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  1. Your passive skills are account based... you did not remove any prior skills gained for your other toon, you just stopped one skill and started another. You get to level 2 of the 3 skill trees at a time with diminishing returns. Thus, for a single account player, you will have to specialize in a just a couple things for months, being jack of all trades will take years (many early backers have several accounts to cover multiple crafts/harvest types/combat/leadership concurrently). We used to have passive character based racial/class passive skills too but that was removed from the account level to the Talent tree you now see on your toon. Hope this helps. ps find a group/guild to work with, this game is not playable without a network of people.
  2. It is based on Shadowbane and in that, like the dregs, when you take another guilds city/castle/fort whatever level of base they have built you will raze it to the ground forcing them out of the campaign and/or to start over (ideally with more friends and allies to avoid a repeat.) The hard part in this is getting crushed (wiped off a server) is often a death call to a small guild where its players then look to join the crushers. Still, it is the full model, there is no taking back a fort/keep when it is reduced to zero, gone, kaput.
  3. Lets see... I have 2 Pitfighter accounts for siege, stone/mineral, and ore/gem harvesting and 2 Alpha Warrior accounts for siege, capping and gvg… not OP but certainly very useful classes. Just gonna play one or 2 accounts tho for 5.10 cycle.
  4. So if I use Ultimate Warrior on my Arcane Archer Alpha Warrior and switch to range tray while the barrier is still up, will it (Force mage explosion) do Ice damage from my Spellbound Bow and Ice quiver? Seems a stretch, I'd bet it does my melee weapon type (sash or crush). I'll test when I can. Still love this build.
  5. There will be xp for crafting, harvesting, and exploring to round out leveling... basically if you do anything productive you get exp. Remember that leveling is fast and after that it is all about PvP at forts castles and sieges with gear and vessel upgrades (more leveling, more harvesting). More conflict zones, more way to find and ambush other players, more ways to crush, not more ways to play solo.
  6. Oh Gawd, NO! not questing... Leveling is bad enough even when it is fast and easy but set npc questing is an anathema to this playerbase. My "quest" to you is find a good fit guild and they will have lots of "quests" as in tasks for you to do so that they can gear out the guild for PvP and secure its base of operations in a given campaign. .
  7. Seasons only reduce Plentiful Harvest... if you are fully specialized in one thing you can harvest year round with 5 PH. Yes, it takes months of training, that is part of the progression.
  8. https://youtu.be/cIYQVW8VUGw
  9. It is not meant to be simplified down to 1v1s... or even 2v2s although hunting pairs in low pop times will be more successful than rogues out alone. The game is designed entirely around group synergy just like Shadowbane… Shadpwbane builds were quite complicated and varied but the politics made the game. Most times you will need a group if not a few groups to do the main activities after ginding up to par.
  10. Dregs! Dog Days of summer need dregs! Long haul through the development will not deter the die hard. Stay vigilant, stay Sugoi!
  11. The OP was not about botting although that is absolutely a real concern... we all have concerns about cheating and catching cheating or rather designing mechanics that cannot be macro'd efficiently. Macroing knotwood farming for dust and embers is probably more profitable in the long run than macroing campaign re-entry.
  12. Yes, there will be training tomes to make and sell from your extra points... they will not be available until a post launch patch so be on top of your training before then. The game will not be forgiving for people unwilling to pay attention.
  13. The drop from mobs is still a placeholder, a new placeholder granted... discs will be crafted by runecrafters and the thrall component will be the one we hunt that is rare. Blair said the disc recipes are done... we can hope the first iteration for thrall capture and an actual use for polished soulgems comes with 5.9. For this patch it is mostly... oooo PvE... yawn, rest up for 5.9. Yea, the grind for the discs really sucks.
  14. 17K to lvl a white vessel will take you how many times in and out of cw? I don't think so... and you get none of the goods... *runic recipes. lvl 12 in under 2 hours + 200 leather and meat, 5 embers 300 dust... lvl 24 in 3 more... plus 1.2 K gold, 4 runic recipes 2 minors and a bunch of body additives. You may do that but seriously? Burning your exports for 40g each seems silly unless you are like some of us with many accounts.
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