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  1. Evidently nobody remembers the dry spell from May to November waiting for anything on 5.3 the huge race/class split patch that took as long as 5.110 is taking.
  2. A potential new customer shouldn't see an add/article/news for 5.110 content and then not be able to buy in and play... I think that is the marketing departments reasoning. Think about it. If we put out news which hits the web hard etc but the product is not available to try, you aren't going to get the impact of that info dump as immediate new customers. It really is true. Hype in this industry is measured in weeks. Yes, little pieces is still the better slow trickle but start it once we can get into the Test server with 5.110 content and keep it coming all the way into the Live launch which will be Beta testing and invite all the $0 scrubs.
  3. Yes, Duranthal is correct that there are pre-release mechanics that could be discussed among those of us that would understand them and it would get us backers hyped... But as far as anyone not currently testing, would not the added hype of any and all new info drive that potential new player to want to immediately try out the game? And if the info comes before the patch, the new player cannot buy it and try it yet thus killing the hype. I think we will get the media in nice bite sized chunks AT THE SAME TIME as the patch hits the test server and lead right on through to Beta. We want the hype associated with the info dump to attract new players rather than appease those already involved. New player sees cool stuff. New player can't buy or play with cool stuff yet (only 5.10 content) New player lost.
  4. Bad is a pretty mild insult but is referencing the group and player's ability to work as a team... still the character that is I would think words like bad, terribad, noob, sap, punter, jerry, are merely taunts and not personal attacks. Your skin is way thicker than that Unfolded, and you know it. One hour in your guy's discord channel would give me a long list of personal attack words to not use in a forum post.
  5. The drama leading up to the drama that will start the war...
  6. Happy Birthday Pann! Your present is that I made it a whole year without you having to give me another warning...
  7. Sugoi will be active for 5.110 through launch... Actively recruiting again, officers met this week and we will begin prepping for the push to launch with the 5.110 Patch. Good time to start playing and join an experienced Crowfall guild.
  8. The OP is right only in that we all would like the game to be successful enough to last more than 6 months beyond launch. He is sorely lacking experience in open sandbox as evidenced by other things. Persistence of character is probably the best quality of any player that joins Crowfall… unless you take the easy route, pledge to the guild/alliance already in a dominant position, you are going to need the balls of an angel to pick yourself up over and over, defeat after defeat, and most important do something to change that result. My first SB guild was a DAOC crossover that got our city destroyed first on the launch servers, we made the mistake of taking on Aftermath and their allies (what was it) Crazy Eight and got crushed, went guerrilla and harassed their players for the 3 months that those initial servers died. Did I quit, hell no and that wasn't even the best world or experience of that period. I fought with Sindicate and against them, with KGB and against them, with Winterblades and against them, over time things just change, then CN came and we all banded against the new threat. With Crowfall things will change, new campaign, new map... old alliances splinter, new ones flourish. The key is just play and enjoy, one death becomes a hundred, it doesn't matter because one tiny battle that you win renews your enthusiasm like no other game style can. But back to what he is right about... stacked sides hurt pop... even in dregs, especially in dregs. The old hat PvP players can handle it, EVE regulars can probably handle it, but we do need new blood to come in and stay. It is possible take the effort to keep dregs from just becoming a 2 alliance war in these first few campaigns... we've got some reason to be rivals but little reason to really be enemies here. Maybe I am dreaming, but I'd like to think that guilds would want to be known for going it without too many pre-set alliances when we start 5.110 LIVE. And for Beta we should take the games health into account before smashing the new guilds, even if they bluster and gank their way into certain self-destruction. We have a lot of experienced diplomats and negotiators that could keep these important Beta trial campaigns "fun" first and "brutal" second... if someone deserves to be wiped off a server, sure... but a kill all reds attitude usually gets you there faster than you think. Pariahs never live long lives.
  9. Yes, Unity itself was updated a couple times and some significant optimization was done. The siege engines made awful lag back in 5.6. We maxed out zones for sieges at 100 and 150 players in 5.9 and it lagged hard. Improved considerably for 5.10. Hitching and lag issues have improved dramatically, forts with 20-30 each side run pretty smooth but sieges with zone maxed/queued still need more optimization. Word is that 5.110 has more.
  10. welcome... the game gets real in Feb... learn all you can but the next update will change many things and add tons
  11. White vessels can be your harvesting toon as well until you can upgrade. Your passives should be combat and a harvesting type (one that fits with guild/group needs) if you are going with a single account. It's all gear at that point (vessels are gear)… Non harvesters crafters and single accounts just grind gold from high level mobs for days and days to pay a crafter for pre made gear (you can also get all your discs and some vessel additives grinding.) Don't go too heavy in 5.10, most of the player base will not return until 5.110 in February and then there will be lots of people willing to trade, sell, etc. The dregs rules will change the economy as eliminating factions will make the world a lot more dangerous but the markets a lot more profitable... get in a good guild for that. Expecting the 3 faction campaign in 5.110 to be pretty dead compared to the Dregs. Like Hyriol mentioned, its a good time to kind of learn what race-class-talent scheme fits your playstyle as a base to work from.
  12. I thought your were some hooligan dudes scat but whatever... good attitude regardless, yes, fun be the goal. To some of us active leveling equals a grind race while passive leveling takes the race component away and lets players concentrate on the gameplay and efforts that win campaigns. It really is that simple, why race when you can just fight over territory and resources while the unlocks to gear progression just simply happens.
  13. You have to have a mineral trained harvester and do group harvesting on Granite (Halite) and Marble (Cinnabar) motherlodes and an alchemist to make it yourself... ambrosia is a valued commodity and is usually for sale on a vendor for you to get by grinding gold.
  14. Its had a pass in crafting and may just replace the mechanic for a mount, we will see.
  15. Centaurs get horseshoes as an extra item instead of a mount, yes... already in game and tested but not balanced, the slot is there where other races have a mount slot on the equipment page. They never mount/dismount. Its an advantage of the race, they are 25% faster out of combat to start, the shoes add more yet probably still are slower than a mounted knight.
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