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  1. My thougths are that making a game f2p is not equal to success either. I mean i don't want to be pesimistic but it's what it is ACE team need to work much harder and feels bad to say it like that cause i know they already do so but at the end of the day you look at the game and after that long time the game loop should be atleast be functional and still it's not. As far as i know taking albion as example again they turned in to free to play cause they reached the celling being b2p so almost everygame at some point do that and the only way to increasse it is by making it f2p looking for new
  2. As long as they want to make a f2p game its fine!
  3. i believe that if Ace launch this game too early it will be terrible no one will buy it and you are gonna make your own cripte. PLEASE do not launch this game before the things are mentioned above are ready. Launch day should be a day when you show to the public a game which is a sweet candy for everyone. People started playing his mmo after a year of launch said @jtoddcoleman people should be playing since day 1 should be enjoying since day 1 do not launch the game before it's core features are done and atleast playable until you have a good core design and playable you cannot launch there a
  4. until the game has enough funny things to do 24/7 and a reason to keep playing it no matter what ruleset you put on the campaign.
  5. it's long time that i have made a suggestion arround siege schedule and why i don't like it as it's right now. It was about to being interconnected with towers and outposts and other POI arround them that affect their protection. those mentioned reduce it's time to been able to be sieged. I was suggesting that every keep should have few outpost that are gonna reduce it's protection time and every outpost a few towers that do the same to the outpost so all of them are interconected in a way that people always have something to do. I think it's the best idea to put people out there all the
  6. I suggested this 1 week ago. Maybe yoa're gonna be interested in take a look guys hope you like it.
  7. Good evening, today i just created this suggestion cause i felt it lost in a post out there and i didnt even create his own post for it. I was talking on the stream of @CaptainSlashin he just motivated me to create it thx captain very enjoyable night i was thinking that merchant system of crowfall would be as an auction house and static place both at same time. A system divided by categories which i think it could work with eternal kingdoms purpose so you still have meaningfull merchants but they are not player atleast not fully player based. i mean you could make a merchant which m
  8. i'm sorry but this feels like a kid academy. honestly this is too much man they dont know how to play? they should get involved that's all and at top of that isn't finished yet....
  9. Hi everyone, Today i create this post because as title says this is related to the recent Q&A for August. As @jtoddcoleman said as an example about his friend that want to play but don't have a lot of time to play and because of that he got kicked of his guild because it's required his participation into the campaing to deal with those cards based on player participation. To be honest when i was talking about add more cards on the other post this just popped on my mind but i just let it as i did because i couldn't really solve it. it was a painfull result. So here is
  10. when you spread the word that you are laughting about others. isn't like watching a comedy it's that you're trying to show that you're handling it. so you didn't call me ignorant on that statment. i see, when you say it, it doesn't affect you for some reason, looks interesting. have luck! 🤥
  11. Ape i'm glad to see your pov as always So starting with the example i mean atleast they probably have to be enemys at some time (probably a lot of times) and it still affect the fact that friendly fire isn't allowed in between their 10 guilds. Talking about restrictions i dont know what can be more artificial than virtual stuff, but you know, it simply doesn't feel like that to me. they will just be able to play with who they want but less zerggy anyways as @ComradeAma said "I think if you design the game around the idea that in order to be successful in the game, you require a guil
  12. Keep laughting. it's much more healthy for you. "Only hearing what i want", no i just explained it you missunderstand arround the stuff that i have said and manipulate things in your favor. That's it and it can proved on this comment, that you think annoucing that you are laughting about it will give you superiority and in fact only give you an ignorant position. if not if were something that make you laught why would you put it into a post. it describe your arrogance and ignorance pereftcly at same time.
  13. You turn things that are not exactly as i said in your favor to your post and that's why mostly doesn't make sense to me so many things that you change of my meaning. I'm not gonna waste more than 15 min on details. Anyways i appreciate your opinion but at the end of the day if your opinion isn't based on the facts and instead you need to change it or take it from another perspective to negate the reality that's why it doesn't make sense to me. An quick example is: "PVP game. Alot of people get this confused. Just because there is alot of pvp in a game, does that make it a pvp gam
  14. the idea is that using this card system related to the effort dedicated for each member of a guild [That actually joined the campaing] on the objective of the card. which take in count each player contribution instead as the whole guild, then you could try to add bonuses to the cards system arround a certain group size let say between 20 to 30 which honestly those are the best number for any guild or community to be able and confortable to reach and play simultaniously so you could add an bonus or the entire card focused on that numbers an example could be as follow: this objective is done by
  15. well i dont know to me doesn't make sense creating worlds for bigger and worlds for smaller groups of player and it's just because the biggers have the option to split themselfs in different groups and still being competitive in any campaign (if the meta game is mandatory in that way if not they just ignore it) but there is no way to think that small groups will duplicate in size or triplicate and the most important of this is that normaly it's much more than duplicate or triplicate in size the difference in between. another thing to take in count is what number determines what is a big guild
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