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  1. Super annoying things

    Actually I am saying if you have an issue with basic tools breaking while knowing full well that they are "basic" is self explanatory. They are meant to harvest "basic" resources; knotwood, slag, and cobblestone. Using a basic tool on premium resource nodes wears them out fast as a part of the mechanics. Get a better tool, fool... laughable, yet sad. The devs are busy making the game and will not explain these things to you. Some of us try, we really do and on mostly polite terms. I was and am polite and accurate in response. And I made clear defined Paragraphs to boot, Wall-of-text... pffft, the nerve, I have never... Frykka <<<- Super Annoying thing
  2. Super annoying things

    Durability is part of crafting... the crafters make money selling better tools with higher damage and durability. Infinite tool life does not support or belong in a player run economy... next thing you would get annoyed at is that your infinite life basic tool takes 10 minutes to chop down a Rank 8 tree... but with infinite dura you could still do it all day long and never need another tool, never would need to buy one from another player... etc. Please, progress beyond day one harvesting, I implore you to find out what a good tool looks like, explore the skills and see what you would need to do to make them last (at the expense of other skill choices) and how your idea of inconvenience is blind to the overall game loop. The tool that you can make as a non Runecraft trained player is piss poor compared to what I can make with full training in Runecrafting… your tools are worth zero, my tools are worth a lot more and people want to buy them. The game has a deep harvesting and crafting system designed to make both harvester and crafter relevant to winning, but you have to train it up to be there. Come back when you and your guild have made some high quality weapons and armor and tell me again how you hate your basic pick breaking or how it is even relevant to the game after a week of play. fyi, this whole patch from a full skill and bank wipe I have used a basic tool for maybe 15 minutes... then I went and farmed mobs for coin... went to the fort resources vendor and bought stacks of materials and made better tools, intermediate like an hour later and advanced tools on day 3 or 4... we are now 80+ days from zero skills, basic tools are something for day one... unnecessary to buff something that trivial.
  3. Super annoying things

    Perhaps you could have suggested these things when they were pertinent to development a year or more ago, but now, however, the game is far past design phase content and into the third iterations of these mechanics. I have played plenty of sandbox mmos to know good design and have thoroughly enjoyed testing and suggesting sound changes, you have yet to state what you really mean in clear and concise words, you simply complain that an inconvenience annoys you and walk away. I cannot tell if you even understand the obtuse mechanic you suggest of having the UI guess your intent when you walk up to an item, resource node and simply LMB... you act as if it is too hard to pick a tool from your toolbar that corresponds to what action you intend to take, rather silly. For me, bad design won't let me hit a tree with a shovel, good design does and the result is a broken shovel... you see that sandbox play should let your do anything and it is your brain and not the UI that decides if it was a good choice... bad design doesn't let you make mistakes, good design does because mistakes are part of being human. There is nothing in your posts saying how it is bad design or why... I would suspect that you have not endured long enough to get to higher level harvesting to make such an evaluation. I have explained how you can make your tools last, maybe you should look a little deeper before proclaiming judgement without any experience. I fully understand that you may intend to do your guild a disservice and make some recommendation based on your personal misunderstanding of game mechanics. You guild suffers then for your obstinance and pride, too bad. Now you can stuff your silly little epeen back in your pants, it's doing you far less than it was designed for anyway. For a scouting agent of a self pronounced "major guild", you do both a poor job of diplomacy and a worse job of evaluating. Someday you might lament your actions, or not... likely the game would be a little rough for you in any case. I have no cause to assume you could back it up. But I am enjoying this very much. p.s. I have really missed board warrior antics, where the hell is Protonix and Manshoon anyway.
  4. Who can get me caught up on everything!

    The crowfall site has a series that goes over each class and its base powers... for the disciplines you have to play with them or get with an experienced player to show you the good builds and the rotations...
  5. Super annoying things

    fyi make your weapons... farm mobs for 15-20 minutes for about 300-500 coin... go to fort and buy 100 stacks of premium wood, stone and ore from vendor and export them to ek to make benches... much faster than making tools and hitting rocks
  6. Super annoying things

    I left you your stone... and put your skull in your own inventory to marvel at. Go find your grave.
  7. Super annoying things

    So you are saying that it is bad design to require an axe to cut trees and a knife to skin cats? You are saying that a basic axe should not break fast on a rank 10 tree? You should make BETTER tools so you don't have to make a "million tools and you take down nodes faster in less hits so you get less wear on your tool each node. You should train the nodes to make those tools last longer. You should get a leader for harvesting that buffs your tool durability loss. For every issue you seem to have there is already a mechanic/skill that solves it but you have to choose to train it. I don't even get how you could say requiring a trained logger to cut the highest level trees is any kind of either inconvenience or bad design. You appear to just not like gathering if you cannot do it easy. You can slot all of your tools in the survival tray and switch between them with a single key, besides that only an axe can take another players head so no, tools don't switch automatically nor would you want to run around with a bunch of tools, nor can you even use all types of tools because you can only train one thing to harvest at a time. Harvesting is a very meaningful thing, if you don't do it and do it efficiently and train for it you will not get into good gear. I am not at all attempting to change the meaning of your words, I am trying to understand what you are saying about the harvesting. As for the other e-preening, lol, bring your guild... We'd love it! Come try! That's what the game is about. I am sick of only fighting W and UdL and fresh meat is always welcome.
  8. Pushing for more range 7 pip amazing range, 7 pip great damage
  9. Super annoying things

    Like I said... for a dedicated a trained gatherer ONE tool lasts for more than one gathering run, far more so that tools are not even an issue. I have gathered tens of thousands of common, rare, and exotic materials. It has never even been a chore and is similar to what I did in Albion, AA, and other games with a full gathering loop... You are not in any way going to be good at gathering more than one thing, maybe two so the complaint about switching tools is kind of a moot point... . I do not get your concern as the game is 100% advertised as a Guild vs Guild, Faction vs Faction game for those niche audiences. Your concern about new player experiences is addressed in dozens of threads but again I will repeat the tl/dr; new player experiences will be addressed LAST after all systems are decided and the all of game loops are closed because doing so before is a waste of time and money. The game is intended to be hard, you gather under the shadow of being ganked and losing your efforts (once the spirit bank and easy recall are removed), every aspect of play is about pvp and combat and you have to depend on other players to get geared for end game. As we push through the final test phases of development and the core systems get the final pass before Alpha it seems hardly the time to ask for the fundamental change to our core principle of specialization that requires coordination between multiple players to progress. I hear you, yes, and I respond for the devs because I have participated now for 3 years building to this point. We are not building this game for convenient hand holding theme park type single players, it has sandbox elements that give you the freedom to do specific things well and not be able to do other things worth poorly made socks. So if you don't concentrate in one area you have to rely on others to do it. There is no leveling here, just waiting for your skills to get better, to get less annoying.
  10. stuck with no vessel

    Yea.. I got stuck as a crow near Restokins and it would flash me back to the same spot if I moved... Gordon fixed within a couple hours on a weekend so email support.
  11. Who can get me caught up on everything!

    Crowfall is easily 2 years ahead of Ashes which has just reached it BR milestone that we knew as Hungerdome at the end of 2015. We expect to be in true Alpha in March, Beta by May/June. Soft Launch Q3... advertising push Q4. In other words Launch is getting more and more certain for 2019. There 41 unique combos of races and classes in Crowfall plus disciplines that can significantly alter your build. Very like Shadowbane. it had 172. The game is Buy to Play $50 lifetime with a no combat power advantage ViP ($15/mo sub) gives you wider breadth of core training but not any direct advantages (no double dipping), world queue priority, more?. Crowfall will not have any P2W, no lootbox, microtransactions, etc... everything available for sale is obtainable in game. Be sure to watch all of the in game videos, some excellent content summaries are out there as well as very dated material and the inevitable haters (Ziz, lol) Look at Zybak's content, Anthrage's Bloody Point and more plus lots of the latest combat vids from Soulein, Xarrane, and more... There are videos published from, you can search these terms to see progress Hungerdome Combat 1st Pass (12/15) Siege Perilous Sieges First Pass (4/16) Big World 3 Harvesting/Crafting First Pass (10/6) The Big Reveal of Vessels (12/16) Big World 4 Combat Second Pass/(1/17) The Great Reveal - Race/Class Split /(5/17) Big World 5 (6/17) Big World 5.3 Milestone implementation of Race/Class Split (11/17) Big World 5.4 Harvesting/Crafting 2nd Pass (2/18) Big World 5.5 Adventure Zones/Vendors (4/18) Big World 5.6 Vassels/EK update (5/18) Big World 5.7 Day-Night cycle/Hunger Crystals/Seasons/Outposts/Runegates (8/18 current) Big World 5.8 Campaign Win Conditions/Multi Maps (expected 12/18) Big World 5.9 Guild Support/GvG Campaigns (expected 2/19) Alpha 6.0 (expected 4/19)
  12. Public Storage

    There are "trade" chests out in the world but not in the BH... items and materials are expected to be bartered or sold between players through direct trade or vending. It has been suggested for faction campaigns to have a common use vendor that players can list items. We have discouraged the implementation of a global auction house that is common in many mmos instead putting the onus on players to visit marketplace Eternal Kingdoms to shop. In the full game you will want to get paid for your effort and not give away things for free, you will need the income to survive. Set up your ek vendor and sell things for 1 coin... Title your ek "The Dollar Store" or something to indicate your intent. We hope to have an ability to keep our market eks up while we also play the game, right now you have to park an account there to keep it up which we know hinders commerce.
  13. Super annoying things

    I know that you are most likely new to the game loop, here are the insights that you may not yet have encountered. If you are training as a gatherer your yields and efficiency including tool wear will improve significantly, it just takes time. Instead of leveling and getting skills you will simply be getting better yield and efficiency per day, week, month. Yes, basic tools don't last and yield per tool is initially low, it is a major part of the game design that you have to specialize in one thing to make it improve, be it gathering, combat, or crafting. Until you specialize, it frankly sucks. The better the tool, the longer it lasts... if you don't know a runecrafter or have access to good tools, it still sucks The resources rank matters, for higher rank you will need better tools as the wear on the tool increases, basic tools don't last long on anything above R3 Once you train into the skillnodes that improve tool durability they will last 4-5 times longer, even leadership adds to tool durability. As you train into specific resource types your damage per hit increases so it takes less hit on the tool to pop the resources The major harvest discipline Villein has a passive that drastically improves tool durability for gatherers As a fully trained gatherer, one good tool lasts me over an hour on Rank 9-10 nodes yielding 500+ materials, mostly blue and purple Skill progression choices matter This aspect of the game was designed by, and for players who enjoy gathering resources. If you don't enjoy that part of the game, other than in the very early stages, you won't have to gather resources, let others do that and play the role to fit your style... i.e. acquire coin from killing mobs and buy what you need from other players (some players can yield 20k or even more per hour coin). Until all the pieces of the game loop are in of course, there are still limitations on how productive some activities are. If you do go into gathering only one type of resource is going to get better at a time, you will have to barter with what you can get for what you cannot. Social interaction if required. The game is annoying if you try to play solo, you have to work within a network of players and there is no way around this fundamental truth of design.
  14. Resource combo info tab

    you're right. I would still wonder about everyone knowing every combination in a very short time plus sharing... I would like to see lots more combos do more interesting variations... why all the bad combos? Variety is the spice of life...
  15. Resource combo info tab

    I like the idea that some things can still be discovered as far as combinations of optional materials... as we get more and more optional materials that is and even adding more beyond launch. Having things served up without a discovery need feels like easy mode. I know W publishes a spreadsheet but what if they kept that private, a lot of players would then need to explore the results and some secrets might stay secret for a period that gives advantage to the discoverer. You take that away and you lose some piece that appeals to crafting exploration. I wish the combinations would regularly change as if the gods had a hand in manipulating the materials and keep crafting exploration a valued commodity.