionnaire and we could barely hit anything the hit box was so small... this was just in August/Sept... overcompensation for certain to what we have now. It will get adjusted more.
  13. yep... most noticeable when making very simple items fast... 2-3+ fails in a row, felt like the old days.
  14. Two skill learning at once?

    Not as you state... a monthly subscription will allow you to train 2 skills in different trees but not double dip. The VIP is not even in testing yet so, NO, it isn't true at all. There is no item... The conceptual (only at this point) system is that Buy-to-play is viable but limits diversity in skills but not depth... VIP will allow more paths but not going deeper in any one path. They have yet to put any of this to testing yet they promised no p2w and we will hold them to that, severely. The item you may have heard about is the catch up tome where skill time can be banked and sold... this will not be in the game at launch and will have heavy restrictions in where you can use the catch up time. Tomes will be useful only to new players wanting a faster catch up well after the game is launched.