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  1. Its had a pass in crafting and may just replace the mechanic for a mount, we will see.
  2. Centaurs get horseshoes as an extra item instead of a mount, yes... already in game and tested but not balanced, the slot is there where other races have a mount slot on the equipment page. They never mount/dismount. Its an advantage of the race, they are 25% faster out of combat to start, the shoes add more yet probably still are slower than a mounted knight.
  3. I agree with an across the board decay and repair loop for all crafted gear including vessels. Even if you lose your vessels head and someone has your skull it all gets magically repaired at a spawn point... Long term viability of Necro as a profession should include reparative surgery, did we hear whether 5.110 would have the blacksmith repair mechanic? that center line in the skill tree.
  4. Not for those of us that actually dealt with a 2% drop rate for grit when jewelry first came to Live... no joke. It was as painful as the Great Apple Famine of 2017 that created the term "apple tax."
  5. Passive training keeps the gear power curve in check through the economy building phase of launch... If you could grind into high levels of Grave digging, alchemy, and necromancy you could quickly start pumping out blue vessels within days of launch, why have any lower color gear than blue at that point. The economy would outdate itself in hours rather than weeks... we need an economy that grows to end game gear over the course of a couple months, not days. Players are deliberately held back from active grinding to endgame gear to level the playing field somewhat... yes, you do have to play to compete but passive leveling sets a timeline for when certain gear quality comes into the game over time and that is a big deal for the first 3 months after launch when the catch up mechanics will be implemented.
  6. A legendary vessel may get maxed but did you actually fit out the legendary disciplines you planned to put in... only the harvesting and minors can be bought for around 108k gold... about a 10 hour grind and some by Mob drops but the real discs only drop from elites on a 20 min timer, are camped like SB disc droppers when the pop is active and you need to collect 5 white to combine to green etc on up to Legendary... that's 25 for blue, 125 for purple and 625 for Gold... So I want an Arcane Archer disc for my legendary vessel... probably more than a month of grinding, trading, whinging and pestering my guildmates for thiers… yea, Purple drops will help but I call hogwash on easy grind. All while I am concurrently wanting my 2 other discs as well... whose got a purple Juggernaut or Plaguelord to sell or trade... right 100k+ Disciplines were supposed to be player crafted... not dropped... I am sure this will get another look.
  7. ^ This... also so that you can have a dedicated looter/stealther grab the doobers and in GvG campaigns, (not faction play) anyone can loot them even outside of group... free loot of doobers was changed because in factions you cannot kill someone stealing your doobers.
  8. With balancing of the tables, enough cutting grit should drop for jewel crafters in the normal routine of ore harvesting operations without a need for special grit focused harvest run. Those tweeks are part of beta balancing. Now grit was super rare back in the day.
  9. Respectfully gonna disagree with many of the suggestions here, they are all 100% grind and PvP based which doesn't serve up balance to the entire population. This is more for the poster, than addressing the devs, since I have faith that they understand success equals pleasing the experience of the entire player base and not simply those that endlessly PvP and leave the rest of the work to others or just pleasing the no lifers. The leveling Grind is short and sweet, worse than no grind at all imo but not game breaking until you get to trying to upgrade Disciplines to go in high end vessels, that needs some fixing. We have PvP focused types like this guy asking to make his gameplay supreme just like we get PvE fans asking for more Mob based gear acquisition or even, gack, quest chains. At the end of the day, please just make the game we backed, low grind factor, high fun factor, gank danger everywhere, campaigns that end with a winner who gets no new significant advantages. With passive skills the game can control the pace of advancement and power gain, active skill gain blows that all out. This player wants that removed strictly so that he can undercut that pace which should be standard across the board for all players. A level playing field isn't his goal.
  10. Its going to change again so everything will be out of date by launch. Currently it is far to grind oriented for my taste which is why we all wanted passive skill progression. We can take a little grind but all that does is create afk leveling groups like in SB and doesn't really create active leveling.
  11. Pretty sure I saw mounts, we have the mechanic, just not the graphics. The artwork has to be in progress because the art department gets downsized during alpha and beta.
  12. 5.110 has Guild support, the GvG dregs campaign module, multi-front win conditions, Frostweaver, Caravans, Mounts. These are core... Pets, Resource refining, and other details can be in post launch updates. Balancing iterations will take time, but nothing like artwork or engineering. We need a solution to the economy, vendors and the EK role in that. But lets remember KISS, the Core for launch needs to provide the fun and the conflict and the elements that provide it from the various player roles.
  13. We've all also gotten distracted from the development pace by beating on each other within the game system, pre-playing the political games, learning the systems as they are added and then not only finding the bugs but giving our opinions on playability and balance. The devs have a definition of pre-alpha that most other devs don't... every core system has to be in to call it alpha and we are on the home stretch to that milestone. Alpha will be quite short and so will Beta. It doesn't upset you if you are productively testing. Its been a long haul for sure and I had to choose when to take enough time off to make the game feel fresh again at the right point in development. I can say that there have been some most excellent times had by many so far, if you didn't experience any of these, then I can see how it can be upsetting. As I don't think there is going to be much more infusion of investment capital into this project before release, this is gonna be the final push over the next six to eight months and then well get that slightly confusing soft launchy thing with the consumer launch in about a year. #eternaloptimist
  14. Less than 20 parsecs? 😁
  15. Your passive skills are account based... you did not remove any prior skills gained for your other toon, you just stopped one skill and started another. You get to level 2 of the 3 skill trees at a time with diminishing returns. Thus, for a single account player, you will have to specialize in a just a couple things for months, being jack of all trades will take years (many early backers have several accounts to cover multiple crafts/harvest types/combat/leadership concurrently). We used to have passive character based racial/class passive skills too but that was removed from the account level to the Talent tree you now see on your toon. Hope this helps. ps find a group/guild to work with, this game is not playable without a network of people.
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