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  1. Don't worry, I'm aware of the pre alpha/alpha conditions and have absolutely zero problems with it, but some are definitely better or worse experiences than others. I was part of the FFXIV alpha and while the game was far far more playable and complete than Crowfall currently is FFXIV was also a pretty terrible game at that point (this was before their relaunch). That's kind of the point of my original question. I like delving in once and a while and don't regret my backing in the slightest, as I enjoy supporting projects like this and like poking in every once in a while, but it's rare I spend too much time testing an unfinished product for free (way too many other things going on). For FFXIV, for example, I was paid. Anyway, Crowfall is caught in the same sludge as Star Citizen, Camelot Unchained, Pantheon, Chronicles of Elyria, and Ashes of Creation (which made a Battle Royale from their assets out of the blue, supposedly for "testing" despite selling cosmetics for real money during it haha). As many of these games are the hopefuls of a genre that is otherwise stagnant, it's offputting that not a single one appears anywhere near ready for release. Anyway, thanks for your response.
  2. I don't agree with the way you said everything, but you're not completely wrong here either. This game has been long in development with painfully slow progress in a not-so-great age where the MMORPG genre is slowly decaying. Trudging through the MMORPG subreddit is a challenge in itself. Your surprise that you'd only find fanboys here, in turn, surprises me. Those dedicated players are the only ones who would remain in an incomplete game when so many alternatives exist, and of course, they would defend it. Some because they are genuinely having fun, some because they're too attached to their investment, and some who are too desperate for the game they imagine at the end of the road. When you come off as just complaining to a pretty intimate group who has been through many phases of development, you need to think a little bit before you post and not just rant or rehash stuff or this is exactly the kind of treatment you'll get. I'm not condemning anyone or taking sides, but your lazy dismissal exactly highlights the very reason you are being treated like this. You're not really adding anything worthwhile and you're being highly indignant about having that fact pointed out to you.
  3. How much longer do you think, based on the current state of the game, until we have a fully playable and fully functional game that only needs polishing and light bug stomping? I'm hesitant to use "beta testing" since most dev studios really don't know how to properly use such terms and that's definitely true here. I think we're still in pre-alpha of all things and only just now barely about to go into alpha...? Last time I played I was so put off that I quit and assumed we wouldn't anything near a fleshed out beta until 2021 let alone a release, which frankly is kind of ridiculous, but whatever.
  4. We have we heard or seen absolutely nothing about this class? Christ, it'd have to be the one class I'm interested in. Bad enough watching the game trudge on in perpetual development but jeeze, this is getting a bit annoying.
  5. It's sadly the one class I was waiting for since the start, but at this point I'm more interested in its release due to the fact that we'll finally have another huge milestone complete (all classes being in the game).
  6. Depending on how it was designed, it'd be good for height advantage in combat, fighting on top of or running across water, getting over keep walls special forces style from a nearby cliff/hill,mountain, scouts escaping off cliffs or high areas without chance of being chased, etc. It has a lot of uses, depending on how it's implemented.
  7. This is incorrect. There are even other classes that are better at doing nothing. They're just bad multiplied by bad. Not that I really care, though I guess I would prefer overall class balance. I'm just still grumpily collecting my tears in jars over the one class I've been interested in since day one that we still have zero god damn info about.
  8. Frankly, if this is portrayed and balanced well this will be one of Crowfall's greatest strength, as it'll keep the gameplay loop fresh. There are people who dislike Crowfall for this very reason, but as someone who plays survival games I think it's refreshing to see an involved community-based PvP game where you won't be living beneath the shadow of the same omega guild for years unless you change servers or they get bored and quit. Sure, maybe the Honey Badgers will easily win the first campaign, but next time all the other guilds will be able to use their freshly gained collective knowledge. Previous betrayals will influence new alliances, as will the fact that maybe the Badgers were simply too large to handle last time, drawing former enemies to become current allies, and heck, for all we know the Honey Badgers might start in a much less resource rich or defensible location and might get the brunt of early corruption as winter sets in. Every match will be exciting and filled with meaningful decisions. The tabletop board game analogy they used forever ago is beautifully spot on, and I really think as a mechanic it has the potential to really create a fantastic gameplay loop. I mean, it's basically used in a ton of popular non-MMORPG PvP games atm anyway.
  9. I mean, druids can use scimitar + shield if they specialize into it and their evolution tries can have them focus on life or death instead of both. It's really not out of the realm of possibility. I'm more interested in their overall theme though.,
  10. Well, what I was thinking was more of like FFXI red mage (if they were actually allowed to melee). Damage isn't their priority, but the longer they remain in combat the more the enfeeble their enemies. Stacking debuffs on attacks, negative auras, spells that maybe pop debuffs for damage or other effects (freeze). Kind of like a blizzard... won't kill you right away, but the longer you stay in...
  11. Half the point of being PC Master Race is not only doing things that console peasants can't do BUT also doing the things they can but BETTER and have then having choice between them to boot. Steam Controller in thoroughly in the PC master race circle. Saying that, however, I don't think Crowfall is a good game to play with a controller and I'm pretty sure it'll never be.
  12. Sorry, fellas, I'm still holding out (and hoping) for that magic melee caster. Mmmm, and frost element? Sounds like the class was made for me. Hoping for at least a discipline that lets it be so...
  13. My brother pretty much made the same point, but as I told him you can look back at pretty much any competitive game and see that it's difficult to predict player creativity. League of Legend itself has shifted greatly throughout the years with certain builds, items, and characters all shifting in terms of viability and power. Card games have cards that outright might seem pretty useless, and many of them remain that way forever as filler cards, true, but most at one point or another become useful when a new mechanic is introduced, ect. My overall point is that leaving the door open itself helps build diversity. Maybe you're right, maybe right now it's better on druids, but maybe (again, stupid simple example) clerics have an ability that greatly enhances their healing spells over the next 10 seconds (their super power?) and when coupled with the Dryad disc's it gives them yet another ability to combo with that (or maybe instead of raw numbers it makes a lot more orbs drop), which would make it equally useful (some might argue better) for them than druids. Either way leaving it on the table allows someone to look at it and decide whether or not it might be useful elsewhere while just restricting it to druid outright would prevent that open examination. If something is broken, too weak or too strong, it'll get fixed, but I think leaving options open even if that given freedom doesn't make sense is itself supportive of build diversity. Especially if Crowfall has a healthy, evolving meta for different objectives.
  14. Considering the abilities it grants (and the removal of the life stree) I'm assuming it's more for a support tank, debuffing build ala Red Mage from FFXI, which is exactly what I was hoping to build. An enfeebling melee mage, supporting in every aspect...
  15. It's too early to say that. I'm not a theorycrafter myself, but I've known many in several games I play. Just because it looks suboptimal for anything but druids does not make it so. I'm going to use a pretty simple example in League of Legends. In there there are items that give stats or abilities your champion really doesn't prioritize or need, stuff optimal for other classes, but because of a specific ability mechanic your character owns or a goal the item is especially viable for you. In its old form sheen effectively gave magic damage and mana, but its ability allowed the next basic attack to do more damage after using an ability. An physical melee character, a pirate named gangplank, still built it because one of his abilities let him shoot from a pistol. The pistol shot immediately activated sheen and, as it could apply on hit effects, also applied the bonus damage, making it an incredibly powerful combination. Now, it upgrades into a very useful item for him and he can actually use the extra mana, but on the most basic level it illustrates my point. Until we know what build goals are desirable and what full options are available we won't know if in fact, like it looks on paper to you, that said item benefits druids more because perhaps cleric has access to something that lets them draw much more benefit from it than druids (perhaps intentionally, which is why part of it maybe only affects druids?). I see your point, but I think you're overly worried. Even if clerics get a similar open to all but benefits them the most ability, it would only help build diversity by making it another puzzle piece to tinker with for some yet undiscovered crazy build or forcing druids/clerics to weigh wasting disc for stronger healing over utility, defense, or even offense. EDIT: Also, looking at the actual disc, it's entirely possible you jumped the gun and that the disc text is just a typo. It grants the ability to drop healing orbs itself which were previously druid only so it stands to reason that orb bonus would affect its own orb generation ability. My guess it's just a typo. If anything, unless crazily both the druid's natural orb ability and this one are on separate c/d, druid would be the suboptimal choice.
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