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  1. I was diffident because you were NOT reporting a possible dupe but were calling for a SB wipe of other peoples stuff, 100s of pieces of gear in my case on two vendors, 1000+ hours of my guilds harvest-craft time. The healthy attitude is to respect the effort people put into testing and this latest test included testing the vending and coin exchange, the value of coin and goods sold through vending EKs and this kind of testing takes effort by suppliers and customers to get the ball rolling. An SB wipe kills any chance of proving that the current harvest-craft-vend loop launched with 5.6 could motivate new players to go harvest zombies for coin and hands instead of working toward self made gear and would get an economy rolling. You did call for a wipe with zero evidence and only the rumor of a dupe... one that turned out to be real but was only demonstrated with basic arrows however I am sure other items could be created by the "emoji naming" bug however there is still not evidence that any game breaking high end items or in the worst possible case "coin" itself being duped. Of course I care about premature wipes called by a player with zero skin in the game... I absolutely call for a wipe when there is a necessity, yes and I have also reported previous dupes due to an EK rollback in the past and rolled with a wipe than as I would now if we started to see the markets or the game space flooded with duped gear. I also very much care about duping as any game that does not address it before launch and stay on top of it through any update has its player economy utterly destroyed in hours. FYI... I did sell quite a bit of gear in this testing cycle and the base gear economy is viable to build on... To get back to exactly what this thread is about. Keeping vendors up and live is a roadblock and so is navigating the EKs for vendors with actual gear stocked.
  2. Did legacy items get created? did it work on just stackable items? did it work on grinding minerals (stackable)? @Nyamo are you then demanding a full wipe based on what you know could have been created? Dupes are game breaking and this is why we report them and fix them rather than abuse them while we are helping to test... I test for dupes as well and make thousands of items, didn't find this one. I'll thank you as well when you find one.
  3. In English these are called hoardings... the wooden structures atop walls with murder holes, etc and places to drop rocks or burning pitch or oil on those enemies trapped up against the walls. Battlements are the stone structures that block incoming fire but are generally open top and include parapets with gaps for shooting bolts or arrows. History is important guys... words are important, otherwise we all end up muddling the meanings. Setting the hoardings on fire vs keeping them intact was important early step in a medieval siege. The real use of fire arrows... burn the hoardings and try to burn the food/grain storage. Which does bring up "Fire based destruction of these parts" as part of our gameplay in sieges. Water buckets for the defense- fire arrows for the offense.
  4. Ideas/improvements on the current dodging system

    A nethari or woodelf with the longer dodge can "close" or "open" the range much faster after building to 2 pips. When you get close to enemy contact you go silent in general to not tip off position and during this pre-fight period your dodge pips go to max 2, that is when the distance has a distinct advantage. It makes for more sparing but effective use, particularly for certain range classes and kiting but it will not let you auto-escape the battle in a drawn out chase...
  5. OK, thanks Tinnis… good thing I have only used 6 good hand/humerus sets so far. I am gonna go with no Spirit Bank wipes because it is so "dicey" to the burgeoning economy. Hope to see more customers, more sales... p.s. not more lagfests
  6. I said AND Spirit Bank... I can make a new set of better vessels for all of the crafters but is even that worth the EK wipe... the key is SB wipe, that happens when a dupe is found to prevent hugely impactful legacy weapons/items. Even the current batch of vessels being out of date with 5.7 changes to racial stat caps doesn't have the ability to create anything "legacy" and OP. Frankly rumors of any wipe kill the test, kill the economy so the rumors must be confirmed or denied pronto. Campaigns - Over-Wiped Lose all crafted/imported Vessel (We Knew this) EK - Pull everything; vendors, stalls, thousands of items to SB and wipe, Lose all crafting vessels? Spirit Banks - all of the economic activity to date since 5.6 wipe? Skills - May as well at that point...?
  7. A tree in a castle does not create a combat issue... we've had trees and grass in buildings for years. there is also a Russian Egg nested tree... so what? I still call bull on your dupe report. We cannot even test an economy if clowns can get a wipe through fake news, get real The question is truly how much effort does JTodd want us to put in to build a vendor economy, we cannot put any in the face of market crashing rumors.
  8. Duping? hogwash.... show proof of duping before tossing that out there. This is a test where we try to do it and report it... I again say you better have a proof of a dupe bug to call a wipe on all vendors and all items. ALL of the major guilds in this testing would report a hack or dupe because we all have a vested interest in it... obviously you do not nor have you actually created such or can recreate one. Being someone who has reported a dupe from a rollback bug... I can conform that there has not been a rollback.
  9. Well... ONE way to insure the in-game economy cannot grow is to have the rumors of an EK and SB wipe for 5.7. Version 5.6 WAS the wipe and release that allowed us to actually create the loop and many of us planned for that... by investing the time. We expect a wipe when a dupe bug is found or when any potentially imbalancing "legacy" item is created by the change. The only change that affects an item is the change to the Racial kit discipline which will be a part of any vessel post 5.7... The CLASS kits remain unchanged. The only Potential for a "legacy" item would be a very high end crafted vessel leveled to 30 and only a half giant blacksmith stacking INT could be above the new cap of 150. None of my Crafting Vessels currently exceed or can exceed the new caps. In addition we are taking about just a few more stat points that give a minute amount chance of better crafting results, nothing to panic about as far as what reaches the battlefield. Please confirm a wipe and how heavy handed it will be. I can guarantee the remaining 5.6 and even 5.7 after a wipe announcement will not reach this level of economic activity as quickly.
  10. Ganking all over

    It is a huge social aspect of the game to work together and once back to beachhead split the shares yourself not requiring the game to make it "fair" but rather require the players to decide what they consider fair. As for a group member grabbing the doobers underservedly, simple /kick from group = fixt. Don't group with players who won't follow your rules.
  11. Buy orders in the short term.... maybe some counter for the EK title that shows how many vendor stalls are in that EK and the %those vendors are stocked with goods. So you see: Joes EK, 4 vendors, 65% stocked Teds EK, 2 Vendors, 20% stocked Jills EK 5 Vendors, 45% stocked You get a better idea at least if there are goods to be browsed before you enter...
  12. F to interact / Inspect players

    Sounding snarky but just honest... gear is a big chunk of stats and gear breaks easily as well as it is not something a player generally earned or made themselves... so stats are NO information regarding a players actual skill... just the ability to buy gear and stack/min-max/theorycraft stats. Players are going through a set of gear a week if they are active, some less, some more...
  13. F to interact / Inspect players

    Fundamental fail to understand the most basic tenants of CF.... 1. gear is temporary, very temporary 2. Skill training is less than 30% of power curve. 3. The guild is the primary source of gear, not the individual player. If you want to know if someone is any good invite them to your EK and fight your best players 5v5 in basics (the wet noodle test)… if they properly fill the chosen role then test them in the CW in a group spec vs real enemies. You cannot know if anyone has any real skill by inspecting them in a game like Crowfall.
  14. The question is does master of daggers give equipped short swords (piercing NOT slashing?) the powers from the disc... namely lifesteal for the melee ranger build?
  15. The Dex +Armor question confused blair, he didn't answer because what was meant was in the current build increased dex is supposed to add mitigation, it is not working properly afaik.