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  1. They promised a "throne war simulator" and cited Game of Thrones as thematic example/influence. Well, now I believe them. We're coming up to GoT's final season reaaaaal quick. I get it, but few people play games "because they're like real life" and do so because they're not. A game needs to be fun. Being a minuscule portion of a force's potential effectiveness by being soldier 66 in a 100 man group zerging mindlessly around isn't fun for a lot a people unless you get the same satisfaction a baby gets from jingling keys by effortlessly curb stomping smaller groups.
  2. I'd try it to say I was there, but I'm expecting another Cyberpunk 2077. Whole lot of time and hype to deliver what is barely a mediocre game with serious issues that might have been visually impressive (and nothing else) years ago. From what I hear about the development process, things are kind of a mess. But hey, they keep making money and that's kind of key, so they might be the one different case. Most games run out of funding and then end up with something that can't generate more, so they panic, and release an finished piece of garbage. My issue with Crowfall is that, due to a previ
  3. The game was pitched as a PvP game where crafting would be important, not the other way around. Honestly, I think with keeps being the way they are now they should have never added crafting in the first place. Stuff like holding resource nodes and sacrificing items earned from PvP and rare PvE spawns should be how players get favors from the gods in the form of weapons and gear, sometimes some that are only unique to a campaign that pass many hands as battles rage on. It'd be like an RTS game, where hurting and defending economy are valid strats, but the farming/building is mostly automat
  4. Man, Star Citizen is laughing so hard right now... In all seriousness, my hype was never high, but I was hopeful. Too many things changed, there's been too much focus on leveling, grinding, person and safe zones, farming, and crafting and not a whole lot on actual competitive open world PvP. It's easier to get into and funnier to play in PvE-focused games right now, which is outright sad. So you're right, there kind of is no long term or short term motivation at the moment, and I'm honestly not sure what the pitch is going to be for this game. It definitely doesn't feel like an open
  5. There should be a reason for greater reward to match the greater risk of dregs, especially since they've now basically killed the vessel system and pretty much have a generic character/alt system with free and at will server transfers, basically. I'm beyond happy we won't have to level characters in the starting zone more than once (it's a beyond garbage experience anyway that teaches you almost nothing about the game that couldn't be summarized in a 10-15 minute tutorial with a sandbox to try stuff in). Dunno if anything listed here will actually make the game more fun to play, but we'll
  6. Says he won't roast dev team, picks apart their work atom by atom and dumps them into a trash bin with disgust, lmao. In all seriousness, I agree with 99.99999% of everything you said, especially everything underneath the crafting category. PvE players are spoiled for choice these days and have zero divided by zero incentive to come to this game. custard, FFXIV's crafting system is a hundred million times better than crowfall, and it's also a hundred million times better a PvE game with millions of players already. If I have to engage meaningfully with the crafting/harvesting system
  7. Yeah, as I've been saying (to the annoyance of some) for over a year and probably longer, the game is straying further and further from the PvP-focused MMORPG it was supposed to be. It's definitely a crafting simulator more than a PvP game right now, but imo not a very good one even. There's just so many hurdles to actually PvPing and not enough rewards for actually doing it, so the game loop balance is all over the place. The best, most enjoyable, and most rewarding progress gains should always come from PvP imo, even if that means earning a high amount of quality resources from crafting
  8. Yeah, that's what I thought when I saw that castles are one per campaign. It's just gonna be 1-3 zerg guilds constantly fighting over them, if even, while everyone else just twiddles their thumbs waiting to see who their new overlords are. Or joining one of them, I guess. Albion was pretty terrible in that respect, but it's the pattern that happens in a lot of freeform PvP games like survival games (ark, etc). Agreed. I think keeps and forts should be freeform and be high tactical gambles to protect resources. Maybe have alternatives to sieges too, or at least ways to drastically weake
  9. CU did the same thing. They announced their next game, which they say will use a lot of the code, assets, and unique engine features their utterly unfinished preprepreprepre alpha PvP MMORPG uses. It's also a coop horde shooter that's so far removed from the MMORPG that it's mindblowing, but probably a lot easier to finish and monetize so eh. Maybe they're planning ahead in case Crowfall follows the more likely trend of MMORPGs. The broader MMORPG community already thinks of Crowfall as a joke, treating it worse than New World, which is shocking considering the amount of ridicule New Worl
  10. Agreed, unfortunately. I actually had these thoughts (most of them) months ago, and it's only gotten worse. It's super odd that that first experience players get is a really terrible PvE experience, and in fact most of the PvE in the game is pretty bad compared to almost every other PvE game. I came in expecting a PvP-first game, and with any and all PvE to be slaved to PvP rather the opposite, which is normally true for the majority of MMORPGs. Considering how bad the PvE feels n this game, I thought that would definitely be the case, but you're spot on with it becoming grindier and lean
  11. Call me crazy, but as a PvP game, I thought this was the entire fing point? Harvesters SHOULD have to be careful, should have skills to protect themselves or make themselves harder prey, SHOULD have to be aware of their surroundings, or SHOULD be protected by friends and/or guildies. And yes, people who go hunting for them - to hurt the resources of opposing guilds/factions while bolstering theirs - SHOULD have to safely return home with the haul, and, again, SHOULD need to be protected by guildmates or hired help. At this point I wonder why we even have an open world? Everyone should jus
  12. I've been lazily following the game in the background, hoping it'd stop changing for the worse and veering further and further away from the game we were promised, but so far it's on a boat leaving the damn continent and heading off into the unknown. As it is, the game doesn't have a lot of compelling reasons to play for anyone but the most desperate or hardcore of fans, and possibly those simply too invested in the game. In the broader MMORPG community, Crowfall is already kind of a joke, so it's going to be really interesting to see how this game launches. Other crowdfunded MMORPGs aren
  13. It's a pretty bad time to release in general too. New World just avoided being the flaming poorly made dergsfest it was about to become (or was going by that alpha... yikes), so there's a void and I think a lot of potential eyes will be watching Crowfall. Even moreso since it's one of the first major crowdfunded MMORPGs to see the light at the end of the tunnel during a time when people see games like Ashes of Creation, Camelot Unchained, and Star Citizen as utter jokes. The problem is that Crowfall will need to wow people, and I don't think it's going to do that atm. Then we're hitting t
  14. Honestly, this is why the game should strongly encourage people to find a guide or do exactly this - socialize with other players. The lackluster PvE experience at the start is still mostly pointless, as proven here, but eh, whatever. If people made it past the start of FFXI, then I guess anything is possible.
  15. Yes, basing your argument on the obviously unbiased opinions of fans hardcore enough to throw in very early and stick around on an unfinished game's forum is completely unflawed! Boy, you sure made a great point. Yet, if I hop on right now to "play" I can find, what, a server with 5-15 people. Boy, look at all that fun being had. Sit down a minute and ask yourself why, but eh, whatever; the zealous care not for facts or logic. There are some important facts that I can't ignore. Right now, CF is kind of a "last hope" for a lot of people outside this small community. New World gave up on
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