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  1. What’s more bannable?

    yes, you sick boars on someone grabbing your doobers... your honor is intact and the scoundrels life is forfeit.
  2. I have had a few items come out of the spirit bank and stay in lockdown long after 2 min... if this happens they will eventually become available 20-30 minutes later and sometimes after a log out or when you log in a day later. Trapped items do come out tho too.
  3. Get rid of the passive skill system.

    No it is not... sacrifice items are generally junk you don't need. If you are creating things or needing to grind for things to sacrifice other than those last few vessel levels you are doing it wrong. I will never have to grind for sacrifice items because they will come when I am on the hunt for other things. They come without a grind, they are everything I just need to get rid of to clear bank space. As it makes no sense to have any players who don't harvest something for the crafting loop to say that players will have to grind for sacrifice, they'll get plenty to sacrifice in the course of getting materials.
  4. Get rid of the passive skill system.

    Not really since the sacrifice system is more a garbage disposal for poor crafting results or loots from enemies... there is not really a "grind" for sacrifice items if you are actively playing, you build up junk in your bank and you toss it in the ol' brazier. Of course later levels will tempt you to sacrifice better more useful stuff but I suspect that there will be items dropping from some of the new adventure tile mobs that are better suited for higher end sacrifice and that could be a grind but I suspect you'd get those sacrifice items when you are actually hunting for thralls.
  5. Get rid of the passive skill system.

    The key here is the most players backing crowfall are done with quest style PvE leveling or mob grinding or tree chop grinding to complete necessary progression. Certainly nobody with PvP-centric motivations thinks it is fun to go kill 20 rabbits or endlessly cut trees and would much rather pick a skill node to level up in the background. Fun? neither is fun to most of us but are necessary to be an MMO rather than another battleground game.
  6. Consolidate or Remove copy-cat skills.

    They should not consolidate because of how the skills are designed for time-to-train progression... by spreading 10 points of stats in two nodes you can get the first 4 stat increases in half the time of the last one and move on to that "copy-cat" node and get 4 more in half the ttt. The optimal practice is to get 8 points of the stats knowing that the last point costs just as much time as the first 4. Lets say they do put all 10 points in a single node: first that would be twice the stat gain so the node would need to be a higher rank... now you are doubling the time to get those 8 points of stat gain and the last 2 are on a 4 day timer. It just doesn't mesh with the system as designed to make shorter trees with more concentrated power per node. Believe me you would rather have a stretched out skill tree with faster node completion for smaller incremental gain than a short and painfully slow tree. In the end you are not supposed to get excited about nodes in the skill tree, you will feel the incremental gain over the course of a week but the day to day... nope. The passive skill system is not the only nor the most important piece of progression... just pick a path and let it tick. meanwhile go out in the world and do real useful things.
  7. Pax West... Labor Day Seattle will cos play along with that assassin JTodd...
  8. This is the ruleset that brings ACE the most $$$

    Again you spin, my exact words are "not necessarily a stimulant to that part of your brain that defines fun." That does not say i don't think a challenge is fun, sure I do. What I said was challenge is not the defining factor of fun, there are lots of other pieces at play in defining a players reactions and attitude toward a game, but rather challenge is a factor for some players like you. I am just a more easy going and fun loving person, and I find fun all over the place in life and in game. I get your seriousness and when things are real and challenging and things aren't broken or OP, you might just enjoy yourself... naw, I don't actually believe that but I can try...
  9. This is the ruleset that brings ACE the most $$$

    blah blah blah... we've heard your garbage over and over and fun is not yours to decide, it is ours. Your judgement is poor, your opinions are bad, and your negativity is plainly tiresome... My only assumption is that you have no idea of how to have fun, you put too much critical criteria on fun and then, holy cow, fun is slipping out of your grasp. My life is far better with easily gained fun, from gaming to sports, competition adds challenge which is not necessarily a stimulant to that part of your brain that defines fun. Challenge is a different animal and causes many emotions, some counter and contrary to fun. Challenge at best gets you satisfaction which can be confused with fun...
  10. This is the ruleset that brings ACE the most $$$

    Silly VN, you suck the fun out of everything, you funsucking no fun person you... I said it was fun... you wouldn't know because you don't log in. I have been in far more group sieges, battles, and wars than you will ever see kid. Coordinated fights have zero to do with fun as fun is subjective to the players brain and not your opinions, expert kek, or not. New and exciting, laughable, as much as your claims to be the authority on fun. Taking things out of context is your game now huh... I said IF, and then you spin as is typical of your endless drivel. Oh, yea, and it still is fun... but far from finished. The missing element that brings out a lot of our players will be polished objectives and rewards for the Campaign. Something more real to fight over, the combat is not holding people from playing, there is simply no real reward.
  11. Rune tools from alloys

    Hint: make your tools with gold-silver for critical harvest, make your armor and weapons with harvest critical amount (gold-gold-gold bars + specialty seal) = win at gathering
  12. This is the ruleset that brings ACE the most $$$

    Oh but he is... Combat in Crowfall IS already fun, really fun even with bugs and lag and uneven teams and all kinds of thing we know will get fixed and even with super easy targeting and no FF. If Fun was the only criteria we would be almost there, but no, it is not just about fun, it is about challenge and fun in exactly the right proportions. You cannot tell the incremental changes in your combat experience without getting out there in the world and fighting in a coordinated group over strategic locations... If a certain forum warrior is not regularly out there how is one to believe him? because of his self proclaimed leetness? I can really suck at PvP at times and shine at other times, I fully admit that and also that combat is not my main role... But you can believe me when I say combat is pretty fun in CF and getting continuously better... yes, we want a little more challenge in raycast or hitbox size, sure... yea we want a form of FFA for dregs, sure... yes, ground targeted aoe healing is so easy mode; but most of all we want a healthy balance of challenge vs fun.
  13. Slow Beginnings

    The mindset of the customer coming in is wrong and we need to adjust that mindset to fit the game, not adjust the game, dumb it down, for the customer... with the sacrifice system, yes, there will be more to do with basic gear. With 5.5 and more mobs and adventure zones and a new map(finally ditch tiny tyranny) plus getting some sounds and ambiance should make the "things to do instead of dwell on waiting for passive skill gates" less of an issue. The intro videos should help too. Crowfall is still a niche game and pushing short sighted and misinformed ideas to accomodate players that do not fit well with the games vision is more of a mistake... we don't need 15 million subs, we need 250K solid PvP lovers who want a staircase incremental system of access to better materials and crafted gear. It only feels "different" to these players but some few people keep inserting "bad" for "different" and that needs to be confronted head on. The devs DO listen to us and make changes but also need to hear that we support them standing their ground on very fundamental mechanics which a large body of us do support and mesh withe the stated vision of the game.
  14. Slow Beginnings

    It is not triggering me at all... you just fuel the incorrect argument that it is a bad mechanic which is led by a certain forum warrior who doesn't test, doesn't play, and will not like this game no matter what systems we get. Admitting you don't have the knowledge or haven't looked into the progression system(s) is a good start. The next is to not think of the passive skill tree as something you do. You live, you learn, you strive, you fight... these are the qualities this game promotes, some call it more old school, back when games would takes many months before you felt peak combat efficiency. That really is the point of progression, start out weak and small and build through systems to become strong and powerful... MOBAs do this in minutes and that has jaded a whole generation of players into that instant gratification that traditional MMOs do not give. We are still missing half of the game loop features... we now know that 5.5 will have more mobs, maybe epic mobs that take a group to skin like a leather motherload... we have 5.4 and the assassin class and even harder advanced crafting gating coming in just a week or so... the game is on track and moving pretty fast now with updates. Hang on if you can... this will be good and feel very mmo like but not themepark because it is true sandbox... The maps will be so much bigger once mounts come into play too.
  15. RIP Obs LoD

    Rip Obs... see you on the respawn... always respect and you will be missed by this community.