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  1. There's no anxiety or stress. Only relief when you succeed. Anyone that feels punished and gets an aversion to crafting is taking this way too seriously. It's like watching a horror movie and weeping and turning it off because the establishing victim dies. Punishment is meant to stop behaviors. Failing isn't punishment. if failing actually discouraged crafting maybe, but it doesn't.
  2. Why do we need another step of risk management? Combining is pass fail... which makes sense. I'm not oversimplifying. And you've clearly never played the minigame in question if you consider it to be intellectual-centric. It's mostly luck with a tiny, tiny, tiny bit of card counting.
  3. Pazaak is at it's heart a game of risk management. This is something that already exists through experimentation. It would add a needless level of complexity to introduce a skill that already exists.
  4. Well, there's the different win conditions. Even if you shatter another factions strongholds and scatter them, then it just becomes a guerilla war until they get back on their feet. If you can't leverage that advantage into earning "points", then the weaker force can still win.
  5. The Duelists "jump forward" burrowing power seems to already be able to dig past walls if the description is any indication. I like the idea that the specialist classes can have these sorts of weird things that the other archetypes don't have a comparison for.
  6. But animals also provide meat, hunger shards, blood, and bone. That's five resources from one node type, I think the next highest is trees at four. Also the increased difficulty of harvesting= increased demand= people will be willing to give more for it.
  7. Would they need to craft a long coat first?
  8. I promised myself I wouldn't throw any more money at this game until it was out. You Magnificent Monsters. Next payday...
  9. Well from the store images the resource parcels look to have an especially large amount of the basic materials.
  10. I think that would ultimately come down to the synergy between the base mechanics of the class and the powers granted by the discipline. For example the extra stun and AOE granted by master of maces might be worth not training their two handed sword nodes for a Templar when comboed with their existing damage field move. After all, at no point do you have to go down that portion of the tree, at least not until you get everything you want from the other branches.
  11. That would come down to the powers granted and playstyle ultimately. Last Q&A they mentioned they plan on letting you jump to the next node with a partially completed skill, so you probably won't need to waste more than a little time on the weapon you won't use, in exchange you get a little extra versatility, and people that stick closer to the archetype's core will get a bit of extra power.
  12. I recalling reading about an insanely powerful giant in Dark Age or Camelot that was only brought down by a huge multi guild attack that spanned all three factions. So yeah, make them tough, maybe even capable of seige damage so players have to worry about fortifying a terrible spot they need to keep from players and random encounters. As for materials, those glowy look Tattoos make me think they'll have some king of runecrafting or may alchemical resource on them.
  13. We know Mobs have different variants, The risen have "scouts" and "soldiers" and the helcat chargers and muskboar berserkers, maybe there's a larger type of giant that might pop up on certain worlds?
  14. Well now I know what I want as minions...
  15. Neither do most of the other hunger forms we've seen.
  16. Since you can't do anything without an account wouldn't the poster's second digital copy be an account? If so they'd just have to give them the password.
  17. Nice. And I am thrilled at getting a bit more information about the world. Can't wait to see these things in game.
  18. Not quite. You can play a hybrid in that you can take an archetype and then, provided the discipline system is as impactful as it seems, basically change an archetype to fit a new role, and beyond certain things like resource or the Lego's base movement speed ignore the Archetype's basic "build". As for skills carrying over between vessels, skills are either general, including so combat buffs, these are global for any vessel your crow hops into, and archetype, which only works for that archetype, and late game archetypes get promotion classes, there are hints that vessels can only use on promotion but crows can change as many as they like (A Ranger could train Archer and Brigand promotions, but only access one of them per body, and when they jump into a champion could access any of it.) TL:DR You can custom craft any class with effort, it remains to be seen if this is capable of making a true hybrid but looks promising.
  19. They are going to get expendable, not throw away. if everything breaks then everything is useful. Ok, the color wuality. The semi abstract classifiction of how good something is, so how dos that effect the things that matter? Durability, damage, secondary bonuses from the ore use to combine things. lucky rolls can make a green that's as good as a low end purple so just saying "the color" isn't enough. Yes they will. It will take about twenty seconds for a crafter to gather enough materials for five swords, "Hi miner mike here's some stuff, now give me all your iron." Crafters that think that's too tough should probably stick to theme parks. You're working off the false assumption that people will be doing things alone. So the game isn't allowed to do anything standard when it's already 90% either new or revived from the days before publishers demanded everything be dumbed down?
  20. Wait, my great grandfather was a bricklayer, does that mean I'm ony allowed to put points in masonry? gosh darn it.
  21. I'd prefer a point blank range move that let's them treat you like a mount for 5-10 seconds for the lego.
  22. Yeah, make sure it's worth the risk, but fun with physics based murder is always great. Maybe give them a massive bonus if they nail someone on the way down so it becomes a game of timing.
  23. The synchronized eyebrow quirk really sells it.
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