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  1. Zerg vs Zerg isn't fun though, except for the first few times.
  2. Zerg vs Zerg is always so boring, just blob an aoe spam, usually no skill involved and really the only one that got it right was Darkfall, but thats because the TTK was high enough to not get 1 shot or in case you got Wof'd you could counter it yourself via bhop spells/shield/teammate healing you are come hithering. Even then you'd have to have a damned good teammates to beat zergs, but it achievable on player skill merits alone. (Honestly wish RoA would start pumping out more content for their game already.)
  3. Cosmetic for the first couple months then let it gain stats, no one likes F2p unless they paid and have the advantage.
  4. Zerging is always terrible in a game like this, the CC is already bad enough then you factor in aoe heals which should only be aimbased heals like darkfall, without something to stop zerging this game will just be another RvR/WvW and would die QUICKLY. Huge zerg battles are a gimmick if no skill is involved.
  5. The difference in skill between overwatch and CS:Go is huge. Cs:go is all about player skill and knowledge. Overwatch is all about knowledge and using alts, fps skills matter but not as much. Really wish we could get another Darkfall with modern graphics and sandbox content.
  6. Because any mmorpg that is solely pvp based without deep content for "sheep" players ends up dying.
  7. Exactly, that is never enough. If everything leads to pvp for the sake of pvp then you have nothing else to do.
  8. Darkfall online had most pvply and it still died, there has to be many activities for non pvpers to do or people that don't want to pvp 24/7, otherwise people burn out, espcially if its mostly zerg vs zerg conflict. Think Uo and runescape. There can be many pvp content enabling things too that entice the players to do that activity.
  9. This is a good thing but I think we should have 2-3 more abilities. Mmorpgs need specialization but at the same time a moba style of abilities is far too few. I feel like this game's combat is gonna devolve into zerg vs zerg aoe/cc spam and it will take all the player skill out.
  10. Very very low and easy to master. I mean you don't even need to have your reticle on your target to skill hit them. If you want to see a high skill mmorpg look up darkfall online and what they did.
  11. LOL I really hope not. This game is severely lacking in features/content. That will be a death sentence if they dont add anything
  12. As others have said, literally nothing about this game in the current state is fun at all. Many of us were hoping for the next Darkfall online, but with all the CC, zerging and bloom effects; player skill seems to be rather low. At this point all kickstarter/crowdfunded games's most addictive trait is watching the ships burn because none of them have anything substantial other than tech demos. I could see this game being fun, but it just is laughable the amount of work still needed even for the game to be considered beta ready.
  13. Do you realize how much extra resources that would offset the economy with if everyone's pve drops were theirs like in Diablo 3? Darkfall handled looting fine, if someone stole from you; you kill them.
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