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  1. I do agree, but I do hope that you at least make the old Newsroll page do a redirect. When I first noticed the problem, I had been going to it daily for several days without realizing that new articles had been posted but weren't listed there. You could also simply remove the "latest news" section from the backers page, so it doesn't confuse anyone.
  2. There seem to be some old pages sticking around that could cause confusion to some visitors. First, there are currently two news pages, the new "News" page - http://crowfall.com/en/news/ - and the old "Newsroll" - https://crowfall.com/en/newsroll/ . This seems redundant. Most places link to the new page but if you follow an old bookmark or link, you can end up at the old page. Notably, backers.crowfall.com links to the old page. Worse than redundancy, though, is that the old newsroll isn't being updated. The latest news on it is from December 3rd. It would be better to have a single news page, so I suggest that 1) links to the old newsroll should instead point to the new page, and 2) in order to handle people coming in from off-site links and bookmarks, going to the old newsroll URL should redirect the visitor to the new News page. Secondly, backers.crowfall.com has a "latest news" section but its latest entry is from November and the entries have overlapping text (viewed in Chrome, at least). Moreover, I get the feeling that backers.crowfall.com isn't even supposed to be around any more. I don't see what it accomplishes that isn't accomplished somewhere else. Perhaps visitors to those pages should be redirected elsewhere.
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