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  1. What was the direction and what it is now?
  2. Any way to add a counter to the parser for each fight to show how many people were attacking you (uniquely)? We're curious as to finding a way to determine how many enemies were in each fight. Thanks for your awesome contribution!


    I'm blind.

  3. Albion Online is flawed because you can farm infinite resources and run them through cheap pipeline without risk. In Crowfall if you want to create something good you have to go into campaign and compete with other players for resources. If you want to export them you have to be on top of the leaderboard. But that still won't make you the best on the market, because the best things are crafted inside campaign keeps, which have to be captured and defended by your guild. If you want to exploit the market, you need to win campaign, win over resources in that campaign, craft in campaign
  4. Imagine Cleric gets Sprint efficiency. Or Templar gets Ranged distance bonus. That’s what Ranger has now. Health regen is useless stat for Ranger. In small scale fight is over in 30-60 seconds, you dont get benefit from it. In large fights you go in and out, if you die it is to burst damage. Ranger sustains with Sustain/Lifesteal instead. Health regen is a fine stat for class that sustains damage for a long time (e.g. templar). But it is useless on Ranger. 6.2 is not a rebalance patch, it is redesign patch for many promotions, and the same design issue occurred with Ranger on
  5. Cool, thanks. This's how it looks. If you are interested: https://discord.gg/S6UxwN
  6. Only Ranger got amazing Health Regen stat in their first stats bundle. Why can't anyone have that amazing stat? Look at Duelist bundle and compare to Ranger's one . It is not even close, please buff to 600 Health and 4% mitigation to have a chance to compete.
  7. Great idea, but it is another UI task, which is not priority. So I suggest intersting solution: give us backpack item that glows a lot like nothing else (e.g. leaving fire trail in the air after character), and reward guild leaders with that skin. Now we have something easy to follow
  8. We are in the era of popular mobile games where people instantly win by pressing Apple Pay. Crowfall does not fit the majority, but it never wanted to. It needs clever advertisement to hit the target audience.
  9. I don't think buffs/debuffs UI can take it anymore.
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