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  1. Risk that you don‘t find anyone, or don’t kill anyone or get killed with your haul and lose it, while you could spend that time harvesting yourself or escorting caravans and doing more income. In other words risk of wasting your time.
  2. NW and CU do everything they can to advertise CF, while CF does not spend marketing money. What a comedy. Who is next?
  3. Exactly, however they don't have so much, because most of that is marketing money. So it is launch this year or die.
  4. Well, if v2 asset pipeline and new UI rendering system are in 5.110, you will start to see improvements. Lets see the next game itteration.
  5. If you are afraid Unity can't handle complex stuff, or their team can't roll out MMO features, ACE requested, check their latest feature showcase video:
  6. Please read https://medium.com/@dtunkelang/premature-optimization-is-still-the-root-of-all-evil-a3502c2ea262 In context of CF it means, that there is no point optimising UI and assets loader (they are the source of issues you mentioned) before you have clear understanding of what kind of UI you want and which assets you will work with. The closer to release you do optimisations, the more efficient solution you will get in the shortest time. If you are questioning ACE competence, then I can say that I bought game myself 2 years ago (3 years after Kickstarter) when I saw, that they were more than competent to do such things. Why do I know that? Cause I am developer myself 😅
  7. If fps suddenly drops, check if you are hitting memory limit (90%) and your OS starts swapping. If it happens, tune down graphics quality or install more RAM. Or may be you hit memory leak, then report it to support@crowfall.com.
  8. Yes, there are some. E.g. they completely replaced default Unity terrain loader/renderer and fps jumped from 50 to 80 in forests and to the skies near the edge of the map (I saw around 200 fps in my EK). That was in old smaller maps.
  9. From my experience the bottleneck of massive fights is server performance, not client side rendering. You can always cheat the way how characters models, animations and particles are displayed to degrade visuals but massively improve fps. There is no such trick for server side though. We already saw server handling 100 vs 100 (plus quite stable rendering if you turn off client UI (looks like biggest bottleneck for rendering atm, but pretty optimisable)), so I do not have such concerns. I would be happy if game can handle 100 vs 100 vs 100 in the same fight around 30 fps. I got a few fights like that in my experience from GW2 glory days and it was a real clustercustard, where usual tactics stop working and everything becomes mess. Even if game supports bigger number, not sure it will be fun to be in such battle.
  10. On a scale from 1 to 10, where 10 is GW2 combat system during their cyber-sports time (1st expansion) / Blade and Soul fighter like combat system, I would rate Crowfall as 6-7 (7 at release, when combat glitches are fixed). However game is developed about idea of massive battles and organized groups winning campaigns, which leads to unavoidable technical issues (lags/freezes). Having a bit more forgiving combat system in such cases is an advantage for the game health.
  11. Massive battles with strategic objective gameplay, hyper-socialised communities and politics.
  12. 75C for gaming laptop under load is fine, your CPU can go all the way to 100C before shutting down/thermal throttling. Make sure that fan policy is reasonable for what you are doing. Some laptop companies will prioritise quieter fans even in gaming laptop and only start heavy cooling when temperature is high. You usually can change it in laptop tweak utility which comes with the laptop. It is not the game issue, because any MMO will be CPU hungry. What you can do is enable V-sync to match your monitor rate and see if it helps. Even on my mid-range laptop, I could run 3 Crowfall clients by limiting FPS to 30. Edit: I noticed you have 8Gb RAM with Windows 10 on it. Depending on what you and your laptop firm installed to your OS, you OS will take 2.5-4GB RAM just for running and CF can take up to 8 GB in memory if you travel across the zone. Which means your laptop won't have enough memory to run the game resulting in memory swapping pages between RAM and SSD. And that process is handled by CPU, which just increases load on CPU. If such thing happens I advice to add enough 8GB to your laptop.
  13. This bug is so old, its beard is already longer than Gendalf's.
  14. Thanks V for this! I want to point out one important moment to ACE combat design team as we are approaching combat balancing in alpha. Spreadsheet clearly states the lack of effective stealth mechanics in mass pvp. There is no even section for stealth/focus group because this playstyle is not valuable. And here is why it is bad for combat system. I have played GW2 for several years, which had (and probably still has) one of the best MMO combat systems. And I saw all metas in mass pvp. When meta is shifted towards frontline, combat becomes chaos. Not valuable backline is not able to stop enemy pushes, whoever gets the most organized push and keeps rolling enemy wins the fight. Playstyle is press W and dont release while facerolling keyboard. It can be fun some time but 2/3 of your classes are not valuable. When meta is shifted towards backline, combat becomes resident sleeper. We called it pirateship. Frontline can’t push because enemy backline would melt it with counter pressure/bombs. Noone is pushing, backline pew pew each other for several minutes, sometimes dozens of minutes until one backline gets advantage over another and opens opportunity for a winning push. Push too early and your frontline is dead. While backline has fun in such meta, frontline falls asleep, it is pretty boring. Stealth classes also get destroyed because you cant open on anything, there is too much ranged pressure everywhere. Third meta, when balance is shifted towards sustain. Nothing dies. Zergs are formed as balls without real flanks, with small tails and roll over single enemy until it dies. There are no mass kills, you focus fire and bleed enemy one by one. It is current Crowfall meta. And the reason is 2k Support Power cap, which is easily reached in epic gear. It is also current GW2 meta and one of the reasons why people stopped playing GW2. It is even more boring than pirateship meta. Please take notes. Stealth classes are not valuable again, they have no sustain by design. Now lets talk about the most fun meta that ever existed. If we split zerg into 5 parts, then roughly 2/5 would be frontline, 2/5 would be backline and 1/5 would be stealth/sudden burst groups. Frontline and backline should be pretty balanced: organized frontline push on disoriented backline can catch a few and kill them, however organized pressure from backline can stop the push and force frontline to regroup and heal in circles. And the most important - stealth classes are valuable too. In meta when frontline pushes and regroups for heals, backliners and some disorganized frontliners get stuck out of position. That moment a good stealther groups open on those people, punish their bad position by quickly killing them and vanish in stealth for the next opportunity. Combat system becomes fun. All roles are valuable, you always have to watch your position and correctly manage your cooldowns. Good decisions are rewarded, mistakes are punished. Combat is overall more versatile and skilled. Gear and numbers matter less. If Crowfall can achieve such kind of meta, it would be a lot of fun to play. P.S. @Yumx It would be great to see a bit more detailed info on class difficulty as some classes can be played effectively by face-rolling keyboard and some shines only with great expertise. For example, Stormcaller and Archer are both rated with two stars for their braindead LMB plays, however Stormcaller is more effective on midrange by dropping sudden burst on offensive/overextending enemy (which is pretty easy) and archer is more effective on a flank shooting enemy backline (which is hard as you need to watch enemy movement and know when you overextend and when not) and both are useless when they randomly shoot enemy frontline.
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