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  1. Hmm. I don't want a game where you can do everything and not have to encounter PvP. I don't want a game where as soon as I log in, some body is killing me before my load screen is gone. I think a great game could be made that could include both worlds and would only make the true griefers unhappy. And people who want full world no safe zone pvp for the most part are not the greifers. It's that small (very small) minority that just can't be happy unless they are making someone else miserable. And if a game could be made that everyone enjoyed except them, that WOULD be a great game. I would like to see more of a safe zone than just a newbie island. I liked the concept that DF had with their racial cities being safe areas. You could do a lot in the safe areas, but to truly enjoy the game, you had to leave town. Because, there was no greater fun than engaging in a seige. As long as the safe zones are contained, and are limited, I am ok with this. Let people have a place to go to relax and socialize, sell their wares, do some crafting. But, don't let it be where you can do most of the gathering and crafting in the safe areas. For example, if there are craftign levels from 0 to 100 for example, maybe the crafting stations in the safe areas are capable of making up to level 30 to 50. Anything else requires getting out of the fraidy hole. And there should be no way to gather mats beyond the lowest level stuff in the safe zones. I rememember the early early early days of DF, where we went out as a guild, with scouts out and about while a large group gathered stone, iron, and wood. Good times that. Finding a nice active guild that fits you is the key to getting the full enjoyment out of games like that. If there are to be areas like this, I would like to see something a bit different myself. I don't want to see the towers that early DF had, nor the zones that pvp just wasn't possible in as the later DF had. Maybe something like the guards at the docks that Archeage does, but instead of stationary, have patrols that roam. So that in a 'safe' city, some areas are safer than others. Some areas are heavily patrolled and impossible to do PvP without getting attacked immediatly, to areas where occasionally you might be able to get away with it, to areas that hardly ever see a patrol. If the game is done right, it shouldn't matter if there are safe zones or not implemented, as the majority of people would not stay in these starter zones long. All the fun, all the good crafting, all the player housing, all the good loot, everything would be 'out there'. And most of the pvp would be consensual, because the fighting would be for more than just the fun of fighting someone else, because there would be a bigger goal (aquiring rare mats, claiming land, or whatever).
  2. morigen


    I agree. The only thing I would add as a possibilty is the chance of something breaking upon character death (as in the killing blow broke a shield, or the plate armor is totally mangeled beyond repair after that 200 foot fall you incurred after running over a cliff). Though I wouldn't go overboard with this either. If half your crap got broken everytime you got in a fight, the enjoyment of PvP would diminish drastically. But hopefully, the devs wouldn't go overboard on something like that. And as for the '+11 Sword of awesomeness', it probably shouldn't decay as fast as as a steel short sword, but yes it still should decay. And if it's repaired, then it should not be as quite as awesome as it originally was.
  3. I like the idea of not being stuck to one set of skills. If you could select whatever skills you wanted, then I would wnat soem limits set in. For example, you can select any skill you want, but only 10 of them. If everyone could have every skill, and assuming each skill has levels, all I can see is a massive grindfest going on. I like archeage's proffesion set up. You can learn all proffessions up to a certain level, but then are limited to only x at the next level, y at the 3rd, until the top teir, you could only max out 2 skills. Using the exact setup they have for combat skills would be too restrictive, but something similiar could be implemented. Or you could just have a max # of 'skill points' to spread out as you want. If soemthing like this is done, I think I would rather not have a built in skill decay, but the ability to sacrifice some skill points from one skill, so I could advance another skill. But, yeah, I really don't care for the cookie cutter setup where when you select a class, you have all the same abilities that everyone else in you class does, and you can't do anything else. I like a little diversity.
  4. morigen

    The grind

    I definetly don't want a grind. And I don't want to feel the need to macro (like DF) to try to max out or keep up. I don't want to quest for questing sake, but I don't mind having some quests to get an idea of how the game works and the lore of the land. One of the things I liked about Archeage is you could quest as much or as little as you wanted. I do want to be able to go out and enjoy PvP right off the bat, but I do want some progression as well. And I am totally against special gear not being able to be made. I enjoy crafting in an MMO as much as I do the PvP. And I would like to see a great crafting system implemented in this game as well as a great PvP system. That all being said, I do understand where you are coming from. It is a game after all, and if people want to log in an enjoy some good PvP, should they really have to spend hours and hours and hours of leveling before they become 'viable'? And should someone really be virtually invincible if they have the 'best-in-game gear'? Making a game that is enjoyable (aka not grindy) and yet allows those that like progression and like to see good results for the time they have spent on making their character better is a tough balance.
  5. Personally, I don't like small worlds. I like large areas to have to move across. And, I am not a big fan of instant teleports. I don't mind a character being able to recall to a specific place the player has pre-chosen, but hoping from one place to another instantly constantly just isn't my thing. So, if we have a big world to play in, and instant travel is limited, there would be a need for mounts, because I am not a fan of spending an hour or so to get from point a to point b. I would prefer for there to be a wide variety of mount types, with varied abilities. Even if they are just horses, some breeds are faster, some have a better constitution and can go further, and some are tougher. What I don't want to see is one mount being better than all other mounts, and everyone is just getting that one. If that's going to be the case, just make one mount. And personally, I am good with just horses. I am not against other mount types in the game, I just will ride a horse over other options unless there is a very good advantage to riding something else.
  6. Yes, I would agree that an in-depth crafting and gathering system would be great. I do hate archeages RNG system, but I do like that for a lot of things you have to craft something else first. I abhore the idea of becoming a 'master' craftsman by just repeatedly crafting an item, recycle/salvage the same item, remake the same item, repeat 1000 times. I would not like it to be an intense grind, yet at the same time I would not want to be able to max out a crafting skill in a week either. Top teir items should require rare mats, but not every peice of armor should use the same rare mat (using the same archeum in archeage for cloth armor you use for plate armor?!?!?) I liked the DF gathering system (after they added in the ability fo one click to harvest a node. That clicking over and over again on the same node in tthe early days sucked). But I do like having farms where I can grow stuff in Archeage. I would want the best gear in game to be craftable. I would not want it to be so much better that mob dropped gear would be unusable and just stuff to vendor. And for those that want the best gear in the game, and don't want to craft, and don't want to buy, they should be able to take the gear off the dead bodies of their enemies. I want every craft to be needed and not just a side thought, Put in item decay. The better an item is, the longer it lasts. The more it's used, the more it decays. Make things repairable, but not quite as good afterwords as it was before. Die in battle (or from jumping off a cliff), maybe an item or two (or more depending on the height) gets destroyed. Make just about everything in the game craftable. If there are going to be mounts in the game, let there be a husbandry skill where people could raise mounts and pets. Mainly though, I want crafting to be fun, but a challenge, but not a grind. And that's tough to pull off aparently, judging by most games.
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