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  1. That is not easy. But It would be great, if we could modify powers attributes on our own server. We could create completely new game modes in EKs with that. Imagine EK with 0 cd champion leap where you need to complete jumping puzzle from one place to another. Or EK with 0 cd 0 damage knight pull, where two teams of knights had to pull guinea around the field to gates for score points. We would call it “Guineaball”.
  2. Please fix FW Volatile Ice/ Frost Armor bugs before hammering ranged damage.
  3. Ok, than try something from this list. It is possible that updating chipset driver will help you. 1) Disable Hyper-Threading (aka Multi-Threading / SMT) in BIOS. Note: that heavily improves Crowfall performance, but degrades performance in multithreaded apps, e.g. video rendering. 2) Disable CPU Virtualization. Note: if you use hypervisor for e.g. Docker, it will stop working. 2) If your graphics card is bottleneck (GPU load is 100%), OC graphics card (MSI Afterburner OC scanner recommended). Both memory and GPU clock improve FPS. That's for 2k-4k/utlrawide monitor or Highest graphics settings users. 3) Update chipset drivers to the latest version. 4) OC memory. For the latest 3rd gen Ryzen 3600-3733 is sweet spot. For Intel push as high as possible while stable. 5) Check CPU voltage set by your motherboard in case it is inadequate. If it is, fix voltage or upgrade BIOS to the latest version. E.g. my MSI Gaming Plus MAX set 1.4V+ for my Ryzen 3900x, which is too high (BIOS is pretty recent). Setting it to 1.3V made CPU consistently better boost to its 4.6GHz and heat for about 10C less while gaming (your power bill will be lower too). Disclaimer: do this only if you know what you are doing. Setting incorrect high voltage for your CPU (1.5V+) will kill your CPU. 6) Unity runs on 4 physical cores atm. Download Process Lasso and assign CrowfallClient.exe to the fastest cores of your CPU. For AMD CPU you can check it in Ryzen Master, for Intel you have to test if yourself. 7) Download Razer Cortex and Scan system for optimizations, it will disable all useless Windows background processes when you are gaming. 8) Zone load times are dependent on your hard drive, so get Crowfall client on the fastest SSD you have. Ideally get M.2 NVMe 3D NAND SSD. Also get CrowfallClient.exe and its folder into antivirus exception list (unless you don't trust ACE with their software). 9) Disable V-sync to descrease load times. As a result on Ryzen 3900x (PBO enabled), GTX 1080 (OCed to 1950Ghz/5500 Ghz), RAM (OCed to 3600 Mhz), Medium Settings, Full HD, shadows/aa/postprocessing off.
  4. Turning on V-SYNC greatly increases load times. On my configuration with FPS going from 100 to 60 when V-SYNC is on, load time increases from 15-16 seconds to 22-23. There is something wrong there.
  5. Turning V-Sync off descreases load times as well.
  6. You should really follow @moneda's suggestion. I will quote it again.
  7. Do you know that 7 Russians accounts left KGV after day 1 to EU campaign? The second part of the table is one of the most active players in KGV, you cut them out. Additionally the most of Dis score is generated from assists during the sieges. Do you think people who play 1h a day and don't do anything else should have 2/3 of victory points? Your data is not accurate, and idea of power card being more than 1/3 points (which applies only during 1/24 hours) makes no sense #SmallEncountersMatter. P.S. Power card is already more than 1/3 points if you stragegically take forts/keeps with rank 3 class A/B building for the wealth card and don't lose your own. P.S.2 I would not call running caravans or taking outposts a PVE activity. It may be easier now with not many gankers like ZYBAK around, but once campaign has its desire 2000 online population, there will be a bloodbath for every of these "PVE" objectives.
  8. @BarriaKarl It is an installer, so you should see typical Windows installation process once you start it. Please send me a bug report with screencast/screenshot in Discord: Amaranth#9305.
  9. Hi Crows! I updated parser for 5.115 Alpha! (⬇Download 4MB) New combat log format is supported with some new cool features: Damage graph and sorting. Installer. Send bug report in settings. Parser starts in tray to avoid weird interactions with CF client. Added screenshot of logs setting location. Added the biggest incoming hit and heal and their target/opponent. Added incoming critical rate. Added opponents count. Added Topmost setting (experimental). Added tooltips. Added stat percent on tooltip. Windows can't be maximized anymore. Increased space for stats. Settings are saved between different versions. Sorting directions are saved between sessions. Fixed stats overflow. Limited windows height. Essence Burn damage will display correctly. Fixed some stability issues. If you want to receive updates about new versions, please click "Follow" button on top of the page. I will post new versions changelog here. I moved unstable versions to alpha and beta branches, If you want to get access to early iterations of new features, please follow me on Patreon.
  10. From siege, look at the amount of stuck druid orbs and FX counter.
  11. Coalesce Nature orbs don't dissapear after 60 secs.
  12. What CF community was waiting for years.
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