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  1. Doing well, RL keeps me uber busy! So I have very little time for much else these days.
  2. I just was trying to search if changyou.com had anything shadowbane related on it and I couldn't find any references to shadowbane or world of shadowbane on their site anymore.
  3. Already bought the bronze pack, would have bought higher, but have to many expenses
  4. The question more over is how do they plan on implementing servers. Since this game is being built from the ground up, they could (in theory) build it more distributed style and thus allowing multiple regions play on the same "server". Have each part of the game segregated to its own process with configs that allow for multiple service endpoints with multiple backend databases that are syncing with each other in real time. Would be a lot of work to complete, but could allow for use of something like AWS which has datacenters in numerous regions around the globe. At least if I had half a brain for coding, that's what I would try to do. Would remove this whole concern of where will the servers be located and who gets favored because of that location.
  5. Good luck getting ChangYou to reply or acknowledge SB period. Outside of their original page they posted years ago, they have made no reference (nor replied to any emails) about Shadowbane. I agree with one of the previous comments that they bought it and buried it, which is probably what UBI wanted.
  6. Wassup Girl Scout?! ;)

    1. Conspiracy Theorist

      Conspiracy Theorist

      Nothing much Radio Flyer!

  7. Is it just me or is Ben trolling to get his post count up?? Howdy all!
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