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  1. OK, that's one troll comment too many. On Christmas. Maybe this is what you get from a game that is PvP-centric, a bunch of bullies who want to make someone feel bad. To those who had legitimate responses, thank you. To the others, I want nothing to do with a game filled by the likes of you. Goodbye.
  2. Man, I'm here asking questions again instead of just reading the developer docs. Sorry.
  3. Oh man, that might be an option for me. Stealth into enemy territory and report back on troop movements. Will there be keeps or other structures to attack and defend? I loved that part of DAoC RvR.
  4. I just had another thought: Is there going to be a scouting role in Crowfall mass PvP? A fast-moving class that will go out and report back concerning enemy movements, without necessarily engaging the enemy all the time?
  5. Well hell, if all else fails, I can be a dedicated crafter. That's one thing that's drawing me to this game and Camelot Unchained: the attention being given to crafters to make sure they're a valuable resource to the PvPers.
  6. I don't know what I'm worried about. It's a game! If I try it and die horrible deaths, I have nothing to lose but a little pride!
  7. OK, thanks blackspar. I'll check out the State of the Game video, too. I watched some of the most recent, pre-recorded test videos on twitch.tv and man, this game seems to really be coming along, considering how new it is. I guess I may be asking these questions too soon, though, considering the early state of development and how much things may change.
  8. Anyway, back to where I was before my thread was hijacked yet again: I haven't played any of the MOBAs, so I'm not familiar with how they handle support roles. As far as the combo system goes, it there much known about that? Are combos based on a set rotation, or are they queued by random procs, or are they reactive?
  9. OK, you don't believe me, fair enough. Nothing I can say is going to change your mind. I do ask one favor, though: Please stay out of this thread.
  10. OK, thanks again. I haven't played any of the MOBAs, so I'm not familiar with how they handle support. As far as the combo system goes, is there much known about that? Are combos based on a set rotation, or are they queued by random procs, or reactive somehow?
  11. I'm...not trying to make any kind of deep, philosophical argument here, coolwaters. I am a potential player with a real concern who paid money to be able have a discussion of my options on the official forum. You come into my thread having nothing to say about my questions, saying I'm full of sh!t. Good lord man, how cynical are you? And who, exactly, is the troll between the two of us? What do you think my ulterior motive is?
  12. OK, thanks guys. I'm hoping there's a role for me, and this makes me think it's promising. If I can't be that helpful in PvP, maybe I can do something like build seige engines or scout for enemies or make a name for myself as a crafter. There are no direct healers, right?
  13. Why would you say that? I'm being honest about myself here and my concerns for a game I'm considering spending cash on. You think I paid enough money already to get on the forums to troll someone? Thanks to everyone else for the responses.
  14. Hello, I'm considering backing Crowfall and/or Camelot unchained. I'm just so sick of PvE quest hub grinds. However, I'm concerned about my ability to participate in PvP combat. Basically, I'm old, slow and uncoordinated. I read in the FAQ that while Crowfall wants to avoid being too twitchy or have too much button mashing, it still plans to have movement-based combat with combo systems. Bottom line, will there be a place for me in Crowfall PvP? I know that in Camelot Unchained, I can at least contribute to my realm as a pure crafter. Thanks!
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