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    Avatar from the first game I ever truly loved: https://gswiki.play.net/mediawiki/index.php/Rogue
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  1. I couldn't deal with Chivalry either -- despite my best efforts.
  2. My colleague's game is getting closer. They started their kickstarter just a few days ago and are already on their way to stretch goals! Check it out!
  3. Fun stuff Big Guy -- and I finally figured out what happened to you at the end of the fight you finished the video with. Great music selection.
  4. Looks great. Coincidentally I learned what boom boom tequila means this very night. I had never heard of it, then suddenly I learn about it and see paper towels imprinted with it.
  5. If MUD's count as MMO's (I vote they should!) then Gemstone III/IV was my favourite (still is?). Shadowbane still is somehow special -- my first graphical MMO, such good times, and the game to which I compare all others since. I would be lying if I didn't mention that I loved WoW at times, too.
  6. Thanks. I found that one already. I was hoping for 3 or 4k versions. Pretty Please?
  7. Is there a larger version of the ToL artwork anywhere that we are allowed to use (as a desktop bg)?
  8. I laughed a lot. Thanks for that.
  9. I'm glad you are offering paid internships. Classy stuff, good work.
  10. I agree with your sentiment here: There is a middle ground that where fun, practicality (tech and game play), and some semblance of realism merge. I'm honestly not sure how big that target is, and it will clearly vary for each person. I'm glad we're seeing catapults that have to be moved from one point to another rather than ones we can fold up and put into our pockets. I don't love the current iteration (as far as I can tell from the video), but I hope it's able to stir up enough feedback and allow the tech to be usefully tested without taking too many steps down a path that doesn't seem to b
  11. I'm not sure what the "big picture" plan is for the game... They have talked about siege equipment, but i'm not sure of the scope...I'm guessing mostly arena style combat.
  12. Mordhau just dropped a new update video -- it looks pretty glorious. https://youtu.be/p-B4AwgArwA Full disclosure: a colleague from work is the project lead on this game.
  13. VAT was a bit surprising to me when I finally backed... I haven't been in Europe for that long, and the VAT surprise was rather unsettling. I am very much looking forward to hearing the plans for Europe as well.
  14. Or make and sell the vessels where they will be needed and used the most -- in campaigns.
  15. Are you suggesting a treb or catapult for tossing stoneborn? Seems reasonable, to me.
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