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  1. Bumping, we're poking our head back into the game. Also, I would like to add that we're heavy into ERP. If you're interested in ERP please reach out to @TheMap.
  2. We will host another Friday Night Fight this Friday (12 July) at 9pm EST. Its a great time to hang and get to know the guild and others in the Crowfall community. Come pay homage to the Crowfall Devs (pictured below) by spilling your digital blood in Bastion's Arena.
  3. praelian

    The Hoss

    Look forward to seeing you out there. I imagine you'll be going Balance? Cheers!
  4. I believe you are underestimating the player base. There is no greater reward than taking loot from a player's inventory you just killed.
  5. This is a great idea! Would love to see it where we can pick up different runes and everyone has a base set of gear and weapons to test 5-man teams in the hunger dome setting.
  6. I'm adding "You're a cool loner/rake/libertine who won't conform to society's standards and will mock those who try" to our recruitment thread! Cheers!
  7. Fist of the Empire [FoE] is looking for new souls to add to our growing army. Our Player Base includes (but is not limited to): Irritating, nerve-grating RL military types Cool loner/rake/libertine who won't conform to society's standards´╗┐ and will mock those who try types Will do anything for views, Twitch streaming types Condescending, self-righteous officer types Masochistic, PvP-addicted, takes gaming way too seriously types Self-loathing, questionable hygiene, PvE types Anti-social, spreadsheet humping, theory-crafting types M
  8. I have used the block mechanic to protect teammates from long range attacks, "body block"/trap opponents, and as a survival mechanic while waiting for a teammate's healing timer.
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