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  1. This is the first patch, that made me feel angry and dull. Game is totaly unstable, pvp content is about 5% of playtime and the rest is braindead grind for gear, which is the biggest factor in pvp. Population is being depleted. I don't know where the shift from initial direction happened and why, but I don't want to play it until game is back to its roots. I am taking break.
  2. It can randmoly drop from hunger version of Ancient Animals R6+. They turn into hunger version near hunger crystals. P.S. bring party for them, they are tough.
  3. Spent 25 mins trying to login for siege. About 10 Loading zone stucks, 5 crashes and 3 times client eat all computer memory. In the first fight, everyone in raid had frezzes for 10 seconds in 40 people fight, my client crashed and could not login again cause of "Loading zone" issues again and again and again. During 1 hour of siege I was 10 minutes in game and 50 mins Alt+F4ing game. Players are desynced, enemies are desynced, siege UI is desynced with siege state. If you start Sanctioned campaign with this game "stability", I am out till Alpha or Release.
  4. There were multiple desyncs of party/faction members today. Suddenly ally/-es just stop moving and you can't see their actual position until you relog. It completely breaks pvp experience. Client log had the same exception during those moments: During siege fights we had three fights on the same map. The first two fights were handled good by the game, but the third fight had contant freezes for everyone, fps dropped to 10. There were no exceptions in logs during that time besides a lof of "WARNING COOPTASKER - CoopTasker is overloaded and can't keep the framerate to minimum levels!". Server performed great though. The new ressurection mechanic allows defenders to constantly res inside their keep, while attackers need at least a fort on siege map. In any case defends will spawn faster. After constantly wiping our enemies near tree of life we still could not win the siege, because they were running back every 2-3 minutes from dragon statue below. It felt super unfair. Healers are quite imbalanced with 2k SP. Siege was a party of clerics, druids and templars, where nothing dies. In tree of life room I managed to drop under floor texture somehow then slowly "fall" through texture to bottom room.
  5. Every map change I am stuck on "Loading Zone..." and have to restart 1-10 times to get in. P.S. everyone has this issue.
  6. Since power queue has been removed, combat feels less satisfying, because you have to wait for current power animation to finish before you press next power . If you press it too early it won't activate. For some classes good timing is crucial: for example, Myrmidon wants to mitigate his crash damage with Pulverize as late as possible, meanwhile he is swinging axes. If he presses Pulverize before swing finishes animation, it won't go off, Myrm will have to release key and press it again, but because there are about 500ms to do that, he will miss crash and take big damage. Just a 1ms early will be enough to tank crazy amount of damage. I don't think it feels good. While I am on battlefield I tend to watch what enemies are doing instead of tunnel visioning myself/my target/my skillbar. But game forces me now. Another example is Templar Parry, once you used Stand and got hit, you activate Parry, but you can't press Stand again until Parry's animation finishes and animation is quite slow. Hitting RBM too early will result in no blocking for a few seconds, in other words not getting 50% mitigation bonus, which can be crucial for tank class in some situations. It would be great to have power queue back, so you can queue next power if current power animation is less then ~300ms to its end.
  7. If you root Ugru Ranger, he won't attack. Myrmidon's Colossus Smash jumps through characters models. Please make it collide with players/npcs like Elken's Head Butt.
  8. They will either improve experience for traders or we will create site with sell/buy orders, search and filters.
  9. There is a major issue with mobs desync for party members. Two of my group mates were far away from me, when I aggroed raidboss and pulled him away from camp. Once they reached me, they saw raidboss on its spawn location, about 40m from its actual location. They were hitting him on their screens (desynced), but I saw them hitting air (synced). They tried to dodge/do damage to boss, nothing helped to sync its position for them. I guess only log out would help. If such thing happens with players in PvP, it is fiasco.
  10. We need pvp parcel/arena for EK, if you die inside, you don’t lose durability. Then we can run structured duels/gvgs ourselves or even tournaments or something unusual, e.g. pvp jumping puzzle, when you need to get to the other side but also fight people on the way With entry fees and winners rewards, or sponsored by guilds. Game driven structured pvp, no matter 1v1 or 5vs5, will require special balancing just for those modes, separately from campaigns. It is a huge overhead. Doing balancing everywhere will fail, it is a hard learned lesson from gw2/eso/name other game that failed it. Oh, and it is easy to implement.
  11. @thomasblair I've tested and it works perfectly! Thanks! Bugs: EKs can't be added/removed to/from favorites. The star button opens map instead. Duelist character model bugs after leaving stealth if you still press Forward key:
  12. Dropping campfire in stealth does not pop stealther out of stealth.
  13. Debuffs and buffs do not show on Target UI, instead it has one Aero Spin icon. Survivalist Campfire can be used in stealth, which will quickly heal stealther to full health, while both stealther and campfire are invisible to enemies. Please make Campfire heal only in Survival tray, because this bug is being massively exploited.
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