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  1. I like a lot this idea but i think those kind of things should be under cooldown because if not there will be a huge diference on money maker beetwen profesions. Basically it would turn alchemyst to a crowfall national bank. If people is demanding gold to transmutate they will sell gold. People want dust for other stuff, they will sell dust. what ever you need. alchemist will always take so high profit of it. its like a national bank. people is demanding gold to transmutate so they sell people want dust for other stuff they sell what ever you need alchemist would be like a national bank. Mientras no haya niveles y no haya diferentes cualidades de "oro", significa que necesitará un enfriamiento obvio.
  2. That's exactly what i mean every guild is a side so they must be regulated in terms of population and as albion online did in 2 weeks ago alliances must be capped too as the same size of a guilds so smaller guilds together can reach those big clans numbers.
  3. we are in the alpha of a game this is normal that the game can not handle it but I insist that many seem that every time I speak of different population numbers it gives the sensation that you only have in mind as if it were a battle of 50vs10 or something like that however, even if it was a 10v10 battle if one of the two sides has 10 more attacking other sites at the end it translates into the same thing 10v10 would be a balanced battle but in reality they are 20v10 only that 10 are in another place attacking then that is what my base is based on point of view that at least all sides are always more or less with the same population and in equal opportunities in terms of allies / enemies.
  4. It is not just about zergs if a group of 100 players play together on one side on the other sides there is always a very high abandonment percentage since it is not possible to be competitive enough against 100 people. In other words, if you are campaigning and only 100 people can play on one side they are an organized guild group and on the other 100 random people there are already abysmal differences in strategy, ability etc. So it is not necessary to be very intelligent to realize that if in the same case described above there are very large population differences, for example: 100 players on one side against different numbers of players such as 100v40v50, being minority groups tend to decrease because they begin to realize that they don't have to know how to play the game well to win, but to be the same or more people than the enemy as a minimum. In addition, this example was quite generous, it would be an example of 3 guilds with important sizes because small groups of 10-20 people or even less, of 5 or solitary players are never competitors for such large guilds. However many groups of 2-20 people making a total of 100 people against a guild of 100 is something much more just competitive fun and meaningful. Even so they would have the disadvantage of not being well organized but that is something that players must take care of themselves and improve in order to defeat another well organized group. So my point here is make the tools needed that the game is good enough to put atleast the same amount of people fighting for his own side with the same amount doing it infront of them. Do not expect that the people will do it themselfs do you think a guild will disband in 2 other guilds cause they are 100 and others are 50? lets be realistic no one would do that.
  5. This is my suggestion. More or less always the same amount of players who can join every side of any kind of game mode if not there will be a lot of rage quit from so many solo / small groups of players excluding those kind of arrogant people who thinks they are the best of the world. at 3rd page its explained how do i would reallize this kind of balancement of the population and if atleast there are more or less the same amount of people on every side of any kind of game mode of crowfall always will be good content and fun for everyone of course will become fair and attractive for everyone not only for those fanboys who we can find overhere nowadays which don't really care about the healthy of the game only in their own vision to be the best of the game (mass zerging). Resumarized its about to create an variable cap of people who can join as the same amount for every side and progressively over time that each side reach the maximum it expands the idea is acomplished with a queue system that let you play in god reach and eternal kingdoms (maybe the infected too) while you are waiting to take place in one of those campaings you are activelly participating. there is explained a few things more and are with in diferent posts so take your time if you are interested and read it. soon i will make a poll with different points and how the people in general would think its a better way to be a fair play in terms of game design just cause they are the basics of de fun games and we cannot let them make the same mistake that we have seen over the years with all the pvp mmorpg. This is supposed to be a game and it has to be fun and to be fun there must always be a population balance but it will just stop being fun when people wonder why they beat us are they better? no, they play much longer and there are many more. Then it is when little by little after the initial hype all those people who joined the game for different reasons, whether aesthetic or design or gameplay etc. begin to leave the game little by little. PS: i just forgot to mention that always there are people who dont like that cause they are on their confortable amount of guild mates that is hard to reach their numbers as: time invested and amount of players. Cause of that they are scared because they know that they are a coward zergs that with same amount of people for each side of a pvp game matter most skill than the amount of slaves. Without taking into account that large groups always tend to grow because of their great advantages over others and as we all want to win then it simply ceases to have value. PSS: Big fish always eat small ones and they know it, so they are scared, they claim that's something political and the leaders is who have to deal with this but the truth is that if you are not part of the big guild/alliance you're simply f*cked.
  6. ¡March Q&A! @jtoddcoleman you know? we should get this game out 🙉 Anyone can't get disappointed with this start dude..
  7. Completly agree with that you can not expect ppl playing alpha beta or last month before launch to try everything and be prepared to with clear idea. i think some kind of quality of live improvement would be good for all.
  8. I'm with him a bit of lore is always appreciated but not so much i dont care if his minotaur defecates like dinosaur or like a little pony to be honest. my opinion is about to only needed lore and hopefully its seen in the gameplay i would apprecieate it much more than storytellers or cinematic stuff. PS: i mean focus on the gameplay pls.
  9. Pues muy mal siempre se tiene que poder hablar de todo y aquellos a los que no son tolerantes a la hora de comunicarse simplemente son los que tienen que cambiar de mentalidad ya que no les lleva a ningun lado siempre habra otros que piensan diferente y debe hablarse todo sea de lo que sea. Me gustaria saber que era pero ya hace mucho de esto
  10. I completly agree that but i have to add something. I think there should be a relationship between the points of interest which are made for the pvp so that the further the point of interest is from your main area as the temple of the factions, those points of interest should be weaker and also This could be represented in the form of resources carried by the caravans from their previous point of interest. Those caravans should transport resources from the faction. The faction orders balls of light, chaos balls of dark matter and balance balls of grass which would significantly increase the defenses of a small camp, tower, fort or castle (POI) in such a way that always the furthest points of interest would be the most complicated to defend. this system that I propose is similar to what can be seen in RVR in guild wars 2 would add several very important things for the game, surveillance tasks, ambush tasks, caravan escort tasks etc. These caravans could be linked with a previous maintenance of resources by the players giving more importance to the gatherer. It is also important to say that for campaigns to have a healthy activity incorporate this type of thing because if it is a matter of entering at a certain time of day to attend a siege that is regulated by a schedule and the problem is that it does grow a great dissatisfaction for those players who can not attend this event at that time so my proposal is such that for example the siege castles that are currently are much slower and more expensive when building to defend and destroy to conquer it In this way you do not need so many schedules but effort for all the players in that faction or guild. It should also be borne in mind that in order to disconnect from siege schedules, it must be borne in mind that siege weapons must be without unlimited ammunition and a bit more expensive for their creation even with a certain limited number of use with the possibility of repair. I also suggest that within the points of interest of capture the players could complete different tasks to develop their forts and castles for example there could be a kind of recruiter who could recruit a maximum of 10 guards for example and would need to live the better that meal was much faster he could recruit guards to accompany these caravans or simply to patrol the roads between conquered adjacent points of interest. In short, make the conquered points come alive and that the group of players can do many more things than just build a wall around it for their defense. All this should be accompanied by good population regulation measures as suggested a few weeks ago in this Link
  11. i think instead of hot zones the game will need random events arround the map as gathering as pve and crafting bonus which will create pvp skirmishes i would like to see some kind of great bonus craft tables randomly spawned at map like artifact table at camps right now and i would like to see rich gathering nodes and i would like to see pve mobs with increased loot like champs chiefs and kings as right now but out of the pve camps like now.
  12. i completly agree with that!
  13. @Pann happy birthday from spain which is 12/2/20 0:46 Am but i think i'm still in time in your frame time, enjoy your day!
  14. what im gonna stop talking is about your ineptitude
  15. Seems like you didnt found the medication today. I'll not be joining this kind of discusion that you are talking about personal attributes enjoy your day.
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