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  1. For a location and a UI element the Crypt is a good thing. Being able to move between worlds in a body is fine (subject to import/export rules). But everything about players being able play a single character and form attachment is either problematic or misleading, both from an economic systems sense and a progression sense. Honestly need more information, but I fear this is a half-measure to try to please everyone.
  2. To get back to the OP, I agree that it is important to have things to do with varying levels of intensity and time commitment, as it allows players to contribute at more regular intervals which will reinforce their investment in the game and the investment in their social circles. This also keeps concurrent population up, and makes the world more alive, which is a benefit to other players. However, I really don't see the "action harvesting" as that much of attention/focus drain. As others have noted it can be ignored for lesser efficiency, and even if it is not ignored it really doesn't demand that much focus. Action harvesting is necessary, since harvesting is a gameplay area that players must devote skill points, vessel, discipline, and gear to improve. Thus, the gameplay itself needed to be more than just "hold button at this location and then run around picking up stuff".
  3. This has always been my thought on skill training. If it doesn't matter, it shouldn't exist, because all it will do is create an artificial mental barrier to entry for new players.
  4. This, I really wish ACE would dump this permanent passive skill training. To access the power of your passive skills you need a vessel etc. that has the correct quality etc. Players will already have to devote time and resources to a particular path (vessels, gear, disciplines) no matter what passive skills they have trained. Campaign import level will determine the (temporary) power level advantage of veteran players at the start of the campaign (e.g. no import you will be parity with new players), the only thing that permanent passive skill does is put new players at a disadvantage for all import levels, necessitating a catch-up mechanic (new players already have skill and social disadvantages anyways). If you absolutely need players to commit to a particular class/role within a campaign have them commit skill points at the beginning of the campaign, and then give them some skill points during the campaign so they can alter their course a bit if needed. VIP can still spend points in 2 different classes and races, you consolidate combat into the class trees (and only allow the combat choices to work while in a vessel of that class), and then everyone can have the same pool of points for crafting/harvesting/exploration, thus no power advantage and only flexibility. Sure you might argue that there is less customization, but the real customization comes with all of the systems outside the passive training. It just seems like this passive skill training is a vestige of older design, that just causes more issues than it is worth.
  5. I certainly think the harvesting needs more depth, I think adding abilities will help, but still just doing a single target rotation on a target dummy isn't that interesting. I personally would like a system that keeps the doober spews at 25/50/75/100%, but gives you bonus doobers (both amount and quality) for the amount of overkill done at the 50% and 100% thresholds. This would do several things. It would force players to balance and time their damage output on the node. You aren't just wanting to go all out, instead you want to get as close to 50/100% as you can, and then load up a big hit to get the maximum bonus. It also gives players of different skill levels a role in group harvesting. Say you have 3 people, you would want one player (dabbling veteran) to do consistent and moderate strikes to get you towards the 50/100% thresholds quickly, then you would want a player (newbie) to do smaller hits to get you to right to 51%/99%, then you would want a player (dedicated veteran) to be the big hitter and swing at 51%/99% to get maximum overkill.
  6. Part of the reason is to differentiate itself from other competitors (e.g. Camelot Unchained). Another part is that action-style combat done well is a lot of fun. Crowfall does not have anywhere near the twitch requirements that a game like For Honor has. For me, I can never go back to tab-target MMOs, they just have lost all appeal to me.
  7. Many of the arguments that the skill system is fine for new players hold true for combat (although I still think it is lackluster, but this topic is about new players) . But they don't hold true for harvesting and crafting. Harvesting and crafting are entirely numbers based, which means that a veteran player will continue to have an advantage in those areas over a new player. With the current system, there is no opportunity for a new player to try to carve out an economic niche quickly as they will have to go through a lot of the basic economic skills. Not only will new players be at a skills disadvantage, but the will already be at an economic (from the rewards of previous campaigns) and social disadvantage. Thus the skill disadvantage only compounds the other disadvantages that you cannot really design around. The problem of the time advantage is a psychological one that will impact a player's decision to play the game. This problem is particularly worse for crafting and harvesting oriented players, who are players the game relies heavily on.
  8. There were several healing circles in the Youtube clip, some at longer range than the particular circle you mentioned, I now see the one you were referring to, my mistake. P.S. It was careful attention to the paint diagram (and the word fixed) that finally clued me in.
  9. It doesn't do the same thing, because it doesn't force the Legionnaire into melee to heal others, which means the Legionnaire can continue to stay at the outskirts of battle, and they can fire off the heal at any time, limiting the counterplay of anti-heal. I agree that there are plenty of other ways to implement healing/support abilties: healing projectiles (which could be intercepted by enemies), a buff that reverses damage taken into healing, hell even throw out a healing gust/tornado (heals and knocksback friendlies), a friendly pull/push ability, to name a few. Each type can have a place in the healing kit, even PBAOE if the range of the heal is properly balanced.
  10. Ground targeted AoE actually allows the Legionnaire to play even further back than they do right now. My issue with the current PBAOE is that the range isn't point blank. If they reduced the range significantly (not necessarily just melee range, but something closer to melee range) then the Legionnaire would have to get closer to the fight, which puts him at risk (both to CC and to a target swap). That reduced range would also telegraph when the Lego is going to heal which allows players to use healing debuffs more intelligently. It would also bring fights closer together, you wouldn't have as wide of a spread if you needed to stay closer for healing.
  11. I think there could be many interesting things they can do with death/resurrection, but there is a lot of work still to be done in terms of all the mechanics before you die. This might be something they can revisit after launch, but I don't think they have the bandwidth to introduce a very interesting death/resurrect system at this time.
  12. https://youtu.be/fUXdivm7JVU?t=3m38s Certainly subject to change. But I am not sure how they would properly balance harvesting and POIs if POIs could give you the same or higher quality materials as harvesting, with no harvesting skill required.
  13. Actually, resource factories are for low-grade mass materials that will be utilized (presumably) for structures and siege weaponry. Any of the high-end materials that you will want to use for gear will still be harvested in the current fashion.
  14. The earlier combat had many problems, namely a lack of responsiveness, fluidity, and control. A lot of this had to do with the length/speed of the animations (particularly recovery animations), lag/desync, combos and the problems with root-motion and collisions. I think it makes sense for them to move away from their earlier approaches, because many of those problems were likely to just get worse with larger numbers in the same location. My problem with the current combat is that they went too far in terms of mobility, especially during attacks. While I like the additional control and responsiveness, I do not like the offensive mobility that free-movement left-click brings, because all other abilities now need to be balanced off of that. Your character should move slower when utilizing abilities so that there is more decision making in terms of being more offensive or defensive. Reducing the mobility will also help with balancing CC, as well as ranged archetypes.
  15. My problem is that the gameplay for harvesting is extremely shallow, and only consists of holding F and having enough skill with a combination of skillpoints and your tool. There isn't any decision making to do, when compared to crafting, combat, or exploration. Because the gameplay is so shallow, I don't think it should be considered its own profession, with its own skill trees. Now, you might lump explorers in with harvesters, but not only does exploration have its own skill lines, but harvesting nodes is only one thing an explorer will be looking for, and that explorer is generally more interested in continuing exploring, than sitting at the node they found holding F for 20 minutes. After the initial exploration phase, explorers will be utilized as scouts (or potentially will go to another campaign to explore some more). So exploration has a lot of interesting gameplay and decision-making for those who enjoy exploration. I understand why they made harvesting gameplay so shallow, because there are so many other interesting spheres that interact with harvesting (combat, exploration, crafting), that harvesting doesn't need deep gameplay. But at the same time, if it isn't going to have interesting gameplay, it really shouldn't be a dedicated profession with skill-trees. Instead, many people will just have harvesting alts, whether they want to focus on the combat or crafting side on their main, because it just isn't interesting enough to be a dedicated harvester.
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