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jesse strong

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    Bronx, New york
  1. Would be nice to have this feature rdy to fight!
  2. All rules should apply to everyone, having a mature forum could be good but what if the people arent mature enough to handle it?
  3. No because the Offender wouldnt learn their lesson and do the same thing to someone else
  4. Hey good to see you here too, you may have the Freedom of speech as well
  5. You can say that again. Dont worry, All my Chars will be name Jesse Strong
  6. Oh please add a report button
  7. So jealous D:! Now am getting on wiz! see you there <.<. and hahah no no free show for you
  8. Whats the point of getting to their lvl xd ik where i stand you shall know me by now ^>^
  9. I shall hope it helps yah stay shut cause yah aint getting no where trying me out
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