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  1. a Revision to Game Play.

    Completely wrong... you cannot get more than 5 Plentiful harvest... already have that so NO, you don't need any PH and reaper simply fills your harvesting buff pool 1 pip at a time rather than half a pip. Believe me, I have been at this since Big World 3 when we first started to harvest and craft... for end game you don't need the major harvesting discs, period.
  2. a Revision to Game Play.

    wrong... the reaper minor is all that is needed to harvest at full yield once the training trees are complete... You no longer need any more plentiful harvest pips... I run 2 full combat disks and 2 combat minors and just The Reaper minor to give the harvesting buff a full pip each swing... this is the end game build... miner, quarryman... those are for early game harvesting and get replaced by training nodes deep in the harvesting tree. The only disk at that point to consider is Villein to make tools last longer... but it isn't necessary. I am not talking mother lodes, I use a separate account and vessel for that
  3. a Revision to Game Play.

    I think you maybe missed the fact that end game harvesters can fight with the loss of just a single minor disc in the build... of course dedicated harvest vessels can be built for higher yield but many builds can be productive once you have most of the specialty trees done AND have solid combat strength to turn on a ganker...
  4. Fight the Zergs, Join Chaos Today!!!

    I was there and we did have lots of good fights 15 v 15 or so... that was over 2 years ago. I know that none of us can control the newb zerg that follows us around looking for scraps, these fights just don't happen anymore in campaigns, or rarely. Who forces the giant zerg ball? Its a chicken or egg argument that has no beginning or end. Player interest as always waxes and wanes... the long haul will tell. We will have 20-30 again for 5.8.1 but then see sporadic players through Alpha... after so many cycles of players coming and fading out, Beta will be where things stick through launch. Any earlier plans seem to fade with interest. I keep making poorly made socks and breakin poorly made socks.
  5. Fight the Zergs, Join Chaos Today!!!

    I cannot bear witness to this... Winterblades is honorable but has never once controlled its zerg or held to any desire for head to head numbers... this is one of the reasons Sugoi and HoA have worked well together, when HoA was Chaos and we were balance we had dozens of equal number fights and allowed the loser to regroup and retool... in the campaign world and not just EK practice. We even attempted it, and still W could not give a good fight vs a lower number foe. This was before any win conditions or reason to bring a zerg.
  6. Why should i bother to play in alpha?

    I think you are in the wrong room, in the wrong game, and have the wrong idea of what we are building here. It is that simple.
  7. Why should i bother to play in alpha?

    It actually tells you that the game is still in pre-alpha by industry standards and would have zero players or testing yet if it was coming from an AAA studio. Most players never see a game until Beta. If the Beta active player count were 150 then, yes, would be a concern but not at this point. The sky is not falling chicken little...
  8. Why should i bother to play in alpha?

    Missing the multiple campaign solution here... at launch new players will have campaigns of their own with the r1 through r5 harvesting nodes for green mats but nothing higher.... thus, other than twinks for fun, better geared players will not be in the campaign... they will be in the dregs world with end game materials.
  9. Kills vs Caps

    The new mechanic will give caps a bonus over time that goes to any team taking it... so the longer a side holds a fort the more it is worth to take away. No, kills shouldn't count for much because it isn't an even measure, certain classes can simply kill steal or stay far more net positive in the kvd ratio by the nature of the class. Don't give assassins and duelists any more ego than they already have... the rest of us cannot simply kill, then stealth/get away... we have to hang our asses out there.
  10. Fight the Zergs, Join Chaos Today!!!

    Several sieges featured both balance and chaos at our keep holding to non aggression towards each other and pinching our forces. Maybe not coordinated but certainly intended cooperation. This is not new... been going on and off. Yes, chaos an balance do fight but as soon as we show they stop.
  11. Fight the Zergs, Join Chaos Today!!!

    I actually believe that the groups of players forming small guilds distributed among the factions with the 3 old SB guilds split fairly evenly will potentially give a solid political starting point for the 6.0 alpha ruleset. Once we are free of factions those small guilds will hopefully be the key to endless political intrigue... Enticing, Cajoling, Luring them with gear, fame, money is possible if they can avoid being absorbed into nut-cupped alliances. The landscape will change every step toward launch, in the end we could all again be fighting together vs a new larger foe.
  12. Fight the Zergs, Join Chaos Today!!!

    Is this the same Chaos that coordinated with Balance to take our Order keep just a dozen days or so ago? That Chaos punted the ball for a few short practice CWs has no bearing on the overall pop balance... we know you are hatching zerglings in caves below the worlds. Enthusiasm waxes and wanes with the seasons, not to mention the looming wipe and it's affects. That said, Join Order where all the cool kids are.
  13. I'd promote needing a percentage of the outposts on a map or surrounding a fort parcel be capped before the fort can be attacked... this would produce multiple alerts and the map will show the enemy territory creep like in the original video... guild/faction colors bleed across the land and flags change in a front line, offensive push or pocket.