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  1. Finally got the thing to work. Had to re-seat everything and then pop the RAM sticks in DIMM1 and DIMM3 (opposed to DIMM2 and DIMM4 per manual). Cleared the CMOS and everything works now. I had a Gigabyte P55 board that served me so well. The MSI boards were to flashy for me. I liked the Hero and the Gigabyte UD series. And right now waiting on an EVGA G2 650 PSU to arrive from the 'egg. After MIR its setting me back $80
  2. Well, got the Motherboard back from Asus and it's actually working worse. Before hand I'd get a RAM error message on the Q-Code, can't even get that now. So I've now been waiting since end of November to have this thing up and running. I bought one of their ROG MB's and felt the QC should have been up there, the fact I sent the board back and apparently wasn't truly tested to be working makes you wonder. Not impressed with Asus quality and the premium they demand for said 'quality' right now. And those wondering, I used brand new RAM and CPU.
  3. Sure is, my Intel 128GB SSD is from my current build.
  4. As far as animations, I think they are first working on fine tuning engine to be able to handle large numbers in the few hundred people vs. few hundred.
  5. And AMD has priority access to SK Hynix HBM2 modules via contract. So basically if Sk Hynix offers HBM2 modules to nVidia before AMD they are in breach of contract and could face heavy fines. As far as Samsung, they are just coming into fabrication for HBM2 and skipping HBM1 stuff, so no one really knows how it will turn out. Also of note Samsung hasn't even started to manufacture it yet, just '2016' as a date so as far as anyone knows it could very well be Nov 2016 when Samsung starts to sell HBM2.
  6. Biggest thing to remember is that AMD has contract to have first dibs on HBM2 modules so nVidia may be forced to use HBM while AMD gets to benefit from HBM2.. Some noted differences: DDR5 = 7 GB/s per pin for a max of 28 GB/s that runs on 1.5 or 1.35 volts HBM1 = 1 GB/s per pin Max of around 128 GB/s runs on 1.2v HBM2 = 2 GB/s per pin Mas of around 256 GB/s runs on 1.2v Basically, it is still new tech, but you are getting faster memory access @ lower voltage which equates to less heat from memory.
  7. Great to see you guys on here. Played against you in GW2 and was impressed. They may not have had the quantity other guilds in GW2 had, but they definitely had quality in spades. Also congrats on the 20+ years in gaming.
  8. I am hoping too but with all the reports of drama at CSE makes you wonder. I haven't followed CU much but I do know if you have high turnover it can really screw up a project. update: Just took a few hours to go over the CU updates and just 'damn'. Will say this, Viking Winter's Shadow looks pretty sweet. Looked at some of the gameplay and was kind of hard to watch as far as quality, but not bad. Def. gonna keep sharper eye out on it now.
  9. I still think they can sinnk SOME resources into some vessel customization. I'm not talking Eve Online/APB/GW2 type character creation, but give the choice of a couple of different hair/horn styles, skin shades and some face shapes.
  10. Very much a cost thing. Also, since I don't do any content type creation stuff the i7 is lost on me with the HT stuff. Games are just starting to take use of it.
  11. I will agree that there really needs to be a bit better customization options instead of the changing of hair and skin color (as seen in character creation at the moment). I honestly think this can be a big disadvantage for the game since everyone is gonna look like everyone else. Ok in a MOBA type game but not so much in an MMO.
  12. Coydog


    Kind of hard to have the entire original cast since John Candy died in 1994. Though, I'd love to see a remake with the remaining characters.
  13. Some aspects I like about CU, but like Regulus is CU being vaporware or worse be another release like Warhammer. Those that don't remember that game/release it was one of the worst ever. Missing classes, promised the sky but things got whittled away for 'later' more and more. Some may say it was EA's fault but if you look at SWTOR, another EA MMO title, it didn't even have close the amount of issues Warhammer did. IF I did go play CU, I'd def. choose Viking faction because the lore and a lot of the models appeal to me.
  14. To start off with, the Parts List. Few notes, the Intel and WD drives as well as the PSU and GPU are from my old computer rig. When buying, i5-6600k were scarce and needed to get a CPU for the build. so settled on the i5-6500. When building, turns out Motherboard was DOA so have to RMA it. Pic of the motherboard (before being shipped for RMA) Front side with old system installed into the new case (old case was busted up) Backside cableling Things to do: Wait for replacement motherboard to arrive and install it w/ 16GB of RAM Upgrades to happen: Going to retire the HX650 and go with an EVGA G2 750W PSU Holding off on upgrading GPU to see what Pascal (nVidia) and Polaris (AMD) bring to the table. Would eventually like to have custom water cooling loop.
  15. Coydog

    RAM Thinking

    When it comes to RAM, it depends on the machine and the OS to start with. Anything over 4GB of RAM is wasted on a 32bit OS (system is not designed to handle anything over that). Then if you move to 64bit OS it all boils down to what you want to do. When it comes to speed, only time you worry about the speed is if you OC the CPU and such since it will affect stability (if I am not mistaken, haven't seriously OC'd in about a decade). So if you are running DDR3 then 1600mhz is just fine. If you are running DDR4 2133mhz is fine. The tricky thing is the amount. Frankly, if you are a gamer only then 32GB is just overkill, but if you are a streamer/content creator then 32GB would be more of blessing. Right now it seems 16GB is becoming the new norm as their is now a slow power creep when it comes to RAM specs. I've been building systems close to 20 years and it is bound to happen.
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