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  1. - Crafting table at war tribe camps do not work (can't open a crafting menu with them) - never mind apparently there are just random tables that arent actually crafting tables On a side note, An epic (purple) Satyr Artifact Bind gives me 1610 xp at level 28. A stack of 10 epic (purple) Satyr artifact items gives me 1348 xp. If the combine fails you get 350 xp from the rare (blue) bind. The upside of the successful combine is 262 xp but the downside of a flawed assembly is 998xp. Seems like this needs to be adjusted to at least provide the same amount of upside for a success. Why even bother with the combine otherwise? - The adventure zone Rae seems to have no mob spawns
  2. I did find that one vendor on EU selling purple artifacts for gold. It was a quick way to get from level 20 to 30 in no time. Not sure what the seller will do with the gold though....
  3. It does not appear the "attention to detail" crafting minor is applying any bonus points when the passive is equipped. Posted details with screenshots in this thread
  4. Ok thanks. Do you know if this is a known issue or not? Was going to report it.
  5. Here is what the game says this is supposed to do Is this "bonus per point" what should be affected? It doesn't seem to be changing whether or not the passive is equipped.
  6. That's because players don't want to sell goods for gold which is why I believe the OP made this post. Dust and embers hold more value than what should be the defacto currency, gold. If gold can't hold enough value to be a currency then just remove it. Unfortunately the market is inefficient enough with vendors strewn across temples, free city, and EKs. There is no centralized market and we essentially have a barter system. I think more trading gets done on the Discord channels than in-game currently, which is unfortunate but I guess probably unavoidable.
  7. If gold is going to be worthless, just eliminate it completely and replace gold drops with dust.
  8. Well lucky for those that have them for the +10 to assembly and experimentation and the +2 experimentation points. Seems like if they are gonna do away with them, all the existing discs should be deleted and it is essentially a crafting nerf unless they add these points back somewhere else.
  9. Would also be nice to list items on vendors in exchange for dust rather than gold. Trying to do my part, keeping a vendor stocked but I can't even find anyone to trade me crafting mats or dust for gold.
  10. This campaign void made me realize I was spending too much time gaming. Plz bring back campaigns
  11. I don't want to test. Give me more campaigns and rewards! Ace started hyping up this "sanctioned" campaign stuff way too soon it seems.
  12. SO you have to craft a stonemason crafting table in a campaign, then transfer it to an EK to craft other crafting tables? Blacksmith/rune tools ect.?
  13. I didn't want the crafting grind to end. It's honestly the most fun I've had in the game other than hearing the seige horn blow. I mean, the sound guy deserves a raise because the seige horn is one of the best things in the game. Hopefully there is a blog post or a live stream that dives into how it was developed.
  14. Seems like for a pvp focused game they would want some level of risk to transport goods to the free city.
  15. The stone masonry component "Diamond cutting blade" which is used in jewelry crafting
  16. I know this is essentially a replica of SWG crafting but I don't recall the YOLO method getting a 50% bonus. None of the SWG crafting guides that still exist mention it. I don't remember how the math worked exactly but it's driving me nuts to think I was doing it wrong all along. But I fully support doing away with this 50% bonus thing. Best possible craft should be achieved by rolling an amazing assembly and then amazing success each time per the number of experimentation points available. I thought there had been some talk of each roll impacting the next and so forth.
  17. Does this guild specialize in murdering peaceful miners? One of the Popes really wanted me dead the other day.
  18. After logging in for the big world test for the first time this past weekend and checking out the crafting....I am super pumped for Crowfall 2017. Looking very promising. Keep up the good work!
  19. When I read about Star Citizen I felt the same way @Rikutatis. Game seems like it's trying to do too much and too big. Plus coincidentally when they did the free trial weekend a while back I installed that game and my hard drive died so I am a bit bitter. As for Crowfall I have high hopes for it. I haven't really played an MMO hardcore in the past 5 years and most of my old MMO friends have moved on with their lives. It seems like all the games these days are survival or the same old FPS stuff. Hopefully the crowdfunding will allow the devs to turn their vision into the game fans want without the corporate execs rushing them or interfering.
  20. I just read that Google has some issues with calendar this morning but should be fixed now.
  21. Dedicated crafter looking for work
  22. Hud

    Hey everyone !

    Welcome! Crowdads unite! I also have 2 kids. I always thought it would be cool to have kids that love gaming and I am lucky enough to have 2 boys who do. They are 3 and 7 and actually are already way too addicted and drive me crazy talking about games all the time! If they are not playing, they are watching Youtube videos of other kids playing stuff like Minecraft. I don't get it. Hopefully Crowfall will allow me to escape, it is kind of my last hope for the MMO genre. I find myself becoming more and more of a solo'er because I just don't have the time to commit to a good guild to be on a schedule to play at certain times ect.
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