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  1. In short there should be split between archer discipline and ranger. Ranger should get new item that offers almost unlimited amount of basic arrows, (decays as weapons) special ones still have to be crafted. Classes with archer disciple should be crafting arrows as normal.
  2. In short Tod sad that argument that if you want to be 100% effective means you have to get up at 3am is a good one and right now they are implementing a grace period for skill system. For example VIP could have 30 days (he sad this number but as example not as concrete plan) grace period where they can always catch up with lost time (if instant catch up or like 2x modifier we don't know) non-VIP will have the time shorter but he gave no number. .
  3. This isn't Archeage where you have to take skill sets like shadowplay and archery together because they just combo into insanity. What I see as problem though isn't combination it self but the races. What advantage human has compare to fae which can glide or centaur that is fast?
  4. I am just courious what have you expected? Release date? Naval combat? Space battles? ACE made a clear statement in the past about not doing this. This is 180° turn.
  5. Dude, only release date would have been bigger reveal. Yes I would still play the game even if they haven't done this but come on, this is amazing. Have you seen the table? Fae druid That's what I call close air support
  6. ART craft answered every question that ever got to them. They always act nice and treat community as people with brains. No question dodging, no shenanigans, no hogwash. Their support center is always ready and answers within minutes, I think they don't sleep?! I can't imagine how could they treat me any better.
  7. Well "being build from the ground up to support MMO popilations" doesn't mean "to support fun". Anyone who played EVE online understands that more players doesn't mean more fun.
  8. ZeulSaijin your definition of professionalism is an interesting one. "Let's just push it into players faces in no matter what state product is in" This sounds like something EA or Ubisoft would do and it has nothing to do with being proffesional. Testing is about finding problems if thoose problems are already found and are so large that testing is pointless then not sending broken version of the game to the servers and going through all the patching stuff and instead fixing the problems is the right and proffesional thing to do.
  9. I agree. I would like lower the numbers too. Something like 12k health would be the super maximum reserved to the most geared player would be fine. If it goes lower then that I'll be happy too and if it doesn't well I'll still play the game but really theese large numbers are useless.
  10. No, you haven't missed anything. I just don't think this adds anything good or enjoyable to the game.
  11. I don't think that's good idea. While players that are interested in this game can tolerate losing gear to other players. (Or atleast should) I don't want another Archeage or Black Desert with RNG dictating your combat ability to the point of absolute rage. While I think that crafting RNG is fair since your skills influence your outcome a chances and failure rates aren't crazy like 90% fail. Losing finnished item to arbitrary RNG is a ragequit moment.
  12. Well yes it is working as intended. Items won't last forever no matter how rare they might be. You are suppose to lose your gear so economy is running all the time. Now I don't think that anyone at ART craft sad that any kind of repair will be impossible but what they definitely sad is that every item will get destroyed even if some kind of repair is in place. Durability of items is of course subject to change so we might get higher durability for items down the line or we get more ways how to increase it's durability (some crafting processes or something) but everything will get destroyed no matter what.
  13. I think that this kind of "guardia angel" mechanic is more interesting then simple ress. I'm no so keen on that body stealing mechanic especialy since we have no idea how are crows suppose to work. But giving some archetypes spell that allows them to mark a target that then can ress instantly is interesting since it requires you to plan ahead. Also if such mark is visible to enemy they then have to decide id that person is such a high priority target that it is worth killing him twice.
  14. Care to elaborate? Why would anyone create a sub-guild when it is literally forbiden to cooporate? And how will you enforce that? People will figure it out, they won't care about your arbitrary limits. Plus this is counterintuitive to the mechanic when defeated guild can pledge their support to someone else instead of leaving. Why would they do that if they can't get anything out of it? They will just leave and then you will have 200 people with entire world for them self because everyone just gave up. Yeah FUN.
  15. Then it isn't guild at all. They also sad that there is no difference between guild and player for the purpose of the roster. Also they are pretty clearly trying to build a game with EVE online in mind (and others) where nations clash over dominance not a bunch of people.
  16. Well I don't know if this is still corect but they were planing to have guild system where both accaunts and another guild can be on guild roster so you can have guild that is part of the guild. That it self says that they have 0 interest in any sort of limitation, with the exeption of engine limitation, for how large the guilds are. https://youtu.be/HaDZbKG1gY0?t=5m40s
  17. And again you are just using "skill" to finnish the conversation. What is more "skillful" about not being able to communicate? Communication is a tool that requires people that can lead and communicate if you don't allow people to speak that thoose skill will either be wasted or people will use third pary program and you achive nothing.
  18. So your definition of competitive play is fighting the game instead of players?
  19. What is flawed is what you consider "skill" You always act like word "skill" is the ultimate argument for everything in any situasion. Skill comes into play when you give players tools and it is up to them to use them as they see fit. Refusing to provide basic tools to play the game does not increse skill cap or anything it just makes game annoying. If you deny player basic tools they will create them. Warframe didn't provide players place or room where they could trade, now you have whole site that does that. Custom made global channels in MMOs? You never heard of them?
  20. You should be forbidden to use word "skill" as an argument. It seems to be your default argument on everything. What is so "skillful" at turning on Discord and chatting there?
  21. No point. Discord, Team Speak, Skype covers it. You can't ban third party softwares for communication and if people really want to communicate they will just create public Discord rooms etc. By not creating global communication all you'll achieve is that you give up control over player communication.
  22. Zdravím Jsem divnej když preferuji mezinárodní komunitu než CZ/SK? Já si spíš budu hledat místo mezi anglicky mluvícími mezinárodními aliancemi. I když prozatím nemám svoje místo nikde, protože můj BETA 1 access je daleko.
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