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  1. Aye and the downstream effects of an MMO company actually delivering something finished at release could be huge. Seems like every mmo these days pushed its product out before it's ready and suffers for it. So if the release is a success for taking that extra time to make sure it was ready it might give other game companies (or investors who push game companies) something to think about.
  2. Well at least they're constantly releasing updates, and videos, and just generally staying in contact with their players/testers. I certainly don't miss the days when you'd be hyped for a game and when asked for more info a game company would just hiss at you and grip their precious all the more tightly.
  3. Aye we have quite a few people waiting for Crowfall and other MMOs in our community by playing other games together in addition to testing alpha.
  4. Aye hopefully I'll have my skills trained up enough to jump right into crafting designer vessels for everyone.
  5. Ah tis good to be back after battling the evil dragon known as Life. Death to Life! Looking forward to getting back in the swing of things.
  6. Aye a lot of people seem to be looking forward to its release. Only other class I might try is Templar sticking with the tank theme. But I'm really enjoying these dual-maces on my myrmidon. Four stuns, a root, and a mass knockdown make for some good real-player agro.
  7. As a player who intends to focus most of his time on crafting I don't like the idea of complete items dropping from mobs in game. I understand the sentiment that pure combat players want the "ooo, loot!" feeling; however, such a feeling in a full crafting game is possible given only crafting reagents. If the combat player loots rare, epic, or legendary reagents for crafting those are each pieces towards that next BIG piece of gear he or she can have crafted. For me instant gratification comes from successfully killing another player or defending a location. Crafting is a slow process that though rewarding takes a certain amount of planning and patience. I can't really wrap my mind around why there should be a way to avoid the gradual progression of a character and move to just kill-> upgrade -> kill. As for the economic loop: resources/reagents move into the loop by harvesting/combat looting, those resources are consumed to create gear, that gear exits the economic loop, and is eventually destroyed through game play. The entropy of item destruction draws the economic loop forward. The only way to stall the loop is to not gather resources or for everyone to stop engaging in combat. Now it is unlikely the second event will occur as the whole point of the game is PvP, but allowing full items to drop on loot tables may very well contribute to a "Why Harvest?" mindset. But if combat players want an exclusive contribution to the economic loop then I suppose limiting that contribution to a single thing (minor disciplines) is a compromise I'd be okay with.
  8. Aye a few in my guild have expressed interest in seeing such a thing. I don't much see the need for that right now. With Skill Training currently sped up for the sake of testing I expect at launch players' time banks won't amount to too much. That is assuming they only go a few days without playing. But if the coding team has some extra time on their hands I suppose a quality of life upgrade to the skill trees wouldn't be a bad thing.
  9. I interpreted the term "character" as being a race/class combo that you like. I don't think it means one vessel and done, it means one race of vessel and done. Of course you'll need to continually update your "character" by using different vessels with either better/different stats or ones with more additives. Additives are the best parts of necromancy I find as the vessels I've crafted thus far can have anything from extra support power to more experimentation points in any crafting profession. I'm sure at some point people will acquire vessels that are considered top tier, but the desire to maximize one's own potential will require constant tweaking of stats and additives. So even though the TOP players can't move any further vertically they can become better by moving horizontally.
  10. I'd like to see constitution's secondary stat be something like nature/poison resist or something along those lines.
  11. Kelfatir

    Noob Myrm

    I like the Demon's Pact minor discipline for the 4th passive slot it offers. For Major Disciplines I'm a crafter so I often use the harvesting Majors. But when I plan on engaging in pvp I run Juggernaut and Scarecrow. The Scarecrow passive I keep on my harvesting bar for in case an assassin gets the jump on me and the active ability Piercing armor/ dmg returned to those who use piercing on you is nice for closing the distance between you and an archer.
  12. Aye 5.4 has been fun compared to past iterations. Having a blast making vessels.
  13. Aye I've been focusing on crafting and harvesting mostly so as far as combat disciplines go I'm not entirely sure what route I'll be going. But after doing some arena style pvp tonight with guildies I enjoyed trying different things on my myrmidon.
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