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  1. i personally hope that if they have EU servers, there will be a separation between english and non-english servers. there's nothing i hate more than chat spam in polish/german/french or w/e. i don't speak any of the "big" european languages, but i'm too far from NA to play comfortably on their servers. it's really a bummer sometimes.
  2. yum. also, i totally agree with you guys that major stuff comes first. just thinking in the the (very theoretical) longer-term.
  3. hi guys! so, as we all know, currently there are 12 archetypes. 4 of them exclusively male, 1 female. i would be content with that, if not for the devs mentioning that they'd be ok with creating the other gender if there's a high enough demand from the fanbase. that possibility itches in the back of my mind. there are a lot of people who are totally ok with playing the opposite gender, and that's awesome. but i, and a few others who i know feel similarly, just don't feel comfortable playing as the other gender. my personal reason is that to me, the character is an in-game representation of me, and should be true to real life at least in that regard, but there are as many reasons as there are people. for me, that means that i can only choose between 8 archetypes if i want to be comfortable with the character i've created. now, i don't mean to come off as a raging, salivating feminazi, because i'm not one of those. in fact, i resent them, and i don't agree with their ideologies. but i feel it would be a lot more fair if, say, the assassin was female-locked and the stoneborn was male-locked due to lore, but centaurs, hamsters (excuse me... guineaceans), and deerfolk would have female variants as well. so, assuming the demand is there, how does one go about establishing to the devs that there's a high enough demand for unlocking the genders, to the point where they would actually consider it? what do you guys think? TL;DR - i really wanna play as a female centaur, who's with me?
  4. hey guys! new member chiming in, fresh from Last Call (:
  5. nope, only if the demand for the locked ones is high enough.
  6. it bothers me more that if i want to play as my gender, out of those 12, i have 8 archetypes at my disposal, but the guy fans of the game have 11. what if i want to play as an awesome centaur lady???
  7. im going to second this. also making the other gender for the rest of the archetypes would be nice.
  8. hey guys, would it be possible to arrange some sort of instant messaging for the guild? like in skype, for example. personally i feel forums aren't meant for consistent interaction like we will have in-game, plus it'll be a great way to get to know each other (: thoughts?
  9. hey guys, let's remember we're all part of a civilized society, so no need to make comparisons. i'd like to believe the younger of us are capable of respecting those who are more experienced (and vice versa ). no need for elitism on either side. also, to be fair, i quite like the tea party stuff. i'm probably not going to limit myself to a pre-made group just yet though, because other guilds might suit me better in the end.
  10. i can definitely get behind this!!! all of these guilds that are saying "oh we are in this game as well" aren't really allowing for many new players... they're not even stating their purpose. and to be honest, i've never played shadowbane. probably because i was pretty young and having an affair with flyff and maplestory. so yeah, i'd like to join this group! it would also be great to coordinate like a skype group of some sort until then (:
  11. i would really, really like this. that way you can non-verbally communicate with another player, something that's (understandably) missing from MMOs. they will know that you're totally ready to have a go at them before you spend 10 seconds typing a villainous speech.
  12. i'm in favor of a mega-server on one hand, since it adds to immersion. on the other, i usually play on EU and so i'd prefer if there was at least language separation (as has been already mentioned) since there's nothing i dislike more than seeing global chat being 90% incomprehensible. i'd play on NA for this reason if not for ping.
  13. i'm not sure how to break it to you, but all of the art and screenshots point to an overwhelming "yes". it's literally everywhere on this site.
  14. while we can't, still, jump to conclusions, i'd like to offer this point of view: why would hunger and warmth matter in a MOBA? where there are short matches, there's no place to care about food or body warmth, since if it went down so fast that within 7 minutes you'd need to search for an apple, it would get obnoxious really fast. i'd still try out the game either way, but i'm one of those who are hoping for more detailed character customization (i'm a cc junkie). as for the crests/coat-of-arms/whatever those are, i'm kind of hoping it's a sort of god roster that your character would align to, like in d&d. that said, the whole theory of it being a hierarchy to bypass the leveling system sits really well with me, so i think that would be super cool as well (:
  15. i was hoping they'd skip the unnecessary boob-windows/skimpy clothing, since it seems like males are wearing full armor. sure, it's only two of the chicks there, but it's something people need to stop doing in their MMOs. the genre has become the flagship of skimpy clothing. i'd rather if they changed that.
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