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  1. yeah i had this same problem, works fine after you switch it
  2. Part of the problem I think is that the Nvidia control panel doesn't recognize it as a game. If you open the control panel and do a search for games it doesn't find it. Have the same problem with Black Desert and Albion.
  3. yeah i've been in on the tests, it's been running fine on high settings
  4. this has definitely fixed the problem for me
  5. I first got to test yesterday and had this problem as well. Have a GTX 970M and i7 6700. On medium settings I could only get 18-20 FPS, on high around 12. Just saw this and set the graphics accordingly, hope this fixes it.
  6. ok thanks, i just wondered if there was any advantage to doing it now vs later on, not that i plan on getting rid of it
  7. So I have the gold bundle, should I consume this yet or no?
  8. It looks kinda cool, but Korean MMOs not really my thing.
  9. I'm running an i7 6700, 16 g RAM, GeForce GTX 970M this should be more than sufficient, no?
  10. thanks for the info, I'm doing the layaway gold bundle, I still have to pay some of it.
  11. Hey guys, new here. Been watching Crowfall and Albion since last year and finally decided to pledge. Been waiting for a new MMO that excites me for a loooooong while. Can't wait to test it out (alpha 2)
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