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  1. I am having troubble with the skill training. When I log out, the skill training will stop even of the training is not complete.
  2. Gathering : I mined some slag nodes, loged out, when I cam back in the node had respawned on top of me and I was stuck inside of it, unable to move. Someone had to mine the node to free me. Even loging out for a whole night did not fix the problem. Is there any way to tone down the hightlight on ressrouces? I feel it hinders the immersion alot.
  3. Alpha 2

    No clue why they split Alpha 2. I am disappointed as well, but it's part of the process. I was hoping to get a sneak peak this week end, due to work It will have to wait 3 weeks... I am a very sad panda atm :P. Hopefully the banked time mechanic for skill training is working.
  4. Alpha 2

    Did not get an email. Can't log in.
  5. Alpha 2

    An ETA for 5.3 Alpha 2 access? This week end? *hint* *hint* You know you want to. Thanks!
  6. Hey ACE! Keep up the great work. Eternal Kingdom : When I submit and edited Kingdom I will always spawn Under the temple. Campaign : Sometimes I will get weird square graphic (flashy black rectangle ) looking at very far scrutures. General : I need to select and click several time to wake up / load into a world.
  7. Hopefully, we get some factories or table soon to help speed up the crafting process.
  8. EK Commands

    thanks guys!
  9. EK Commands

    Hello everyone, What are the current Ek commands? inviting people, giving rights to people? is there anything in yet? or a link explaining all this? Thanks
  10. so tired of failed crafting

    Crafting needs to be challenging. I don't want to see the failure mechanic go away. It could be slightly modified to something else, but failing is failing and needs to be part of the game. I could see something like this. You fail your craf, your items gets a ranfom debuff trait. -x% durability - you fail your metal weilding -x% damage your metal is briddle Ect. Still punitive but people would not ragequit because they lost some materials. I believe there need to be a fail mechanic of some sort to make the crafter playstyle challenging and different. I don't want to see all successes on everything and feel there is no challenge to crafting. Don't forget the station are not in, the leader bonus is not on and this is PRE-ALPHA.
  11. I wonder if the skill tree rework 1-5 instead of 0-100 will include skill and skill position rework.
  12. General skill is your job. You don't train / study to be a doctor and an achitect at the same time. General training should be 1 skill at a time. They just need a little rework.
  13. Horrible!!

    Everytime I read all these complain post people seem to forget were in pre-alpha. Give it time, but don't forget to post constructive comment to help the dev make the game as good as it should be. I understand the frustration behind op's thread, but people buy package expecting a finished product. Quality takes time. Give your feedback, include a little meat around the bone. Ex : I don't like char customisation. (why? What do you suggest? Get the conversation going). That being said we all need to let the steam out sometimes:D