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  1. Male druid is love, male druid is life! I like the art and can't wait to take his corpse for a spin! If the class is about channeling spirits for support or damage, really cool. If it is about invoking spirits to power spells, like bear spirit makes your spells give allies more endurance/tankiness and perhaps an eagle spirit makes your spells do additional bleeding damage or whatnot, would be really cool. I don't think the druid would be able to shapeshift, maybe issues with Blizzard and their druid Would be really REALLY cool if the game had a shapeshifter though. That's what I miss in a lot of games and I think it's a fantastic class to work with.
  2. Thorgrammor

    Damage Druids

    Well, I know I will be trying to make a hybrid build with the Druid regardless. I want to be able to help teammates and do damage with a class, even if the class isn't intended to be a damage dealer. It's just how I make characters. Usually I succeed in it relatively well too
  3. Ohhh, you are how I used to be in MMO's. I've always played the rogue/assassin types and suddenly I decided I was better as a healer/religious zealot so I gravitated towards that. The social engineering sounds fun
  4. Hey everyone! This is my first thread here and I have been looking around for this thread, but couldn't find it. If it already exists, I am sorry and please disregard this thread/exterminate it. So my question to you guys is as the title says: What is your preffered style of playing in MMO's and what would you like to do in Crowfall? First of all, I like to be a dedicated crafter in something. Usually I go for alchemy things, always fits with a healer class I also like to play support characters, preferably a healer. To me there is no better feeling than to keep your teammates up while they mindlessly chop some big arse monster to bits, knowing you kept em alive and operational during their times of need. A great healer/support character also turns the tide of battle in subtle ways. I like that. For example in Warhammer Online I played a Chaos Zealot with a hybrid build built towards damage in PvP. I had enough resources to cast some big AoE heal over time spells while I could dish out damage and cast protective spells on allies as well. I have a habit of turning dedicated healer things into hybrid DPS roles in most games I play. I also play to win mostly. I want to tackle the harder contents of a game and be victorious, get spoils of war and be well known amongst players. Feels nice to have people know ya In Crowfall I would like to be a dedicated crafter in whatever, necromancy looks cool with the vessel system. I'll probably pick some crafting discipline which is always in demand. For character the Druid looks really interesting. I hope there will be more info on him soon (Please, do not be stupid and make the 'druid' like in Guild Wars 2, that hurt my soul xD). Apart from that, maybe I will be a merchant in whatever or start a tavern. I like me some roleplaying too! So how do you guys like to play in MMO's and what do you want to do in Crowfall? Cheers, Thorgrammor
  5. Warhammer Online: Couldnt pay the subscription and when I could, the servers got Rekterinod, so so sad Rift: Great game, couldnt pay sub as a student so I had to quit after 6 months, moved on after that Guild Wars 1: Played it to bits for 7 years untill GW2 came along Guild Wars 2: I have played that game for over 4k hours in the 3 years that it exists but I get increasingly salty of how the game is run with the gemstore and the developer decisions. It could have been so much more, especially with the Esports hyping Knight Online: My first ever MMO, stopped playing when I got hacked by some Turkish custarder. So grindy haha. Tera EU: I really dislike the publisher of the EU side, also after I hit max level I got bored with the dungeons, felt like there were too little stupid shenanigans to do, I like crafting and stuff like fishing and player housing. World of Warcraft: I really loved my Tauren Druid but didn't like the game enough to play after the 30 days when you buy the game. Elder Scrolls Online: I just couldn't get into the game. I never played the beta so I didn't have that dreaded experience. The game is quite fun, to be honest, but somehow it doesn't grab me like the single player games do. I still play Oblivion from time to time. I think I would move back to Guild Wars 2 if they added player housing like Rift did. I like the combat but not the grind for little rewards that the game has. Sure you can play your way....and stay poor as custard xD
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome and I have added you on steam, Vixius! I took yesterday to read up on some more stuff, and damn...Crowfall seems to be everything I want an MMO to be. Please, please, please make this game according to the concepts you have set out, dear developers <3 I really hope crafting will be worth it. I want to be a dedicated crafter and support character so yeah, hehe.
  7. Hey everyone! Just consumed a 2015 contributor package (poor college student here, would have bought a bigger package otherwise, haha!). I've been looking at this game for a while and it looks amazing. I have been playing GW2 since headstart but I think the game is going down the drain (this is coming from a 7 year loyal GW1 player as well) The concept of the game is everything I want it to be, pvp that matters, not simply grinding levels but working on your skills, being able to be an important crafter for your guild (I miss being an important crafter, I used to be the guild apothecary in Rift for raiding, was good fun), player housing (I don't know why so many MMOs don't have this...) and a cool campaign setting that can span months. I am really looking forward to how this game will shape up to be, plenty of reading up to do now haha! Just curious, any other Crows from The Netherlands and surrounding countries? Maybe we should guild up Good to meet you all! Cheers, Thorgrammor
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