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  1. @Wilbur @Phr00t https://bitbucket.org/amaranth2517/crowfall-parser-pub If you are interested in contibuting to project, ping me in Discord.
  2. @Felagunda It is a problem of current pre-alpha testing state. Most of people played since the last wipe and have full skill training, that allows them to farm even in winter with proper gear, but new players can be effective only in spring. There is no way for new people to catch up on training right now, but there will be such option before release (search experience tomes on these forums to get an idea how it may work (it is still work in progress)). So it may be a good idea to wait... until new campaign or go to Gods Reach (it has eternal spring) or until next wipe, or join a guild that already have trained harvesters who can support you with mats.
  3. @boogiee The problem is that price for Russians is about 3 times lower than for EU/NA (for obvious economical reasons and service level). And people who payed different money can't play together. So it is not ACE problem, it is problem of Russian economy... So as a part of the deal with early backers, ACE allowed Russians, who bought NA/EU client, to play on both EU/NA and RU. That offer has expired now and you can't get it anymore. But may be they can change their mind to allow all Russians who buy NA/EU client (3 times more expensive) to play RU server any time. I advice you to send them a letter to support@crowfall.com with such proposal . P.S. I am Russian early backer.
  4. No, guild stuff is handled by web site and Innova has do it themselves. The last time I asked @Pann about it on stream about 2 monthes, she said that RU was handled by Innova, and I think they have no idea about their progress on the issue.
  5. Thanks for report, I added note to download section.
  6. When you open main menu on website on iPhone XS in Safari and want to sign in, you have to scroll menu all the way down and Sign in button (or Sign out button) interceсts with home indicator and you can’t click the button (you fat-finger home indicator instead). Same issue in landscape mode, but there is a tiny area where you can actually click button. One more issue: when you scroll menu, site page scrolls in background.
  7. After returning to lobby from god's reach I could not click anything in UI. Only Enter + writing in chat was possible. Could not reproduce. That's what was in client log
  8. Yeah, in settings info there is a link to my paypal page.
  9. +1 @jtoddcoleman likes such feedback. Another example me playing Archer: I have Sharpshooter and DPS talents (building archer as glass cannon). Sharpshooter passive gives +10% dps when I am 30m away from enemies (quite easy to maintain), Talent gives +10% ranged damage passive with no requirements. Now I have 1 passive slot left. And three minor runes slots. So lets say I use Pound of Flesh as final passive, and Elven Eyes because it is good on ranger. But I can't put anything into 3rd minor rune slot. I can't make use of it at all. It is just empty. Why? Because none of minor runes can give me more than 10% efficiency as major rune or talent do. The best passives Resolution/Furios give me the same 10% efficiency (And I can't use them on Ranger anyway). Sturdy is theoretically 30%*0.2 = 6% efficiency (scales with group support though). The rest minors are just whatever. I don't even look at them.
  10. Haha, just in time, I just finished my engagement two days ago.
  11. No, it does not read or modify client memory. It only uses text combat logs, produced by Crowfall client in AppData folder.
  12. If you want to contribute to project, send me message in discord.
  13. It is a topmost half-transparent window without borders and title bar.
  14. Features: Topmost half-transparent overlay with combat summary and details, which you can put on top of the game client or on your 2nd monitor. Extensive settings for parse mechanics and UI. High performance: 15000 records per second. Automatically finds combat log files (make sure you enable combat log writing to file in game settings and hit a dummy) Fights history: you can return back in time to previous fights from the current game session. Supports multiple running clients: if you are levelling your alt with a main character, parser will understand who is main and show correct parse. Opponents list for a fight. If you set long enough idle between fights, you can get opponents list for biggest siege fights separately or for the siege overall. You can copy parse details and opponents list to spreadsheet with mouse right-click. Bonus feature - AFK notifier: When turned on, if Crowfall client was inactive for 9 minutes, parser will play crow sound to notify that your character is about to get logged out for inactivity. If there are several inactive clients, parser will play several crow sounds. You can also change 9 minutes to lower value in settings. System requirements: Windows 8 and above. (You can run parser on Windows XP, Vista or 7 by installing .NET Framework 4) You can download all versions here. (Firefox users may experience issues with Google Drive. If download link shows you an error, please try another browser) Repository. Known issues: Requested features: Bar graph based on specific power percentage damage. Raid group functionality, so you can see raid members stats. Installer and auto-patcher. Thanks to Sugoi, Red Reapers, Hard Charge and Datum members for early testing and feedback!
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