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  1. There are definitively design or balance problems for sure. From my point of view, In crowfall a huge PvP path is locked: CD tracking with long CD aoe where your group has to dodge (not spamming aoe, well balanced one). Moreover, Crowfall is probably the first PvP, RvR MMO where noone is able to custard remove buff and debuff... Which lead the designer to avoid stacking DOT and so on... (but I dunno why they created pixie debuff stacking 3 times without counter or stormcaller AOE which is not even a DOT but a pulsation so no counter...). I am starting to wonder if they ever have played a PvP game in their life. These problem cannot be resolved as long as big fight doesn't occur every 5 minutes so waiting for smaller maps or beta (even if I don't think people will stay with such combat system). On a side note, mono targetting one players make zergling ruling the map so no fun at all for competiveness. I personnally find the cards system good and unique, it need to be balanced but the general idea is interesting. I am just worrying about the combat part.
  2. Hello world, @jtoddcoleman @gothamgurl Here some of my personal thought about the test phase, you asked us create big fight to test the current optimization of the server. However, look at this 2000 players map with 6 forts just for 150 players. Moreover, most of guild have less than 15 players so how are they suppose to fight to take back fort with this low number of player (Alliance are still not available on dredge). From my point of view, a real test should be made on one siege map in a tri-faction campaign to simulate three big guilds fighting together and the siege windows shall be activated at all time. Currently, we are testing nothing related to performance neither in NA nor EU. We need to saturate the siege map which will never happen with such scenario: We cannot provide feedback regarding the siege weapon, how many people do we need to break through and so on…. Give us back the slaughterhouse map, you will probably have more data related to combat in 1 week than in 2 years…. Anyway, I still have no vision about your expectations from those test phases.
  3. @TyrantI would like to give my two cents on the death penalty. The death timer in this game is strange, starting from around 2 minutes for your first death and increasing after each death. This is really to long and boring for a normal players. Imagine, when the game will have 1000+ players in a campaign or dregs. You finish your work and you wanna play 2 hours to have fun with friends, you go PvP then you die, die , die because you don't care about your KDA and you wanna fight others people to improve together. After 10 death you reach more than 6 minutes doing nothing more than to stay at the ressurection statue. Basically you spent, 2 + 2.5 + 3 + 3.5 + 4 + 4.5 + 5 + 5.5 +6 + 6.5 ~ 40 minutes doing nothing waiting for your ressurection. From my point of view, this is a huge problem because 40% of your time is not used to play the game. Nowaday, spending more than 1 minutes waiting doing nothing at the ressurection statue will no be well received by a more casual community. The problem, we saw in this game was that people could ressurect and come back to fight before the combat ended. 1) First of all, why should the death timer increase? 2) This was possible, because of the lack damage to clean several players together. Make combat faster, could help this point as well as the serveur optimisation. 3) The ressurection statue could be unable to ressurect people as soon as the point is contested (ennemy nearer than X m for fort and keep).
  4. Texts on talents are so custard confusing. The text says the barrier will be more resistant. So, How much shield will I have? What is the formula to increase the barrier? Is it based on my attack power or support power? Is it a random value. Please, we need more explanation or details on talents.
  5. My modest opinion about the Stormcaller path. Druid stormcaller (Wood-elf) Where to start, the basic attack and its ridiculous/strange animations, where my druid is trying to perform some SLOW sword moves with a bush hook. I personnally prefered the old animation (5.100) where the druid was pointing someone with his finger and the storm was hitting him! A good point is there is no need to channel the attack anymore. However, his attacks are too slow to stack the plasma spark or capacitor passives effectively. Gaea's Wail (one target spell): 3 seconds locked in position to charge the spell fully. Moreover, the spell is missing most of the time if the target is moving. Call storm (one target spell): 1.5s of animation before the target is stunned, can add a DOT and be cast while moving. Linghtning Burst (1)/ Lingtning Strike (2)/ Aurora Emitter (3) (5/5/3 targets spell) : (1) 2s animation where the druid cannot move, (2) 1s animation can be cast while moving, (3) 1s animation can be cast while moving. Damage over time on three targets and people around them. This combo has decent damage but it takes too much time to reach the last part of the combo to break any hostile formation. Where is the druid instant storm? 🤩 From my opinon, the whole set of animations is too sloppy compare to the new Frostweaver class either in speed, mobility or burst potential. The lack of spells is also a problem. I think, the spell kit should evolve or at least the spells' animation be adapted to be more responding. General: The talent trees are lacking some stuff, there are no real choices. Moreover, It feel terrible to investe 3 points in a dead nodes to gain access to the minor discipline hides behind. @LordofCake @thomasblair Do you intent to update classes according to the Frostweaver standard? I mean regarding the feeling to have smoother and faster responding spells.
  6. Call me back when you have decided to skill wype and developpes spells to counter zerg strategy.
  7. Les images montrées sont plutôt agréables a regarder. Moi cela me fait plaisir de voir cette amélioration. Cependant, je suis aussi de l'avis de Royo à savoir que j’attends aussi avec impatience l'amélioration de l'interface en jeu.
  8. I agree on samulus on this: I would like to point out that I signed to test a PvP game but the fact is you generated campaigns having 6 to 9 maps for only 15 - 60 active players at the same time (on EU), this is ridiculous. I understand you wanna test your map generator but do you really need to add so many maps. Nowaday, I never find someone when I go hunting and the only PvP I found thus far is this ridiculous zerg strategy during siege windows. I have really no vision about what you are expecting from a fight. At the moment, there are no tools to manage some good fight with a lower number of players when the gears are equals.
  9. Oui en attente du déploiement de la 5.9 sur les serveurs pour revenir et former les oisillons qui seraient intéressés par découvrir le jeu.
  10. Je rajouterais sans broncher 2 ou 3 farm en plus vu les dernières mises à jour.
  11. Salut, Je suis un gros joueurs de MMORPG (DAoC, lineage 2, Wow vanilla, Tera) et RPG (Baldur's gate 1 et 2, Divinity: Original Sin, Pathfinder: kingmaker). J'ai toujours aimé les jeu PvP mais j'ai trouvé très peu de jeu intéressant, le meilleur restant DAoC. La perte de l'aspect social ainsi que la mise en œuvre des "Free to play" (ou comment mieux voler les gens) dans les MMORPG ont contribué à mon abandon de ce type de jeu. Lorsque j'ai découvert Crowfall, j'ai tous de suite été intéressé par la mise au centre du jeu des aspects PvP et métiers. De plus, l'équipe était passionnée et cela se fait de plus en plus rare dans cette industrie. Concernant les races: J'adore les Nétharis mais j'ai était déçu de voir que l'armure ne correspondait pas à l'image donnée ci dessous qui a vraiment la classe avec les runes de feu sur les épaulettes Sinon, je déteste la race des Fae. Plusieurs raisons: déjà d'un point de vu graphique les ailes gênent beaucoup mais surtout trop de bonus racial et d'avantage sur une seule race. Concernant les classes: Pour la 5.8, j'ai joué l'archer et je trouve que la classe a trop de limitation. C'est pourquoi, je vais certainement retourner a mon ancien amour le confesseur que j'avais abandonné a cause de la possibilité de pouvoir tuer aux dégâts de chute en un coup avec la physique raté du jeu. Mais vu le manque cruel de dégâts actuellement dans le jeu, je vais retourner dessus. En plus, la classe à énormément de potentiel. Un petit bémol cependant, les développeurs ont donné le sorts mur de feu à tout le monde et ça je n'ai pas apprécié car ce sort faisait parti du cœur même de la classe, c'était son identité en quelque sorte. Pour ce qui est des MMORPG, je suis plutôt accro si un jeu m'intéresse énormément et je ne compte pas mes heures.
  12. And what remove the ability to destroy white ore... I would like to see that.
  13. Anyway, even if they remove the spirit bank later. Do you expect us to let you loot us? The problem will be better from a PvP point of view but I would prefer to destroy the ressources harvested instead of letting you taking them. So basically a loss/loss situation instead of a win/loss but you will never have a loss/win situation versus seasoned harvesters playing together. But currently new players can still craft a test the game so it is fine. Otherwise with the passive tree gap + no items most of them would leave.
  14. You seem to forget that they wanna create some trade hub. You cannot do this if everyone can make/drop everything alone. It will probably create a second money other than gold (chaos ember) which is a good thing from my point of view. Moreover, new players will also drop valuable stuff used by bigger guild, this will help them to develop faster or at least reduce the gap.
  15. Added some basic calculation to explain the low damage feeling.
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