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  1. I diagree with Darkfall being spammy. Yes during hundreds vs hundreds battle there is an ebb and flow to the battle with tons of aoe magics being tossed around, but each player has an effect on the outcome of the battle because the game is so dependant on player skill and tactics. You can see exactly everything happening in real time because there isn't an obnixous confusing effects like in crowfall. You have wall of forces, fogs and blinds, but those have counters and tactics to avoid. As I said many times before even Zerg Vs Zerg combat in Darkfall felt like players could change the outcome
  2. They poorly made dergs the bed on every aspect of this game because they have no direction or publisher forcing them to do a better job along with consequences. The game is not fun at any stage and the game feels like an after school developer made game. There are so many fundemental problems with the game that even with all the other terrible designs and mechanics(like ZvZ) that even if they somehow fix the core game, it still won't be fun.
  3. You are quite litterally the only one who I hear say Darkfall's fps combat was chaotic and disjointed. Now if you were talking about Unholy wars with its wobble and terrible aim reticle I'd agree.
  4. #10021 Actual content and reasons to fight over things with meaningful rewards.
  5. I wish we shaped into something good. I have a strong feeling the beta is gonna have a negative impact on the game.
  6. Game needs more emphasis on player skill aiming if anything.
  7. You missed actual content because the game has none beside the pretty boring pve, harvesting or if you can find it the zerg pvp. The game needs like 2+ years until a beta imho.
  8. The game is boring, feels like a chore and doesn't really give a meaning to log in and do stuff. Everything feels clunky, outdated and uninspired, from the combat, to harvest to the zerg vs zerg WvW pvp(if you can find pvp). Not having any meaningful impact on the game after winning or losing a campaign hurts the game, it should affect a main server war world where each campaign affects the main world. As is the game feels like someone took together popular games and smashed them together, Guild wars 2, fortnite ect and the result isn't good. Then you factor in terrible designs like massi
  9. The game needs content so freaking badly to initiate and supplement pvp and faction content. The combat still feels bad and zerg vs zerg needs harsh penalties still. Things like NPC caravans for your faction that improve that holding that can be pvped(Guild wars 2 did it decently....about the only thing they did well in that game). There should be a main war server where winning conquests affect the main server so people feel like they have progression. As is I hardly even log in the game and just log after killing boring mobs.
  10. Your post consists on "No U". New world for instance kept all the survival, full loot mechanics from their prior version such as tiered gear which is dropped from mobs, crafted and quest rewards with no unique stats from differing non tiered pieces as well as no affixes or prefixes(like in diablo). The mmo part they tacked on a terrible quest system and some pointless "hubs". Pvp is non existant because the 10% extra exp isn't worth it. The list goes on and on why the game will flop. This game while mechanically better isn't better by much.
  11. New world is utter garbage. I mean pure trash that will flop when it launches...which is 2 months,...This game won't do much better in its current condition either though.
  12. I put a sad face because you are beyond irrational. At least you understand what the face represents though.
  13. Where did I say I was good at Darkfall? I ended up quiting Rise of agon because all the best players consolidated under 1 clan and you can't compete. Everyone complains about zerg vs zerg which is why no one plays WvW in guild wars 2. Anyone that is pro zerg mechanics needs a handicap period. Of course you don't want the mechanics to change in game because then you couldn't crutch on numbers. Fyi I don't even play crowfall because I think it is an all around terrible game at this point so I don't lose at all in it, but I do watch videos and can ascertain that its zerg vs zerg. I like how you s
  14. You totally missed my point. Yes you could zerg in Darkfall and yes it gave you and advantage, but it didn't necessitate a victory. For instance my clan holding a hamlet using choke points and using mage/archery perched on the rooftops beat the attacking force that held the numerical advantage 3:1. Zerg vs Zerg is always a lazy design because it means player skill and class really doesn't matter in those battles. I take it you never played Darkfall, but you KNEW you were better than other player in the same way you know a Global Elite in counter strike is better than a sliver 1(non smurf) and
  15. That is why the game needs to force smaller excursions and have limited populace zones. Zerg vs zerg gameplay always gets stale. The only game that did it right was Darkfall online because player skill could mean the difference between winning outnumbered 2:1 and just blobbing until everything is dead.
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