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  1. there will be short campaings and campaings like arena mode settings so the idea to add an world of warcraft arena its not for this game.
  2. To be honest i think they can not say too much about it cause is something that would create right before the release of the game not at this point so i think they can not say something like they will gonna do it if they can not handle it, would be a terrible mistake. Atleast i just wanna share the idea and if you like it just let me know it. Just in case that they decide to do it i would be happy but i really don't care when.
  3. Hi everyone, Long time ago that i haven't got a post over here but i hope this does not matter to anyone. My suggestion is full creative open minded one and ill just let you here the idea and if you like it and (devs accept that they are going to work extra hours 😋) then they are supposed to find the best timing for this kind of things which are stetical and not supposed to be focused in a pre-alpha stage. So here we go, the basic idea is about making stetical "biome" for each faction. when a faction takes control of a point of the map the zone attached to this Point Of Interest will change slowly to the stetic of his faction, It could be perfectly adapted to its siege timing which will let the players feel inmersive with the enviroment, like if its ready to be sieged or still destroyed cause of the past. Light for the order which means yellow everywhere Darkness for the chaos which means black everywhere Nature for balance which means green everywhere 😄 I have a lot of things in mind that could be done with that enviroment idea but that's all for now. hopefully you like it even if you think this is not for this stage of development like i do.
  4. Wait wow after seen the Q&A of december as always, i just started to play which i did not do that long time ago and i can feel the progress congratulations. since now crowfall is playable for me. Keep working hard!
  5. 23/01/2018 Funny moment from live stream! https://clips.twitch.tv/ReliableBadFriseeGivePLZ
  6. Just 1 more thing. Keep working hard and make me feel happy with that project which all of us are waiting for it.
  7. you don't understand it or you just played few pvp games. Democracy is not synonymous of debate it's understanding and equality of powers and rights. After all i was talking about the guild system in-game. Finally in a quick actions of pvp the best groups of players are singing relevant information not a dictatorial speech.
  8. There's to many mmorpgs that guild system is Hierarchical system if not all. One day a genius will realize that these are games and that the best way that humanity works is with democracy. P.S: Democratic guild systems, why not?. To make a good game you have to prioritize gameplay instead of realistic aspects. P.S.S: @krevra yes, the pvp of life is feudal is one of the worst i've seen
  9. Reporting bugs of last test (A lot of them)

  10. A Crow explained to me that with the bow you regenerate energy. I will check that next test at this friday.
  11. Yes, sure im still using potions everytime harvesting and crafting thanks for your opinion sir, But I have to insist that an object that needs many others can break the progress of a player so from my point of view the final object must have a minimum of 98% success in any case. PS: yes i did, 1h ago i was given in access into the Testing subforum.
  12. Hey, This is going to be the first comment on this latest version of crowfall in which I will expose my suggestions and some bugs that I found over the last days of testing. Come on, the first suggestion is the food / survivalist campfires. The campfires have a very limited duration when food is a much needed resource to be able to have a good stay in the game. Recommendation: increase the value of wood required for its manufacture and increase its maximum duration of utility or use. [Resources] From my point of view we have a problem with the different resources. The mineral and the stone are in a good situation in front of the wood and the leather. An imbalance between these resources makes the wood and leather have disadvantages of quality / farm well below the others. Recommendation: balance the different types of resources taking into account their quality and abundance. [Crafting] As a personal anecdote of this first test in which i could enjoy and experienced a great disappointment to see several problems with crafting. The main problem was when I realized that I had to create about 15 pieces so that when I put them all together, I could create a mail Coif which was not successful in its manufacture. Summarizing it can not be that after combining a total of around 10 pieces, there is the possibility of failing in the attempt of the crafting process. Of course i lost all the stuff of 2 days in 1s. Recomendation: Remove the possibility of failure or failure in the process of creating certain items which require a higher quantity of 4 of previous items for its correct manufacture. [Ranger] From my point of view the Ranger archetype has a slight problem with energy since it does not have any kind of regeneration of which it is necessary to use its abilities. Recommendation: Add a statistic of energy regeneration for this archetype. It should also be said that the skills of this archetype especially those away are not at all fluent considering the amount of movement or dodge skills. But at the moment I'm not going to talk about this anymore because I think it may be necessary to have more experiences in general with the character. [Bugs] Treated Steel When crafting any type of chain mail armor you can observe that you have the option to add 2 pieces of treated steel but you can only add 1 because they can not be grouped in such a way that although you can theoretically use 2 pieces of treated steel. You can only add one for your clustering problem mentioned above. Animals There is a problem in which the animals are stuck in the map by different terrain unevenness. Crafting There is a problem in which when you finish crafting 1 object the creation of it does not restart correctly and the necessary resources do not appear to re-create it This is everything for this last test Saturday 14 to Monday 16 January. Greetings PS: do not forget to give me access to the test subforum as this feedback I think should go there.
  13. Hey there, I would like you to give me access to be able to create or reply post on the Testing subforum. I have several things to explain the problems and bugs that I found in this first weekly test in which I participate. Greetings
  14. Give me Acces to the Testing Subforum pls!

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