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  1. War Option?

    You can do that right now... you just have to organize it, get people to sign up and make it safe so they can import gear and get set up with discs before PvP is turned on... we have done it several times... re: Tinnis all ranger free for all had like 24 rangers last man standing. The game Devs don't do it for you in a sandbox, we the players set everything up... we did arenas in Shadowbane too and sometimes it didn't degenerate into chaos, sometimes it did because PvP games have a certain amount of (fill in the blank) players that want to cause problems with events...
  2. War Option?

    That won't be in the EK, that will be the Campaign Worlds. I don't want to burst bubbles or dampen enthusiasm but in a sandbox you don't get to face off safely vs another guild... My guild is here to win and we will be able to disrupt, dishonor, and discomboblulate your cutesy little preplanned wars. Do not worry about rivalries, they already exist from lines drawn over the years. Sandbox war is just much messier and oh so much more fun than what you suggest. What you will find is EK arenas that you can test builds and group comps in... and invite rivals for matches etc in a player build arena. A good pastime in between campaigns but if you are not in a campaign and you are not exporting the spoils of that campaign you are not progressing. The eternal kingdom assets will probably not ever be destructible nor will EKs be the lure for PvP beyond some community organized arena fighting.
  3. War Option?

    Nope... that is not open world PvP, not going to happen. Rivalries and politics drive this game, not the politics of only two guilds but the interaction of political ties, alliances, rivalries, and years of disputes... wars will be fought but 3rd parties are a big factor like they were in Shadowbane. We fight in the campaign for the real prize... we can "practice" in the EKs and that is all.
  4. Aussie Servers at launch?

    we tested both Singapore and Australian hosting servers last year... we are testing Brazil currently. There has been a US west as well... the only pops that support PvP have been US east and EU at primetime in those time zones so the other servers become solo farming worlds with very little contact between players. This is probably why the "off" or empty servers are of limited quantity each test. Beta will probably see the first time all of the servers up at once.
  5. Eternal Kingdom questions and clarifications

    Every active guild is recruiting because of the influx of new players. Questions are expected and guilds have many players willing to answer/advise/suggest on everything. This is the time for it...
  6. New player confused about EK/Campaign.

    If you hang out just outside the gate and then tag along behind a group of players obviously moving together you will be considered scouting them. Most of the active guilds have many accounts and will park a scout outside the enemy gate just to get info on numbers and vector of the enemy. It is a valid tactic. We know there are a lot of new players and we are monitoring the names of those possible alt accounts but mostly we call players lurking "spys" because it is funny. This is opposed to "moles" who will attempt to infiltrate another guild for deeper deception. All you need is to have one of your players craft and "intersect" rune that allows you to "flash" on all of the personal info of the player, oh wait, no, that is the plot of "Chuck". <<<<<< SPY
  7. Gear disappeared

    yea... I had the plate proficiency minor disappear on death and that puts your armor into "overflow" where you see a red number above your inventory, 4 specifically as in 4 armor pieces... it is in overflow even if your inventory is empty... I think any relog, recall, etc makes it show up though but you have to remake the minor disc... sucks if you are trying to return to the fight asap.
  8. Guild Presentation

    I would think dregs would be like when we have multi-group practice in an ek… only your group members are green, ffa, all other guild members and other guild groups are red making battlefield management hard... as long as we get guild ID on our nameplates it would be strategically harder than gvg in the Shadows are all guild members are green.
  9. yes the limited resources of am indie start up does not budget all races to play all classes plus it creates more huge balancing issues... We were originally promised only "locked" 8 single race-class avatars... the project was delayed 6 months (2 mill+) to just allow a race to play several classes and opened up dozens of combinations...
  10. Recall power is locked to slot 8 and cannot be removed/replaced in that spot... it can be added to other slots on the survival tray but once there it is also locked in and you cannot re-slot any powers there. Recall can now muck up your survival tray.
  11. STOP NERFING (start buffing)

    "We have dials to turn" and Blair tends to start out like a toddler at a Spinal Tap amplifier where the knob goes to 11... not everything starts out full volume but some powers exceed expectations. Others are extremely meh. It was Druidfall, then Myrmfall, then Fessorfall, then Rangerfall, now AssFall… get the pattern. Clerics fell in strong but are probably in the best spot. Expect a hard nerf and then a readjust and then fine tuning evaluations on every power.
  12. Harvesting Weak Points

    There is timing the 5 pip buff with the weak spot for at least one super dooper hit... also the late training nodes in specialization give you more punch on weak spots. Not to say harvesting should not get another pass before beta... every mechanic needs 3 passes at least to get it right.
  13. No Way to Change Faction

    Not a wipe, a new campaign. This is the first campaign to be longer than 2 weeks. Play together in another campaign world for the time being. Switching teams simply cannot be allowed mid-campaign. It is still testing and many players in the actual game will not be playing as much in a faction environment, most will play in GvG or FFA world where there won't be any factions to choose. I hope we see our first non faction campaign this fall.
  14. This week I RPd a Factory

    That is a whole lot of crappy gear scorn... what 4 pips and 20 something assy and exp? I didn't take all of my crafting to final recipe node and have just gotten to 40 assy and exp with 8 pips and I still cannot make top end white... (10 pips and 70+ assy/exp). But you get the crafter of the month award in my book...
  15. In addition to passive skills you have gear stats the increase your yield over time and the in game leveling does affect both crafting and harvesting through the stats you gain... making an active skill gain in game does sound bad because it just becomes another grind we would need to do... it is the whole reason behind the passive system... you get what you can get when you can get it, the same as combat power. Gear is the "decider" to borrow from GW.