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  1. The game is already doing the dirty work lol
  2. Yea but then the downside is your not maximizing your dps properly or as my friends would say I'm not playing the game properly.
  3. True but you cant control what spell you can cast till you've spammed enough times to unlock it as opposed to spamming different spells when "YOU" feel the situation calls for it. For me, its just restrictive.
  4. I mean how you have to spam one key in order to "unlock" a spell and spam a key and "unlock" another spell etc.. Basically the game is playing you to play the game since if you dont spam that key you wont get to unlock the combo. What I'm asking is if we can be free of this and be allowed to choose what spells to use and when and not wait for the game to tell us when we spammed enough,
  5. Any chance the devs can make a sub system for the users who dont want to use combos that basically control the game play? Can we leave the combos for people but also create a system where the "user" can control which spell they want to cast and when?? I just like freedom, not restrictions.
  6. I now ask all these questions: Do people not understand the alternate E for a combo?If so, is the UI unclear? Are the QWERTY players skewing the data? Is the E button too awkward to press?Would a remapping option solve this? The UI is Clear but most tradition titles "shadowbane" would just allow us to choose what spells to use rather then wait for a "trigger" Honestly the combo system takes away the "uniqueness" of a players ability. I personally find the usage of combos boring since everyone will just spam the same spell waiting for the combo trigger which in return makes the combat pretty generic & flat. I've always been a fan of key mapping so allowing the players to choose what key suits them best would solve this issue.
  7. Those abilities were already a part of certain "promotional classes" from Shadowbane as such was Huntsman "Tracking Ability" Discipline which was also restricted to certain "promotional classes"
  8. Phylor smells & he misses my teleportation awesomeness.
  9. I'm only curious as to when we will be able to sell back our items within the store for store credit, so we can buy other items within the store? Thanks in advance.
  10. My guild already has our artwork done for years since Shadowbane, but we're no longer as big as we used to and even with that said, no one wants to pay 700$ for a "virtual" item.. As a business sense it's value doesn't add to its worth.
  11. Hey guys, We just jumped into this game and find it quite fun! if you like to join us let me know! We're also on teamspeak 24/7
  12. They can charge what they like but at the same time, guilds with say 50 people or less are at a disadvantage because GMs are cashing on people who have more of a wallet. I just find its somewhat expensive as other games "Archeage" allowed the same idea but it was part of their founders package as oppose to crowfall where it seems they are just trying to cash in on hype/wealthier people. I'm just slightly disappointed they didn't gear this package to the mass instead to the percentage, and regarding the control on submissions as a reason for a high price then it some what defeats the purpose of offering such a package to make a game more 'unique' as opposed to others.
  13. Not that I want to complain but I shall. I have the sapphire package in which i forked 425$ at the time as an early bird but this new package makes no sense? In order for me to obtain the "Guild Hall" & Submit a Unique guild crest using Crowfalls Creator & Reserve another sub-guild name, It's going to cost 700$ USD (On Special norm 800$*). I mean who thought of this pricing? Couldn't we be abit more realistic and say 200$ or 250$ what warrants 700$ (On Special norm 800$*) I can list my Sapphire package bundle which is now 525$ that makes more sense.. What do ya'all think?
  14. But according to the prior stretch goal which was achieved, it's already paid for.. What do they need the 90k for? <When you mention next one> Ahh that makes more sense!
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