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  1. F2P to level X-for a taste of game coz ppl's wanna see it, test it and feel it.we can see this like a test drive. Full game must be P2P. Shop maybe but only vanity, cosmetics and character re-customization (like name change, faction change, race change etc.)
  2. First look worried coz same appearance as a MOBA That deer scratching my eyes.Yea know fantasy game but let's wear this dress and done! No please... Creation points is a good idea as a mmorpg and One last thing this face seems like something that made with play dough
  3. NO I don't like pets But reasonable if any class nature(like hunter pets or mage that can summon abilities(like WOW's warlock) And Non-combat companion pets? I hate them NO NEVER pls
  4. Buy to Play with no Cash Shop(Maybe cozmetics) or subs. model but NEVER pay to win shop
  5. I am not gonna say i will pay until i know what i am paying for.
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