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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with this! Sign me up! The highlight really makes it a visual and interactive nightmare, especially when you're trying to craft on a table you put down. If you're not paying attention, you're going to select to move the entire building.
  2. Hopefully once AC starts marketing the game, that will happen. Honestly, it feels like only backers and those that know them are aware the game exists.
  3. Unfortunately, this seems to be the case. The game has a nice gameplay loop, but without the population to support that loop, it's going to end up being way too shallow to grasp most people.
  4. That's not a bad idea... Yeah, I sincerely wish backer rewards were stored in a separate tab that didn't take up Account Bank slots. It almost punishes you for having so many of them.
  5. I'm severely hopeful that things get better, but at the same time, we have to be aware of how much time has been spent on this game to have it in the state it's in right now. With how things have gone and the amount of time spent on development, it just seems like it should be further along than it is?
  6. There is the option to toggle PVP on and off - but it'd be really nice if certain parcels had independent PVP toggles, that way one area used for an arena could still function as one. That, and toggling it on and off is rather inconvenient.
  7. The problem with it no longer being in beta is that a lot of people are going to join it, thinking "This is it - this is the game. It's not going to change much, and the developers consider it good enough to release." At least with it still being in Beta, people will come in with the idea that things are still actively being worked on, and things can change - in big ways. Calling this a finished game feels like its received its final nail in the coffin.
  8. The game's balance is a joke, the performance is questionable at best, and the initial exposure a new player gets immediately makes them feel either overwhelmed or bored out of their mind. Calling this a completed game would be saying the moment it entered Beta, it was complete. There's a lot that can be improved on - especially with how AC monetizes certain aspects of this game. Failing to address all the obvious problems the game still has, after years of development, will most definitely see this game die within a very short time. As someone who backed this game and believed in it, I'm saddened by the state of the game. I'm hopeful that it can be fixed and become what AC wanted it to become - but I would not call this a polished, complete game.
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