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  1. Good to have you back Allastair Looking forward to getting some testing done with you
  2. Really looking forward to testing out the druid tomorrow and seeing how stuff has changed since i haven't been able to test for a few weeks.
  3. Been really busy lately but looking forward to playing with everyone next test!
  4. Yeah i wouldn't rely on the dots for how the power scaling works it may or may not be stronger in terms of dps to the other tanks but we wont really know until we are able to get our hands on it to try out.
  5. The Division seemed really cool. The Dark zone is what interested me the most I wish i was able to try it out.
  6. Nope I see no reason to have multiple accounts and if i have to have them to be competitive then I wont be playing.
  7. Guild vs Guild I think will be really fun and I'm looking forward to checking out siege mode.
  8. ibm181

    Fury Class

    I can get on board with this I love spears as a weapons and i feel most games don't do them justice if they even add them. I couldn't say it better myself.
  9. ibm181


    Honestly I think they should just have a speed mechanic like the Centaurs though i wouldn't be against them riding a Chariot like Kell said.
  10. Great group of people to hang out with on team speak. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all better!
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