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  1. Max


    Well taking a loan you would need to interact with the community. And you will still have to gather items to trade and you will still have to trade to get other materials. But taking a loan would only be necessary if you need it soon. I don't think a bank would harm the system in any way.
  2. Max


    Just throwing out a random idea and see what the logical people of the internet have to say Wouldn't it just suck to be a crafter that is just about too finish his epic bow of awesomeness when suddenly, he needs one more stick to finish! Now lets say this poor crafter just spent all his trade-able currency purchasing the necessary materials for this bow, so he decides to go to CrowBank. There he borrows the stick he needs and creates his epic bow of awesomeness. His bow allows him to make a profit and later gives CrowBank a stick plus a rock as interest. TLDR: Would it be possible to make a bank in Crowfall if you had a large enough reputation?
  3. Found it strange that some images work for a profile and others do not. Any ideas?
  4. Are you one of the few that decides a game is much more than "just a game"? Can you command an army with pride and dignity? Do you go to battle under the command of your general and help bring wealth to the kingdom? Do you manage your stocks, customers, and employees to receive the highest possible pay? Do you have the patience and determination to craft again and again to achieve the perfect sword? ------------------------------------------------------ I would love to create a Guild Kingdom for the community of players that would like to reach the highest tiers possible. The players that spend too much time planning the perfect strategy, combo, or way of profit. A Guild Kingdom with politics, prosperity, and reward. ----------------------------------------------------- Now I have to know. Am I the only one? * There will be a follow up if some of you agree with me, otherwise I will just scrap the idea. As this is a game for innovation, I am willing to try something new. Thanks. *
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