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  1. For a location and a UI element the Crypt is a good thing. Being able to move between worlds in a body is fine (subject to import/export rules). But everything about players being able play a single character and form attachment is either problematic or misleading, both from an economic systems sense and a progression sense. Honestly need more information, but I fear this is a half-measure to try to please everyone.
  2. To get back to the OP, I agree that it is important to have things to do with varying levels of intensity and time commitment, as it allows players to contribute at more regular intervals which will reinforce their investment in the game and the investment in their social circles. This also keeps concurrent population up, and makes the world more alive, which is a benefit to other players. However, I really don't see the "action harvesting" as that much of attention/focus drain. As others have noted it can be ignored for lesser efficiency, and even if it is not ignored it really doesn't d
  3. This has always been my thought on skill training. If it doesn't matter, it shouldn't exist, because all it will do is create an artificial mental barrier to entry for new players.
  4. This, I really wish ACE would dump this permanent passive skill training. To access the power of your passive skills you need a vessel etc. that has the correct quality etc. Players will already have to devote time and resources to a particular path (vessels, gear, disciplines) no matter what passive skills they have trained. Campaign import level will determine the (temporary) power level advantage of veteran players at the start of the campaign (e.g. no import you will be parity with new players), the only thing that permanent passive skill does is put new players at a disadvantage for al
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