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  1. I put a sad face because you are beyond irrational. At least you understand what the face represents though.
  2. Where did I say I was good at Darkfall? I ended up quiting Rise of agon because all the best players consolidated under 1 clan and you can't compete. Everyone complains about zerg vs zerg which is why no one plays WvW in guild wars 2. Anyone that is pro zerg mechanics needs a handicap period. Of course you don't want the mechanics to change in game because then you couldn't crutch on numbers. Fyi I don't even play crowfall because I think it is an all around terrible game at this point so I don't lose at all in it, but I do watch videos and can ascertain that its zerg vs zerg. I like how you seem to think because I bring up relevant games that somehow I am gloating about my playerskill in them...that is called an ad-hominem because you have no valid points. The issue I was discussion is how zerg vs zerg games always end up dying due to player attrition. One thing I know for sure though is if I win in crowfall it isn't because my own accomplishments or my guilds....its because we followed the mindless blob of players fighting over the flip flopping capture points because in games like this people will always switch to the side that has more players and/or wins more. As they say in chess(I am a grandmaster online /s) checkmate.
  3. You totally missed my point. Yes you could zerg in Darkfall and yes it gave you and advantage, but it didn't necessitate a victory. For instance my clan holding a hamlet using choke points and using mage/archery perched on the rooftops beat the attacking force that held the numerical advantage 3:1. Zerg vs Zerg is always a lazy design because it means player skill and class really doesn't matter in those battles. I take it you never played Darkfall, but you KNEW you were better than other player in the same way you know a Global Elite in counter strike is better than a sliver 1(non smurf) and to think otherwise means you are just a stubborn ass, who only speaks your own rhetoric instead of what was proven. Your rant about finding another game is amusing when the orginal premise of this game would be campaigns with full loot and friendly fire. I mean if you want to just zerg and win there is always Guild wars 2 or Warhammer online private server for you. The most amusing part which comes off as meme-ish is how you compare a video game to real life warfare....I'll state my opinion on that once humans can cast magic spells and revive. The only one that seems to have an ego is you; from what you can discern from the forums everyone else agrees the combat and zerging is at a bad state but you are right and they are wrong because you are a developer partner.
  4. That is why the game needs to force smaller excursions and have limited populace zones. Zerg vs zerg gameplay always gets stale. The only game that did it right was Darkfall online because player skill could mean the difference between winning outnumbered 2:1 and just blobbing until everything is dead.
  5. When you are at 5 years out missed nearly every deadline you set and have hardly a game; at the point I wouldn't call it instant gratification.
  6. I disagree that the game is like darkfall. Its more like firefall. While yes Darkfall had a steep learning curve it didn't have mechanics in play that provided tools and need to protect newer players. As is crowfall is just gonna flop hard; the combat is the selling point and it is just bad. Friendly fire would help it better but a penalty for tking would need to be introduced so griefers can't ruin the game. I want reiterate that the combat in this game is terrible(Not anywhere near as good as Darkfall) and that is not a good sign if that is the sole focus your game is promoting.
  7. Zerg vs Zerg isn't fun though, except for the first few times.
  8. Zerg vs Zerg is always so boring, just blob an aoe spam, usually no skill involved and really the only one that got it right was Darkfall, but thats because the TTK was high enough to not get 1 shot or in case you got Wof'd you could counter it yourself via bhop spells/shield/teammate healing you are come hithering. Even then you'd have to have a damned good teammates to beat zergs, but it achievable on player skill merits alone. (Honestly wish RoA would start pumping out more content for their game already.)
  9. Cosmetic for the first couple months then let it gain stats, no one likes F2p unless they paid and have the advantage.
  10. Zerging is always terrible in a game like this, the CC is already bad enough then you factor in aoe heals which should only be aimbased heals like darkfall, without something to stop zerging this game will just be another RvR/WvW and would die QUICKLY. Huge zerg battles are a gimmick if no skill is involved.
  11. The difference in skill between overwatch and CS:Go is huge. Cs:go is all about player skill and knowledge. Overwatch is all about knowledge and using alts, fps skills matter but not as much. Really wish we could get another Darkfall with modern graphics and sandbox content.
  12. Because any mmorpg that is solely pvp based without deep content for "sheep" players ends up dying.
  13. Exactly, that is never enough. If everything leads to pvp for the sake of pvp then you have nothing else to do.
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