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  1. Soul Steal and Barrage turn off the others VFX when one of them ends. Barbed Stake, Protection Stake and Skullcracker Stake turn off the others VFX when one of them ends.
  2. That's some nice floor-sniffing skills. Good job!
  3. Myrm and Sin targeting changes feel good. Please apply to all classes.
  4. If you cast Shatter Storm and then Freezing Storm with 2 seconds delay, when Shatter Storm FX is over, Freezing Storm FX disappears too.
  5. Which place did your guild get in the last campaign? Which allies and enemies did you make? Who helped you and who betrayed you? Do you have warstories from getting ganked while killing raid bosses? Did you kill an enemy harvester and looted a lot of shiny things? Did your crafter managed to craft you a legendary weapon? Have you tried Hunger Dome? Which place did your team finished? What's your K/D ratio?
  6. This will be not a popular opinion but I like the idea of having progression inside a campaign and not in the game itself (like MOBA). Then progression resets once campaign world dies. The only thing that should travel between campaign is players achievements in terms of names, ranks and cosmetics. So you can say "I am the best because I won campaigns" and people can visually see it when they look at you. So I am a fan of long no-import campaigns, where you can only bring your badges with you. However, we all need to understand that we all want different things. Something that I like the
  7. The summary of raid fights is saved in database so you can go back to them at any time. I don't share that information with anyone and it is private unless you share your raid handle with someone. If your raid handle became compromised, you can ping me in Discord and I will wipe combat history there.
  8. It shows that setting is OFF. Could you enable it, hit a dummy/NPC and try again?
  9. Raid functionality is here! Download the new version in my discord https://discord.gg/meBAVMzJBs. Quickstart: Press "⮟ Raid", enter your Character name and Raid handle. Share your Raid handle with your teammates to get into the same raid. (Don't share it with your enemies!) Changelog: Support for 6.5 combat log. Added Raid UI and raid fights history. Added 🡫 Powers view. Added Capture Mode: allows video capturing software to capture separate parser window. Added Reset parser layout option. Added Disclaimer. Added hotkeys. Added setting to hide your out
  10. Duelist is heavily missing damage, all its pip hitters (Rapid Fire, Pepperbox shot, Impale) got nerfed into the ground. Tunnel still goes on cooldown if you can't teleport. Flintlook shot still bugs UI cooldown sometimes. Getting hit below 30% still drains Duelist's pips. Vanguard Scout's Keen Guard is useless, Duelist already gets access to Slow via Saltpeter Rounds. Vanguard Scout's Buckshot duplicates Feral Instincts functionality and not worse taking. Rapid Fire is useless and gates stats bundle talent.
  11. You need the game mode where any casual can join a zerg on map, follow, spam skills and win something. After some time some of them will get converted to better players and they will move to shadow/dregs. But without Infected a lot of players will just leave the game. No-one is forcing you to play Infected if you don’t want too. Pick the ruleset you like.
  12. You promised variety of builds, but made only the most brain-dead LMB Radical Cleric with Mana Shield playable. That's a fiasco.
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