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  1. 🤣 😂 Who are all these new players dying to hop on this game.....where have they been all this time?
  2. The game was supposed to be PvP focused but I spend most of my time preparing for PvP (harvesting grind, crafting grind, gold grind). The wipes happen too often at this point to waste too much time doing something that isn't fun (grinding discs).
  3. @Anthrage My point was you can fill your inventory with weapons/armor of decent quality in a 5 minute pass through a WT camp. Did not say you would get everything you need to max your spec. OP was more focused on end game crafting/loot. I'm talking about the other end of the debate for beginner loot vs crafted. Anyone want my entry level crafted stuff with 79 dmg when they can just go loot it?
  4. Yeah, let crafters lead the way. There really is no player driven economy here. Most of the stuff on vendors are just people re-selling loot. Plus, the economy sucks overall because 1) there are a handful of EK's that actually have vendors with stuff - otherwise there is no marketplace unless you want to spam the chat 2) crafters don't even bother because the looted stuff is better and can fill your inventory with decent weapons/armor in 5 minutes versus collecting resources to craft 1 set of armor can take an hour or more Then all the grind and gold required to reach the max pr
  5. Yeah grind not fun. Why do it just to be wiped.
  6. Why do we have to destroy our discs to begin with? If discs represent progression and are used as an input towards the next disc, we should be able to unequip them so we don't lose our progress. Same is true when we upgrade to a new vessel? All the time and gold we spent getting discs are lost because we are upgrading our vessel? It would be nice to feel like there is incremental progression over time by being able to upgrade to a green disc. Then, once you have 2 more green discs, unequip the one and use that to combine with the other 2 greens. Then the same progression with blue discs a
  7. Go to war tribe camps. Kill everything, take the gold and loot until your inventory is full in a matter of minutes. Run to a nearby keep and sell all the loot to the npc vendor. Rinse and repeat.
  8. They got rid of passive training because the dev team didn't think it was fun and replaced it with a less fun grind. Repetitive tasks of crafting/harvesting and hoping for RNG blessing followed by endless killing of mobs for gold. This is supposed to be a "throne war PvP game" and there are literally no rewards in terms of progression for participating in PvP. Can't even sell a skull for gold. No reason to go to campaign until you have finished your weeks or months of grinding. I am all for a challenge to reach "full progression" but just making it a repetitive grind isn't exac
  9. I did armor, weapons, leather, and runes. Runes just takes way fewer materials so felt way easier. For weaponsmith, the first two weapons I crafted I got a soul, but then it took maybe another 10 items to get the third. Armorsmith took much longer - I estimate I went through 1,000 iron to get the three souls. Leather took the longest for me - crafted 30 plus boots. Perhaps, add a sacrifice mechanic that gives a progress bar towards your next soul. You have a chance to loot an item but if you sacrifice "x" number of items you crafted, you are guaranteed one. Or just give a
  10. Wait until this guy discovers the lore of Super Mario Bros....
  11. We need persistent EK's so customers can access shops/markets on their own time. I have to go AFK in my EK to allow people to have access to my vendor, only to get booted after a while for no activity. I can't actually go out and play the game in GR or a campaign because I have to sit in my EK. And my vendor is still charging me gold even when he is offline because the EK is down 🙄 While an auction house does make things easy for trade, I do like the inefficiency of not having an easy way to compare prices. Otherwise, as a crafter/trader, the lowest price always wins (for similar items).
  12. Best of luck to you! Thank you for helping build this community.
  13. Would you name the captains, son of Baconator?
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