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  1. I came here for the Shadowbane but stayed for the drama. Now though I am left not sure if I wanna join any of these communities. le sigh... But while we are kinda on Shadowbane. I never got to play this so I have one question. Will the game mechanics make up for the aged graphics if I have no nostalgia tied to this game? I don't ually get to hung up on graphics so long as what ever I am playing is in fact "fun."
  2. I basically do a lot of what many have already mentioned: I will usually do this if I really enjoy the community that builds around game I am anticipating (obsessing over). It usually leads to meeting people and oddly enough playing other games. We are lucky in that the Crowfall community from what I have seen so far is pretty good. Which is great if you have never done anything like this before. Now if engaging the community and always being super up to day via social media is not your thing my biggest suggestion is to treat it like you would any anticipated release. You don'
  3. There will be such a boost in productivity at work Monday morning.
  4. I love the detail in this, from the ware on the armor that seems to be from blades or some kind of weapon to the dirt at the bottom of the cloak. Just cause a few others mentioned it, first thing I said when I saw it was, "Ohh pretty" That was immediately followed by my cubemates judging me.
  5. That could very well be the case, but seeing as they have stated that 1v1 balance is not a focus I wouldn't hate this. Now if the mobility and utility is so ridiculous that it has the potential to outclass everyone by a mile that would be troublesome. A class that that could turn the tide regardless of comp and may make a ranger a requirement in any serious competitive play, which would be bad. Lucky for us it is pre-alpha and so far I have seen no reason not to believe the devs would allow such a monster to exist passed testing. I am extremely excited to see how the Ranger plays though.
  6. This is the Arch I have been waiting to get more info on. The two fighting styles really fall in line for what I was hoping for. It opens up options that you otherwise may not have if ranged is the only choice you get in any given situation. The crafting of the arrows seems pretty cool, and as Canth mentioned it opens the door to arrow types. It would be kind of cool to snag arrows out of a quiver depending on the situation or desired impact a la Hawkeye, but that functionality may just fall onto the Ranger's skills. Both would be cool but who doesn't love having another reason to craft!
  7. My frankinranger will only use the most pristine eyes he can find, and now this feels like Naruto...
  8. You are correct in one game you are an immortal being who skates that cosmos encased in a shell you can swap out of with different properties and load-outs, while simultaneously selecting skills to learn while on and offline.
  9. This instantly made me think of Doctor Who. The notion being that if I were to RP most of my core values would remain the same but they could morph a bit depending on what vessel I'm in. It actually opens up some interesting options for RP's. Lets say you do jump from your Human Ranger, who is more calculating, cold, and stoic, to a Legionnaire driven by duty. While in both vessels you may want to save as many people as you can but you would go about it very differently.
  10. While I agree with you, this totally was the tipping point for me. I have been following Crowfall for a bit, but had yet to see anything that made me want to back it early. Don't get me wrong I had fully planed on getting it when it released, I had just convinced myself that I wouldn't back a game early unless it really struck a chord with me. On Dec 29th they convinced me, and I doubt I was the only one. I am quite excited for the system itself and this is pretty cool from an overall theme standpoint as well which is just good design all around. That itself its the main reason I agree wit
  11. Kylo's station in the Knights of Ren is mentioned as he is referred to as the "master of the Knights of Ren" Seeing as we have no real idea how the Knights of Ren's hierarchy is set up this is speculation, but Master is not a title you would give an armature. He took a shoot from the bowcaster which they took many opportunities to show you just how powerful it is. That fact that he was standing upright was impressive enough, he was just at an extreme disadvantage and still almost won. The Angst is strong with this one.
  12. Now sure why, but now I just want to set up a band of mercenaries called "The Irregulars" With that being said I wanna play the services angle, but that is quite hard to set up unless I attach myself and my company to a bigger fish. I could use their influence to make us seem reputable enough for people to trust us. I ran with a similar type group in Eve for a bit a long time ago and also provided escorting and similar services with-in my own guild in Archage. I would be fun to do stuff like that again.
  13. I have loved scouting in pretty much every game I have played that had allowed me to do so. Eve Online has to be #1 on my list. I have yet to find another game that has felt as meaningful or fun to scout in. If scouting ends up not feeling as meaningful I may go full glass cannon. I'm talking AoC, Salvo you in the face for days, type build.
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