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  1. Yep, that must have slipped back in when we had to re-do everything for the GDPR. I'll take care of it. To clarify; Yes, we follow ACE's lead on this; they allow multi-accounts, so we do, too.
  2. I've noted this and passed the thread link on. More as it happens.
  3. Great, glad to hear it! All part of the service here at Casa Crowfall, .
  4. OK, the bug that prevented Lithuanian and Latvian players from registering or purchasing the game should be fixed. Let us know if you have further issues.
  5. I have our techs here looking into it. Latvia and Lithuania are indeed Travain territories, so you shouldn't be redirected to purchase the game. My apologies for the inconvenience! This is a bug and we'll fix it. More as it happens!
  6. Hi mercnet. Just contact support@crowfall.com; we'll sort it all out.
  7. Update: We have found the issue and are fixing it now. Should be done by a couple hours from now.
  8. We agree with you, Tofyzer. When we localize non-Brazilian Portuguese, it will be one version for the rest of the world.
  9. Hi Tornado, In the case you mention, we'll certainly do whatever we can. I'm not sure what that would be (yet), but we'll certainly try.
  10. I see where you are coming from, Rikutatis, but we can't wait until soft launch to make a judgment on whether to enter the market. We have to be able to plan our territory launches and the resources we're going to devote to them. Right now, Brazil is mostly an unknown; we hope to make that less of a question mark, :). And as you noted, that could be said of any region. N.A. and Europe have shown their interest by becoming backers; we want to see if the MMO community in Brazil shows the same sort of interest. We're not looking for massive sales (although we wouldn't turn them down); we're looking to see if it is a viable market.
  11. Portugal is coming, :). The reasons for a Brazil-specific test: 1. Brazil is about half the market in South America, so we need to do a market test to see if there is any interest at all. If there is, we can plan larger support and a marketing push later; 2. Brazil uses a somewhat different version of Portuguese, so requires different translations. We'll be starting European Portuguese later this year; we haven't forgotten them. :). So, no slight intended for the Portuguese; different market, different ways to do things.
  12. I'll take the bullet for that one; we'll correct it by sending ACE a full schedule of when we're going to be streaming, so they can add it to their Publish checklist. Growing pains...
  13. Hey, Arkade, Thanks for the report, we'll look into it this morning. If you happened to grab a screenshot, that would be swell, :). More as it happens... Daylar
  14. ACE is visiting Travian and we have them live at https://www.twitch.tv/traviangames. Come join us now!
  15. The page https://crowfall.com/en/combinations/ is now fixed. Thank you again for the report!
  16. As Pann said. We handed out about 3,000 discount cards last year at Gamescom to people who attended the booth. Thanks for catching it and enjoy your Fort Lodge,
  17. Hey, emgee, Could you DM me the email, so I can have it looked into here? Thanks! Jess
  18. You can request a refund by emailing support at crowfall.com. But don't leave! We'll miss you!
  19. So, lots of good feedback here; thank you, all! We'll start sorting out the criticals from the rest in the morning, Munich time, and get cracking.
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