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  1. i been holding my tongue for far too long.... At this point I no longer care, as I am about to never return This is your best work? I seriously want to delete the custard game everytime I even try to understand what the custard you are trying to show me to learn and train my skills.. I would rather have a custard system roll the dice and just train for me its so god dam terrible... Zooming windows, things that look like buttons to open a menu that are not buttons poorly made socks spread out so far in a tree you have no clue what is what.. multiple layers of this custard poorly
  2. I have secured $300 of the $800 needed for the 2015 Large Castle, if you are interested in ruling some lands, please hit me up.... twitter.com/killcrit killcrit.tv@ the gmail thing twitch.tv/killcrit I am starting to gear up more for some not PUG based beta testing, if you are in testing and looking to further your skills as a soldier, hop on my TS during USA test times and stop letting the other united forces kick your butt If interested, I will be teaching teamwork, communication, and strategy to those who wish to roam the lands and become a land baron.
  3. Here is my thoughts on Zerg game play. Zergs can indeed be a problem if the game mechanics are poor. Big guild zergs do have numbers, but they also have very bad players. If you look at probably the best created zerg warfare game we know about, its probably Archeage, the game sucks, but when it comes to pvp fighting, the zergs do lose to much smaller good armies.. I think we at times we had 40 players vs a 200+ zerg and we wooped the 200 regularly. Not many games this will happen, in fact I know of none other... I believe the game design here allows only 150players per "guild"? I coul
  4. Hit me up on Twitter, while we wait, we will be screwing around with some other games, Doom, Street Fighter V, Overwatch, The Division, to name a few
  5. Huger fan of ammo, adds to adventure ten fold... Trust me, I came from old school Asheron's Call, I had to craft my arrows.. It was fun as hell, getting the parts or buying them, crafting them up, making sure i had enough ammo to potion inventory due to wegith constrants, then adventure out and hope i score big... And I had to craft differnt types... Regular, Blunt, Piercing, Armor Piercing, or Fire Infused, Lightning INfused, ACID Infused, , OMG, i'm not a perfect ranged assassin for every battle, i need to RESEARCH what i'm hunting.. this is HOW CREATURE LORE (which no longer exists) ev
  6. Consoles and lack of games have destroyed most communities. There are not many communities out there bigger than a handful of players anymore. Those that are are into that one game.
  7. I have updated the main post, with all the goodies we need to hear...
  8. Thank you, we have been streaming on Twitch for over a year now, but streaming is hard without a good game, something we hope Crowfall can fix.... I like the strategy implementation attempt of the game, as it makes players active to win, something not many players do in video games today.
  9. <--- See the seriousness badge? Not to be rude, but not seeing supporter badges on these other multi-game guild posts that are on every gaming website across the land. Seems they'll post anywhere hoping you'll band up under their name and continue to promote for them? Don't fall rut into a zerg guild that has no real desire than to bring numbers into their clan. Come to 4 Charity Gaming, form an allegiance from the heart, from your passion, and from your thrill to adventure. Create the community you have always dreamed of. I feel that very passion, something was abandoned in gaming tha
  10. I will be in game roleplaying your political adversary, please don't take it personally like they did in Face of Mankind, a guy who was offended by my attempt to overthrow the corrupt administration aside, personally lied to get me real life banned from the forums and game stated i was cheating and whatnot to his "friend" game server admins, who were of course the other players in the game... some people can't play these types of games... /sigh
  11. I destroyed the Horizons economy in 3 days as a miner / crafter Add me
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