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  1. New Video in German language about the archetypes of Crowfall:

  2. Hi ihr! Bin gerade auch dabei, mehr über Crowfall zu machen. Spiel-Übersicht: https://youtu.be/J3NOLXkU7-0 Archetypen in Crowfall: https://youtu.be/qoT2ofR3VH4 Meine ersten zwei Beiträge zu diesen Videos findet ihr hier: http://spielepodcast.com/crowfall-deutsche-infos-und-features-zum-mmo/ http://spielepodcast.com/crowfall-klassen-rassen-archetypen-uebersicht/ Mehr kommt bald LG Tuom
  3. Found guild! Thank you for your messages! I am looking for a guild with the following criteria: Region: EU (CET) Language: I am German but English is no problem as well Atmosphere: Casual guild without that much duties Name: It would be good if the guild has a name that suits Crowfall About me: I am 28 years old and have a lot of experience regarding guilds, websites, teamspeak and forums. Active youtuber, blogger and soon streamer as well. I have led a very organized and hierarchic guild with hard rules and about 120 (really) active players. That is maybe the reason why I do not want to be the leader of a guild anymore. I would prefer some lower position For me it is important that I do not have to be in Teamspeak. At home there is a lot going on most of the time. That is why I do not want to be forced to be in voice chat. It would not be that much fun for me As I am working a lot please do not expect me to be online all day. I am a active player but it is limited to maybe 5-10 hours per week. There sure will be exceptions. I am loyal and I help if help is needed. You can be sure to have a member that knows all the difficulties in a guild: Slander, flaming, whining, classification, injustice etc. So I am expecting things to happen without being upset or just leaving the guild. I am ready to play (after a problem with my patcher is solved ) Cheers, Tuom
  4. I have created a video for the German Crowfall Fans. It is an overview containing the most important features - as far as I know :D

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