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  1. Best of luck to you! Thank you for helping build this community.
  2. Would you name the captains, son of Baconator?
  3. I think this is a great argument not to wipe right now until there is some catch-up mechanic or whatever system they design so that new players don't feel completely left behind. But I think there is plenty for new players to do currently. I am selling food, for instance, on a vendor in Srathor's Lawn. It takes 0 skill training to craft food and minimal training to get enough skill to place a vendor. Why aren't more players doing this? I guess they don't care about earning gold because....what is there to spend the gold on? Inputs for crafted items such as coal and lacing sinew are using in armor crafting. 0 skill required to craft those items but they are like a commodity and will always be in demand. A skilled blacksmith doesn't want to waste time crafting those items (eventually thralls will do it in batches, hopefully). Ok so you don't have any mining/quarrying skill training?? Well, consider that you can add foreman to your white vessel for cheap and serve as the foreman to group up with another skilled player and hit some motherlodes. Work out a deal to share the materials. There are still things for new players to do that contributes to the economy and the overall goal of winning the campaign. They just need more feedback/guidance on what those things are. A wipe doesn't accomplish that. The tips/new player experience is still a work in progress.
  4. A real hobbit can drink and eat 2nd breakfast while mining
  5. The remaining active player population hasn't suffered enough? What with the PvE XP grinding of higher tier vessels, extreme difficulty acquiring discs, gold that has little to no value, inventory problems, increasingly complex crafting and looted item requirements not to mention the frustrating assembly failures that seem to happen more than a 2% chance. I forgot to mention the armor and jewelry durability bugs from a couple patches ago that broke most people's stuff. Once upon a time EK's were bursting with activity and there was the beginning of an active economy and trade. Now they seem to serve no purpose. Why wipe now until some of these things are fixed? Let them implement the big changes to inventory/spirit bank import/export/guild banks and get back on track with development after going off the rails. There's no reason to wipe until then.
  6. What's the thinking behind removing them anyway?
  7. There should be more rewards for participating in the siege. If not loot box/gold, every participant gets "x" number of siege points with the winners getting more. Then have a vendor with special items that can be bought with the siege points. Could be special armor styles or weapon molds that can be used in crafting, unique food/buff items, sacrifice items for XP.....lots of ways to go with it. Players need more instant gratification for sieges.
  8. Yes, the 98% chance cap is lame and annoying. Max assembly stat should completely mitigate assembly fails...or the respective crafting discipline techniques minor gets a bonus to offset the 2% failure risk.
  9. I did find that one vendor on EU selling purple artifacts for gold. It was a quick way to get from level 20 to 30 in no time. Not sure what the seller will do with the gold though....
  10. Ok thanks. Do you know if this is a known issue or not? Was going to report it.
  11. Here is what the game says this is supposed to do Is this "bonus per point" what should be affected? It doesn't seem to be changing whether or not the passive is equipped.
  12. That's because players don't want to sell goods for gold which is why I believe the OP made this post. Dust and embers hold more value than what should be the defacto currency, gold. If gold can't hold enough value to be a currency then just remove it. Unfortunately the market is inefficient enough with vendors strewn across temples, free city, and EKs. There is no centralized market and we essentially have a barter system. I think more trading gets done on the Discord channels than in-game currently, which is unfortunate but I guess probably unavoidable.
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