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  1. It's a pretty bad time to release in general too. New World just avoided being the flaming poorly made dergsfest it was about to become (or was going by that alpha... yikes), so there's a void and I think a lot of potential eyes will be watching Crowfall. Even moreso since it's one of the first major crowdfunded MMORPGs to see the light at the end of the tunnel during a time when people see games like Ashes of Creation, Camelot Unchained, and Star Citizen as utter jokes. The problem is that Crowfall will need to wow people, and I don't think it's going to do that atm. Then we're hitting t
  2. Honestly, this is why the game should strongly encourage people to find a guide or do exactly this - socialize with other players. The lackluster PvE experience at the start is still mostly pointless, as proven here, but eh, whatever. If people made it past the start of FFXI, then I guess anything is possible.
  3. Yes, basing your argument on the obviously unbiased opinions of fans hardcore enough to throw in very early and stick around on an unfinished game's forum is completely unflawed! Boy, you sure made a great point. Yet, if I hop on right now to "play" I can find, what, a server with 5-15 people. Boy, look at all that fun being had. Sit down a minute and ask yourself why, but eh, whatever; the zealous care not for facts or logic. There are some important facts that I can't ignore. Right now, CF is kind of a "last hope" for a lot of people outside this small community. New World gave up on
  4. Well, you're in the minority. This is why steam's Early Access is so negatively viewed and why every chuckles and giggles at Star Citizen. Your opinion of a "game" is, to me, highly generous, but it's only recently that we've been able to "play" something resembling an actual game. Even then, a complete, in-depth and fully fleshed game it was not. I simply think you're taking the statement far too literally, but in either case there's really nothing absurd about the statement. It's echoed by and large by the overall gaming community and maybe you're just a bit too biased in this case.
  5. This is a flawed argument, as PvE players are just as loud (and usually more numerous). The game was pitched as a PvP game, so your negative bias against those PvP players is unfair. There are tons and tons of PvE games, especially MMORPGs, and the majority of them fail. This is an incredibly overstaturated market, so it's not so simple as people being willing to simply "replace the PvP players" because a ton of those PvE players already have a game, still see it as a PvP game, or wonder what it has in store for them. Go read threads about New World in places heavily focused around PvE MMORPGs
  6. This has been my issue with "pvp" games and is even now currently my issue with Crowfall. I don't believe 100% loot has to be the answer, but that doesn't immediately mean "give up" either. MMORPGs have evolved over many years and many iterations to get to where they are today; it didn't happen overnight.I was excited for New World until they backtracked. Their current "pvp" system is a joke; you have to grind generic PvE events for a CHANCE to be picked as a pvper, and if it's not a full-slot guild then they get to allow others to aid them, probably resulting in a messy PUG or ally-to-ally lo
  7. Thanks. I have some hope left, then. I have some friends who want to play but it'd only take 10 minutes of that crap before they logged out and never looked back. We'll see if they iron out the rest of the game's snags.
  8. Me too; I'm betting on them announcing it's not coming. It's been way too long without word for there to be anything else to say.
  9. Kind of gave up on everything after New World fell through and CU basically announced they were never going to release a complete game. I figured Crowfall might be final hope at the moment, but I last left it pretty unenthused. Pretty simple question: Do you still need to level up in a safe zone before you can jump in and actually play the game? If you do, did they shorten the time it takes or improve it (drastically). Last time my only thought was "This is boring and quite possibly the worst made socks PvE system I've ever seen." Thanks.
  10. 1. I sincerely hope that is the case, but until it happens I will comment on what we are currently testing instead of what I hope they eventually do. 2+3. Good. Import/export should be "too much of a problem" as it's the whole reason they exist. You should need to struggle from scratch as much as anyone else in a campaign with the only consistent benefit being your spirit crow and whatever scant resources import rules allow. Using ArtCraft's silly little board game example, you normally don't play start fresh in a board game halfway through its gameplay loop. Dregs will probably solve thi
  11. Thanks for the reply. I'm not expecting the game to be an FPS or MOBA, but so far pretty much every game that has PvP as an afterthought has a better PvP design focused around rewarding you for... PvPing. Maybe this will get better down the road when all these things you mentioned are actually added to the game and the population gets bigger, but from what I'm reading a ton of people spend a lot of time in God's Reach. Where it up to me, there would be no safe zones in the game. No leveling up either, but eh, since it's here, leveling should be dangerous at all times and you should viabl
  12. Thanks for the reply. I guess the second point is a bigger problem. I've only been dipping my toes myself due to various issues, but I was hoping things would be ramping up with the reward campaigns and all. Ah well.
  13. Agreed, this has been a concern for me and has kept me from playing for some time now.
  14. How long does it take to hit level 30? Is PvP basically not viable until you hit level 30? What's the general game loop at right now at level 30? 70% crafting/gathering 30% doing PvP objectives? Are there even any PvP objectives? I last played many months ago and literally cried myself off the server when I began the terrible PvE experience and realized it was going to be this mindless grind. I was bored to death after like 15 minutes and was hoping this would be addressed later or at least made more interesting. There are literally Asian grinder MMORPGs out there with a better PvE experi
  15. Eh, and here I am reliving my fears from many months ago that this game would become a slightly (slightly) prettier looking Minecraft. Oh well, I guess a political throne war similar would really would just be Economics: the Simulator anyway. Honestly, I was hoping the game would be more centered around PvP and reasons to encourage PvP but so far that doesn't seem to be the case. Honestly, I kind of realized Crowfall probably wouldn't be the game I hoped it would when they added the terrible leveling curve and then allowed it to be done mostly (entirely?) in safe zones. Camelot Unchained
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