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  1. The combat tree being in the universal section is the problem. Its a personal power growth tree, where the other 2 are transferable power. Dual accounts to make the ultimate fighter is just too obvious a way to work system. Sure they could make all of the tree's equal in-game power. Having an account for crafting and an account for actually playing is always gonna be superior thou. They should move the combat tree to either archetype or have it in its own section. Dual accounts for Exploration/Crafting just doesn't have the same game impact so not much of a concern to me really. They could even add Skill arcs for other aspects like maybe leadership or mobility (faster riding, running, swimming, climbing). Basically a section for each type of power: Personal Power: Combat, Leadership, Mobility Transferable Power: Crafting, Exploration Play-Style Power: Archetype's
  2. Are the Archtypes locked in appearance? can I have a centaur confessor? I ask because I like some of the concepts of the classes, but not the physical character appearance.
  3. I'll be completely honest. I think that skill train system is horrible. I don't play eve today because I can't catch up. No mater how I play my skill progression is set. If I want to advance, I have to wait and waiting sucks. Plus, it give no sense of accomplishment. IE: I successfully smashed my opponent with my shield, it raises my skill! Or Next Tuesday I'll be max in shield skills. yeah! Bag that **** like a babies loaded diaper and dump it in the trash.
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