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  1. I'll be honest the idea of the open market Is one of the best I have seen since the earlier days of Runescape where towns and banks were FILLED with people trying to sell their hard earned materials or crafted goods. Still using Runescape as an example (sorry to everyone who hates runescape, but it's a great comparison) When they introduced the Grand Exchange or Auction House, the Market crashed to bottom prices. people spent more time dropping prices than selling goods. What I am saying is why work hard for something if you get beat out by someone who walks next to you and says they will beat you by 1% no matter what.
  2. I happen to agree with Arkade. PRE-ALPHA was in the schedule for summer of 2015 not Alpha. Just because Alpha Players were allowed in does not entitle them to anything. Everyone should understand that we only have one month until Alpha players are given access. Everyone please stop grieving and have one more month of patience. Life will go on.
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