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  1. BLUF: I feel that Shadows should be the primary focus for major development thrust. Implementing a DAOC style RvR, with small/medium game loops and catch up mechanics would benefit all group sizes. Many of the following inputs are influenced by conversations I've had with the community. Keep Battles: In this new Shadows, you need to take 3 outposts to take a fort, 3 forts to take a keep. No more "hot times", rather the mechanic allows for it to be open 24/7. Buff guards in the Keep, perhaps, put a keep king making it so a single player can't solo the keep, but perhaps a group of 12 can. Faction Dungeon: The faction that owns the most territory gets access to the faction campaign dungeon. This gives access to weapon/armor/character skins and crafting materials. There could be different dungeons per campaign (season), so there is a rotation to keep it fresh. Campaign Map: Faction campaign maps should have three areas. In each area is the faction temple, the temple has a portal that comes from Gods Reach, a portal to lead to an adventure area, a portal to the free city, and another portal that leads to the dregs. You should not have to leave the game to move between the various worlds. The center tile should have the faction dungeon as mentioned with cool PvE counters. Out from the dungeon tile, each faction has a keep tile, on the other side of the keep tile is adventure area, then the faction temple. I believe we've seen a similar "triangular" map before. Note, I don't know the best way to spread out the outposts and keeps; perhaps their all on the keep tile, perhaps they have several in the adventure tile. Catch Up Mechanics/God Favor or Disdain: To reduce the issue of faction stacking, the faction in the lowest position receives the "All Father's" buff. This increases their damage against the 1st place faction by 10%, and the 2nd place faction by 5%. They also receive a buff to damaging NPCs. The Gods should have a say in the world as well (we are fighting for them). There could be debuffs added to one faction or another based on the god in the pantheon for the faction. This is faction wide and can affect a tile to aid in allowing a faction to catch up. Remove Imports: There are already no export token limitations. I do not think imports are helpful. I would suggest removing imports completely. The "uncle bob" factor is in play, since many of us have multiple accounts and can import plenty of high end templates to reproduce in a campaign. If imports stay, I would suggest providing a caravan mechanic to import items into the campaign. For instance, you must caravan through SkyPoint to bring items into Faction, and Faction to Dregs. The assumption is you've already used up all your important tokens to run the caravan. Instanced Content: I do like the hellgate ideas that provide an instance dungeons that allows for small group PvP and PvE. This will allow for folks to do things inside the faction zone that isn't specific for RvR content. This instance content could be made available in the dungeon tile, folks risk PvP to participate in it. Auction House: There should be an auction house/vendor in the free city to allow for trading across factions. There should be an auction house/vendor in faction temples, allowing only trading for the faction. This will greatly help small/medium size guilds and boost the economy. Enables players to stay in the campaign and purchase goods. Crafted items could be caravanned into Shadows from Gods reach. Free City/quest content: The free city should have art added to make it look like a city, visually different from the temples, towns, and EKs. It would be a great place to bring in the lore about the battle between the gods, and more information about the world (perhaps temples for the gods with priest). This would be a great place to add quest content that send players into the adventure, keep, and dungeon tile maps. This exposes them to PvP, and provides a smaller group game loop. Could also allow for reputation building for various war tribes, or gods. Campaign Scoring: Campaign scoring should account for the Faction, and individual players. Each campaign should have a leader board for PvP (not crafting, sorry). Players can earn PvP currency to purchase skins, belt items, crafting additives, etc. The seasonal participation should not be scored by ranks, rather based on your participation you earn out health potions (why don't we have these), food items, or other consumables that will aid those that want to focus on PvP.
  2. I like a lot of these ideas. I would like to be able to purchase player skins, but some of the cooler versions can be gained as rewards from campaigns or in game achievements. Completely agree with import tokens going away.
  3. Import cap should go away, or at the very least gets refreshed every season. From my observation the imports only punish new players and the EK economy.
  4. If you're a new player looking to learn the game, don't be afraid to leave Skypoint and come join us!
  5. At N21 in Dunric the there is two layers of ground, one floating in the air. You can collide with it, and jump up on it to run over. It looks like an extra tile was laid over top.
  6. This is a great idea and I couldn't agree more! Swapping Runes in the EK would be a great quality of life update.
  7. We're starting to put vendors up in Bastion. We also have all the bells and whistles for crafting.
  8. What is the definition of small here? 1 person, 5-person team, 2 teams? The outposts, shrines, respawn points, PvE zones, and resource (R8+) are great spots for small guilds to get awesome PvP. If you're looking to make a difference in conquest, take outposts and help other guilds take forts, or perhaps kill the resupply train coming from portals or respawn points on large keep battles. Currently, the biggest challenge a small guild will have is crafting their higher end gear/vessels. The magic loot drop form mobs is garbage compared to player crafted items (as it should be IMHO). I think a smaller guild should focus on gathering. As the economy develops, you can sell off your materials or trade for better items in the free city or gods reach.
  9. Did you actually play the game?
  10. By typing "/dance" your character will dance. Hamsters have the best dance.
  11. Fist of the Empire [FoE] is looking for new souls to add to our growing army. Our Player Base includes (but is not limited to): Irritating, nerve-grating RL military types Cool loner/rake/libertine who won't conform to society's standards and will mock those who try types Will do anything for views, Twitch streaming types Condescending, self-righteous officer types Masochistic, PvP-addicted, takes gaming way too seriously types Self-loathing, questionable hygiene, PvE types Anti-social, spreadsheet humping, theory-crafting types Man-hating, militant feminist, scorched earth types Fringe dwelling, socially inept, crazy types Conceited, protein-slamming, marathon running, Bro types Lonely, broke, dorm-dwelling college types Needy, flirtatious, attention seeking types Old-school-is-still-cool Metamucil taking denture wearing types Even with all of those drawbacks, Fist of the Empire [FoE] has managed to take their highly entertaining drama into numerous games over the past 15+ years. We're raising our banner in Crowfall and look forward to annoying our enemies (and most of our allies). We have an intricate organizational structure which gives us a false sense of control in a gaming world gone mad. We acknowledge the efforts of our members, reward, and promote them based on their demonstrated commitment to their fellow guildies; however, should they fail in game (or at life) we are swift with harsh judgments, reprisals, and ridicule. If you've made it this far into this post you clearly want to march in our parade of degenerates. You must be over 18 years of age, have Discord with a working microphone, and understand the finer points of push-to-talk. We’re currently looking to add more crazies to our ranks, and YOU (and the voices in your head) would fit in nicely, especially if you can have as much of a sense of humor about yourself as we do about ourselves. Everyone is welcome to apply; however, we’re mainly seeking players that are guild-first types who approach their limited gaming time in a professional manner and who would enjoy slaughtering anyone not wearing FoE’s tag. Oh, and did I mention that most of our ranks consist of members who have worn the FoE tag for 5+ years or more? This will be the last guild you ever have to join (join us…join us...join us). These are the facts: We like to drink and kill people for their stuff (typically on weekends) Guild Founded: 2003 (we've been around for over 15 years) Players: 100+ active in multiple games We’re NA players, but also have an active EU guild with leadership Faction: Chaos, because we can't hide our dark roots no matter how much we dye our hair blond! Website: https://www.fistoftheempire.com Guilded: https://www.guilded.gg/fistoftheempire VoIP: Discord (required) Founded on military principles and led by former RL Active Duty Officers A highly organized group of "Good Dudes and Dudettes" We support and run BookofYaga.com, providing information back to the community. Note: Praelian really needs to update this instead of playing video games all day. Fame: FoE has been featured in numerous industry publications and sites - Star Wars Fanfest '04 1st place, Star Wars Insider, PC Gamer, Stratics WoW, Beckett MMO Mag, Trion, etc... to name a few. PvP Prowess: FoE has been one of the top PvP guilds (at least we think so) in just about every MMO since SWG; so much so, that developers come to FoE to alpha test the PvP mechanics in their games (WAR, APB, STO, D&L, DF, GW1&2, TB, Rift, Wildstar, TESO, Fox Hole, etc...) Tactics: We usually shy away from the zerg mentality, applying organized group military tactics and strategy to dominate the zergy masses which abound throughout the MMO PvP battlefield. PvP: Yes, please! We’re a PvP-based guild! Crafting: We grew-up in SWG crafting and understand the importance of supporting guild crafters and running a mercantile empire. Daily PvP, Weekly FoE Community events, RL rewards for loyal guildies, (FoE Swag, free games, game cards/time, etc...) and our annual get drunk-get together in RL FoE Fest! Did I mention that we like to drink... How to Apply: Simply go to https://www.gulded.gg/fistoftheempire, and apply to the guild. Do it correctly, and you'll be drinking the "FoE Kool-aid" and shaving your head with us in no time! Should you have questions, comments, essays, warrants, or DNA samples to submit to us, please feel free to contact us at praelian@fistoftheempire.com or whisper Praelian in game. **Disclaimer: If you happen to be in FoE and you're reading this post thinking, “They can't possibly be talking about me…” Yes, we are talking about YOU!!!**
  12. Hopefully, they've done some form of testing and aren't reliant on the community for this. Would be interesting to hear about their CI/CD pipeline. But we can always "Do it live!" on launch day.
  13. You could do a tamriel trade centre site for crowfall. They would need to expose an API for folks to retrieve their wares and post to the site. Alternatively, someone could write application that attaches to the process and reads the memory structure that populates when you interact with a vendor (this option may violate ToS). This data could then be pushed to the website.
  14. Bumping, we're poking our head back into the game. Also, I would like to add that we're heavy into ERP. If you're interested in ERP please reach out to @TheMap.
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