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  1. So Gaea the Earth Mother was married to Arkon. Then Gaea gave birth/created Humans, then the deer/elk people and then she died creating/giving birth to the Forgemaster race. Then Arkon blames Kane for Gaea's death and arranges a trial by combat but kane shows up unarmed and confesses ,then D'orion attacks Kane but is killed. So Arkon says that Kane is innocent of Gaea's death but still holds a grudge against Kane? So the Forgemaster race comes from Gaea and Kane? Like how is Kane to blame for Gaea's death?
  2. Right now Druid seems like my number one pick. I like to play aggressive support chars so Ill probably play one of the more aggressive/offensive promotional classes and using werebear and or beast-master disciplines
  3. Hey guys I just found out about the game and it looks great! But iv been looking around on the forums and YouTube and the website and I cant seem to find a page with all the gods and the info about them. I have been able to find some forum posts where people are talking about a new god balance god and that some gods are dead? Is there a page with all/most of the gods and their info?
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