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  1. 100% spirit banks need wiped, vessels maybe not entirely sure how many people have had access to purple vessels etc as of yet but that could make a difference starting at the campaign. Would like to see the skill tree kept the same as it is just getting to the point where we have decent skills and as this is still pre-alpha many people may get burned out by the reseting of the skill trees to often prior to at least beta's etc which wouldn't be good for testing especially as we are now starting to see bigger group fights which hopefully will be more in this campaign as well. Love the ideas of the capture points making the focus on in winter to pvp, hope the campaign is at least 2 weeks long so we can see the seasons having more of an affect for the gathering bonuses etc. Looking forward to it!
  2. Didnt realise this post was here, love this idea and would love to see something like this in CF as it would stop the mad start campaign rush and give a slight warning as to when X faction is pushing where. Was also thinking of what would happen when X fort or keep is cut off from the supply? Should it eventually lose/go neutral after x time( Bar maybe keeps as it should have a storage/supply of X ?) Would be awesome to see something like this implemented.
  3. I agree with Belantis that some amending is needed, there is possibly a higher amount of night-capping happening currently due to holidays however there should be at a minimum a 6 hour period in which there will be non-activity ( IE sleep periods, could also add in another 8 hours for working hours etc but lets not go into that too much ). Each region IE US or EU will have peak activity periods for that region, for example, EU usually quite active from around 1900-2200 ish GMT. Then usually there will be a period from either 2400-0600 which most of us will be asleep. Having a period of time maybe say like 0300-0900 which there is a 50% reduction in points would possibly deter people from going to cap everything when everyone is offline. I think most of us can agree that the amount of outposts is still too much and becomes a grind to retake all of them (even with the 20% reduction) however a few ideas I've had from talking with guildies which could make them more useful and as a way of seeing the map unfold which would also help prevent the start campaign rush for forts & keeps and make it a more tactful approach would make more interesting gameplay is if you had to capture the outposts that lead up to said keep or fort in order to be able to capture it. IE creating a logistical chain in which said keep/fort would be "supplied" from x or y temple location. Having some mechanics like this in the game would give an earlier warning system in place to which you could see who was pushing in what direction or create a diversion for where you are placing your full force etc and would make outposts more meaningful and make more sense for factions/guilds to focus on taking all outposts around forts/keeps so they can try to defend them. The siege mechanics is great as well really does create a peak time spike and activity when the sieges start, would also be interesting to possibly see this happening a bit more with forts but more regular IE every hour or so, but that's just a more recent idea. Also, have to say on an off comment I love the way the game has been developing and looking forward to seeing where we will end up! Awesome job devs for creating this!
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