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  1. Could we think for a second about group and guild engagements and not 1v1 scenarios.
  2. Bears and Elks are fighting each other in forests. Cull Distance Quality Override does not seem working when Cull Objects Dynamically is disabled. There are rare cases when UI cursor stays on screen with UI closed or when UI becomes not-clickable with mouse. I did not catch how exactly you have to close UI/settings to trigger that bug. Mykadrin and Tiggs gates are not working in Infected 2. Chat font is good in 4k now, but sub tabs in Combat log "Your actions" and "What happened to you?" are still blurry. Details tab font is still blurry too.
  3. You guessed it right: The Mighty Orb will stay there until release. P.S. The Druid Orb FX stays after you pick it up.
  4. Turn autoloot on for Captain/Alpha mobs and below rank. Nothing else.
  5. No. That's the beauty of Crowfall - every class has advantages and weaknesses.
  6. Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). Unstructered PVP. Every new encounter is different from previous ones. The game never gets boring as long as you have some people to fight over something. Community. You make friends and enemies (good ones) pretty quickly. You have to stick to a side and fight for it. When your side wins, you feel great not only because you will get great rewards, but because all your side worked together and you will remember campaign highlights, which helped/made your win, for a long time #warstories. Server/Network performance.
  7. Test gaming VPN, e.g. ExitLag or ExpressVPN and try a different DNS, e.g. Cloudflare (you can set it in network adapter properties). It may improve connection, do no difference or even make it worse. You will know the answer fairy quickly though.
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