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  1. Hi boot.config changes are now backed into the client files by developers so you don't need to do it yourself.
  2. To be honest I backed ACE, not Crowfall. And so far everything they did led to more fun in the game. Some people may get disappointed that CF is not the exact SB clone, but I believe the game is more fun the way it has evolved. And it will keep evolving.
  3. Chat does not support shrug emote. How am I going to meme now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ?
  4. @Tyrant So I can't access store on my account https://crowfall.com/en-US/store?category=featured. It is probably related to being marked as RU player, which bought the game before Innova. Is it intended (legal stuff) or it is a bug?
  5. I've reported this bug a year ago, it is still not fixed, and it is going to drive a lot people mad on Launch. How to reproduce: 1) Open Control Panel. 2) Enter Keyboard settings. 3) For the setting "Repeat rate" move slider all the way to the right (Fast). 4) Login into Crowfall and use any channelled power/interaction. Try to use runegates, release your crow, channel Rapid Fire or Nature Avatar or Pulverise. 5) You will see your action constantly interrupts itself and you can't finish it. 6) Go back to Keyboard settings and move slider all the way to the left. Now bug is fixed. The default position for slider is in the middle and it causes skills to interrupt themselves rarely. But as you move slider to the right (which a lot of us fast-typing folks do), Crowfall becomes nightmare.
  6. This bug shares its unique place with Druid Orbs.
  7. @Kvathros There is a time between Dregs campaigns when hardcore players join Infected and roam around for fights. In original CF philosophy there will be different world with different level of hardcoreness: 1. God's Reach = newbie area 2. The Infected = faction PvP with low risk/low reward 3. The Shadow = faction/alliance PvP with with medium risk/medium reward 4. The Dregs = guild PvP with highest risk/highest reward. The reason why you don't see such split yet is because game is in testing phase, population is small and there is no point splitting it. Once the game releases you will be able to find the world that suits your needs and play with/against players with the same mindset. It is definitely frustrating when veteran player comes to area with new players and annihilates them.
  8. I believe many people know that before backing Crowfall I played Guild Wars 2 for about 3,5 years. I noticed that in the 4th ECS qualifier there was a team of professional Guild Wars 2 players from Never Lucky and Abjured (their team was called CG Devils, Abjured is GW2 World Champions) and... they lost to a team which stood on the roof for the half of the match (Abyssal) because of the coin flip in the last minute. https://clips.twitch.tv/ScaryJazzyLaptopRaccAttack-Fqbe29fJyCT1n7fA They did not have enough time to kill the enemy team full of tanks. That was also the most boring qualifier to watch. I believe ACE should seriously reconsider HungerDome Winter mechanics and promote aggressive comps and fighting over bunker comps and hiding if the game wants to attract serious competitive players.
  9. In Winter there should be a stacking team buff for killing players. It can give more damage/defence/max-health/heal-for-kill to all team members. This will provoke players to fight once Winter starts instead of hiding to coin flip the last circle.
  10. +1 to Yumx's words as actively playing HD Archmage.
  11. +1 for nerfing Yumx. Than you can finally look at Warden, who has more mitigation, more damage, more mobility and better Ult than AM and mass heal block+stun with the radius of golf field on top of that.
  12. I was watching the latest @Anthrage's video and felt like the can be one serious improvement to the game immersion on mage classes. When mage is casting powers they do some shouts that fit physical combat but not spells combat. If mage could whisper/shout/chant spells while player presses powers instead of shouting karate "Kiyaaa" sounds, it would feel much better.
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