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  1. Champion LMB still misses half times. Hopefully new controller will fix it.
  2. People who participated in Bardshofn siege and got crashed to lobby during siege can't enter into campaign anymore. It crashes to lobby on "LOADING CHARACTER STATE...".
  3. You should also count that half of LMBs usually miss now and with controller fixes Pitfighter will get + ~30% dps.
  4. Siege mechanics exploit: Attackers can place ballistas on defenders walls from outside and defenders can't use them.
  5. Please give us all training on test and reset button so we can test whatever we want.
  6. Constantly playing forts and sieges - armor is on 50% after 4 days. And 8 days left in campaign. I will have to craft new gear this campaign again. If you are doing something else than fighting, you may be tricked that durability is high, but no it is not.
  7. On mobile (iPhone XS, latest iOS) you can scroll landing page to the right. Picture in header overflows width.
  8. I thought this was a topic about Tark posting W's nudesinners.
  9. Siege UI sometimes bugs and you don't see updates on trees health. After patch me and team mate were capping fort and we saw different level of cap on UI: when he said we fully capped it, I saw only 30% of cap. Something is wrong there. Sometimes you don't receive notifications about captures on map, even though your team mates get them. Some guards do not attack opponents. In one fort none of four throne rooms guards attacked us when we started capping. Fort gates are hard to use if nearby ramp is destroyed. Game wants you to repair ramp instead of using gate. Please assign building and using to different keys (like in EKs). Dead bodies are hard to loot/decapitate. You need to point cursor in very specific small places in character models to get popup. If cat dies near chest it is impossible to loot because you will always open chest. If two zombies die on top of each other you will never be able to target 2nd zombie to loot it. Chaos characters are spawn above crypt when you enter campaign first time. And once again. Tornado still does broken fall damage. I guess it needs to be reported in every thread until it is noticed. It hurts everyone's experience during the most fun game encounters e.g. sieges.
  10. The game is getting more and more casual friendly and I personally don't like it, but we don't see the whole game yet, because critical sub-systems are missing. It is counter productive to balance at this point and ArtCraft said several times that they tried their best to keep playable environment without slowing down development. At the end we all want release as soon as possible. Your proposed change won't do anything as there are multiple other ways to cheese loot, that we had used before spirit bank became a thing.
  11. That was a nice campaign, thanks for playing guys. Let's go EU.
  12. Unlocked characters with items should not join campaigns without warning because you will lose all items on them.
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